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Tucktheduck 1
Tucktheduck 1 17 мүнөт мурун
The level of snobby ness and arrogance of that “critical thinker.” He’s parading on a morale high ground that doesn’t exist because he is making fake charicature gamers specifically to fit his argument.
XxNightmarexX _PR
XxNightmarexX _PR 25 мүнөт мурун
I mean idk if we need it but I sure as hell want it
Lindell Skaggs
Lindell Skaggs 30 мүнөт мурун
If I could have one dead franchise back and be great it would be Tenchu. And with from software owning the rights is definitely possible. I know they started one but it became sekiro but come on and give me a real Tenchu with amazing stealth. I miss Ricimaru
Gezetien 33 мүнөт мурун
One franchise that got forgotten was Heretic. Being quite similar to DOOM, as well as being made on the same engine, by the developer and publisher and released just over a year after the original DOOM. It was quickly overshadowed by everybody's fascination with the future in the good old years of 1993-1994. Having two indirect sequels in Hexen and Hexen II, only four years later it finally got a proper sequel. Unfortunately it went from FPS to Third Person Hack-and-Slash. This probably hurt it in the long run, as Third Person games weren't too popular back then. It strayed far enough from DOOM by having abilities in the form of collectible items, a good variety of monsters that had quite the range of motion but also would sometimes damage or fight one another! If they disregard Heretic II and build upon the mechanics of the original Heretic, I think it could separate itself enough from DOOM to not feel like a copy, but be just similar enough to feel familiar to people who enjoy the new DOOM games.
Potato_warfare _
Potato_warfare _ 37 мүнөт мурун
Most of the lag problems you had didn’t happen for me on PS4 anyways thanks for reading my comment
Kazoo 46 мүнөт мурун
Origami king was good
Gold Experience Requiem
Gold Experience Requiem 47 мүнөт мурун
It’s like in bf1, where for example, the German scout class is black. How the hell does that make sense? A black man in World War 1, fighting for the German imperial army?
ye mum
ye mum 48 мүнөт мурун
1:19 ya mom gets old fast too
ThatSubieGuy 56 мүнөт мурун
Command and conquer needs to come back
KingLattice 58 мүнөт мурун
Anyone remember F.E.A.R?
stormeePS3 XM
stormeePS3 XM Саат мурун
Microtransactions can be good like fortnite or the new cods (cod mw wz and cod bo cd)
Jack Spedicey
Jack Spedicey Саат мурун
Hi, person that played this game a couple months after it released here. They seemed to have fixed the lag and crashes that he talks about early in the video, so for people that are discouraged from buying the game, just know that they must have fixed the technical issues because I haven't had a single one throughout my time playing 3 sessions of Dead Ops, way too many Zombie matches for me to count, and beating the whole campaign on hard mode. So uh, yeah, the game fixed now, go get it, or pick it back up. It work. :)
That Meme
That Meme Саат мурун
I can agree with most of these games making a comeback, but honestly, if I had to choose one game series to make a return, it would be the Monkey Island games. Whether the game series comes back through remakes or remasters (which will most likely happen), or whether the series gets a spinoff of the main games, I would pay for a new Monkey Island game. Besides, those games were way ahead of their time, not only in the graphics, but also many other elements too, such as sound design, as well as the games being perfect for almost every age. The later titles were a bit lackluster compared to their earlier releases, but I still loved all the games as a kid growing up, and I really want to see Monkey Island make one more big return.
Holy Nigward
Holy Nigward Саат мурун
Sees ad break. Me: laughs in vpn
mfroge Саат мурун
So damn happy you mentioned Custom Robo. It's my favorite Gamecube game ever. The DS one is an abomination and I wish there was a remake or sequel to the original. The gameplay was super fun.
