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The Act Man

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400,000 subscribers is pretty huge and for a long time I haven't taken the opportunity to thank all of you for what you do for me. So this is that video, gonna talk about some updates, future projects, who I am, what the channel is all about. Gonna be one of those videos so hope you enjoy while I work on other projects!
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The Act Man
The Act Man Жыл мурун
Just a little vid, nothing special just thought it was time to give thanks and credit where credit is due. Hope you're all enjoying the channel and stay tuned for the Dead Space video!
Kyle Zachery
Kyle Zachery 6 ай мурун
I really hope Act Man you reach 1 million subscribers you really deserve it
Hawksfan88 Жыл мурун
BTW love ur videos keep up the good work
Hawksfan88 Жыл мурун
Hey Act Man I know u are a halo fan but please play cod bo1