Caleb Collier
Caleb Collier Саат мурун
Tomas Wick
Tomas Wick Саат мурун
Rip Jak and Daxter
GrĪм RЄÂקЄR Саат мурун
Tbh I miss the 360 days...cant talk now a days on xbox live without getting in trouble with the enforcement team
Omar Zakaria
Omar Zakaria Саат мурун
oh yes minecraft convinced me to be a terrorist and kill people with an axe
The Beast Rabban
The Beast Rabban Саат мурун
Mad World, Diablo, Condemned, Psychonauts, Oddworld, Riddick, Turok, Command and Conquer, Half Life (it hurt typing that), Dawn of War, Fable, Red Faction... the list of unfortunately dead franchises goes on.
Timothy Hadley II
Timothy Hadley II Саат мурун
Halo 5 was a good game need more diversity in it
Albert Gérard
Albert Gérard Саат мурун
that interview moved along so smoothly... you should do another
moneyball32 Саат мурун
I miss old Halo. Back when it cared about being fun instead of trying to take over MLG and adding micro transactions
Beefy Cerberus
Beefy Cerberus Саат мурун
Still playing and coming back to watch this review in 2021. Always gets me back into the game when I start to think about playing it again. Amazing Review.
Sweating alex
Sweating alex Саат мурун
banjo kazoo might get rebooted/ remade in 2021/2022
Florin's Gameplays
Florin's Gameplays Саат мурун
TBH CoD WaW was the best game in the CoD history and WWII Was Shit because of the "Realistic" gameplay like when i was playing WWII i saw that when I get a med I get it from a character right? Well that character was in the other part of the map
Daniel Arias
Daniel Arias Саат мурун
so if bill gates played halo ce for 1 hour that means he's a loser
MRflyman Саат мурун
f in chat for banjo kazooie
RGAFalcon Саат мурун
I was trying to name off all the call of duty’s to my girlfriend and I completely forgot about this horrible game
Dakure Саат мурун
Jimmy from Bully looks like Bobby from King of the Hill lol
Idk what to Name my channel
Idk what to Name my channel Саат мурун
Ah yes I love grand auto theft
Blake Martin
Blake Martin Саат мурун
24:37 no real Life firearms are much different than from video games almost in tire different machines they look the same but they do not function the same playing call of duty and then going out and committing murder that call of duty gameplay will not help you teach you in anyway how to use fire or even function a gun all these people are retarded and don’t even know what they’re talking about thank you for tackling this topic because I feel like not many people really care and just listen to these retards how “Video games are bad because they make child rapist or murderer’s or just bad people” Which is bullshit
Deathclaw75 Саат мурун
Alright time to put the controller down get me KGpost equipment do everything I want edit: get the docter I’m hurt AHHHHH
ethan141 Саат мурун
When you said Custom Robo, i just a w a k e n
Cheypie Саат мурун
I got mad when I saw the comments trash talking the Xbox. I have nothing against the console just the community.Same with pc but just the self absorbed ones.
Zodiac011 Саат мурун
Why is The Act Man's channel SO BAD?! No reason really, it's pretty good
Malaysian Productions
Malaysian Productions Саат мурун
14:00 now there's another popular Polish video game, Helltaker
Andris T Berzins
Andris T Berzins Саат мурун
Love your work!!!
Keegan Mason
Keegan Mason Саат мурун
Anyone else here after disney announced EA wont be the only one to make star wars games anymore?
Chocov 123
Chocov 123 Саат мурун
7:45 - I legit just got an ESO: Gates of Oblivion ad for the 1st time right before this clip.
crackshed gaming
crackshed gaming Саат мурун
If you get WAW on Steam the DLC's come free with the game
Nerrion Саат мурун
I want to mention Warcraft and not he MMO but the strategy game, Blizzard didn't even try with W3 Refunded but it is sad that we will probably never see Warcraft IV.
Steven .Wilkes
Steven .Wilkes Саат мурун
I remember getting this in the "Bargain Bin" because someone accidentally tossed it in the $10 or less bin. I first played it at a friend's house and I remember how amazing it was especially compared to the first Battlefront (which was also pretty cool). Then, by luck, I was given a really close friend's PS2 CD collection (in those old-school CD holder with a ziper and lock). Lo-and-behold, what was one of those games? This one. I'm very lucky to have two copies especially then. I have so many great memories with this game and I'm really glad to see an honest review. Thank you!
Alasdair Anderson
Alasdair Anderson Саат мурун
You know I actually like ww2 but the campaign ww2's attempt at zombies was mediocre i only liked the multi-player but I respect your opinion
CrazyBoss5 Саат мурун
Portal is not dead at all just gonna say
HJ L 2 саат мурун
Chinese money has corrupted world enough. Now it's time to show the companies, if they want to get Chinese money, they have to lose ours.
dreamakuma 2 саат мурун
Where's legacy of Kain?
NikPlaysGames 2 саат мурун
This video has me on the floor laughing, Flarp😂😂😂😂😂
Yes Yes
Yes Yes 2 саат мурун
Half the things he said has actually been fixed so I wouldn’t say it’s the worst cod but it’s definitely not the best
Report of the day
Report of the day 2 саат мурун
0:54 I hate that the charging handle is on the wrong side
lol gotem
lol gotem 2 саат мурун
theres peace now between both brands weird
lol gotem
lol gotem 2 саат мурун
i love star wars i have a cabinet full of star wars stuff this game would probably end up there unlike battlefront 1 and 2
Dylan 2 саат мурун
I wish for Titanfall 3.
Yokidele Hitch
Yokidele Hitch 2 саат мурун
Dude I wish this game didn’t die...
Snax630 2 саат мурун
Rip tf2
lol gotem
lol gotem 2 саат мурун
minecraft does not have loot boxes that just proves how powerful it really is
no name
no name 2 саат мурун
6:06 I'm Canadian, and this isn't true Some of us live underneath the Canadian Tire
Youtube Commenter
Youtube Commenter 2 саат мурун
How did you miss Dead Rising? :(
lol gotem
lol gotem 2 саат мурун
do violent video games cause violence? me: no a sane person would understand that these arent meant to be taken seriously
ZAYTEMP3R TRACKS 2 саат мурун
Not enough maps. I mean I’m sure there are 100’ds of updates otw
Synphul Hero
Synphul Hero 2 саат мурун
Cody Goik
Cody Goik 2 саат мурун
i miss socom
Andrew Ribbons
Andrew Ribbons 2 саат мурун
Don't hold breath for new ME? It just got announced owo
Jimmy Wang
Jimmy Wang 2 саат мурун
yet another banger act man !!
Bradley McIllece
Bradley McIllece 2 саат мурун
I still play custom robo on occasion, needs a port to switch so I can take it on the go with me.
Goblin King
Goblin King 2 саат мурун
Symphony of night’re one of those guys huh....huh...
Gavin Spinelli
Gavin Spinelli 2 саат мурун
For some reason I like the feild gun reload
Dakure 2 саат мурун
I miss Resistance, the PS exclusive game...
Liam Harris
Liam Harris 2 саат мурун
Act man needs to make an appearance in cobra kai
Samurai Gaming
Samurai Gaming 2 саат мурун
There you are playing around on tinder and all of the sudden your a simp
SlimeoN 2 саат мурун
I absolutely loved ghosts, I miss that era so much...
Foxys Game Network
Foxys Game Network 2 саат мурун
"guns that's shot out ... Fuckin..... Dragons " made me laugh so hard
death korps of krieg
death korps of krieg 2 саат мурун
I kinda liked ww2 the campaign was good. The multiplayer was alright but the loot boxs
Gavin Spinelli
Gavin Spinelli 2 саат мурун
I love how bf1 doesn’t load each and every level
roboguy75 2 саат мурун
Out of all of these Metroid makes me the saddest. It was my childhood game franchise alongside Halo, but it's like Nintendo doesn't give a shit anymore. Weird considering in the 2000s there were like a shit ton of Metroid games, a lot of which were my favorite games ever
Arska 2 саат мурун
Too bad its nothing like ww1
__ TheOneCapCan
__ TheOneCapCan 2 саат мурун
I was hoping golden axe or Socom would be on here but this is cool too
Lukas Reimer
Lukas Reimer 2 саат мурун
Peter Masterson
Peter Masterson 2 саат мурун
Why did ea ruin this game 😴😴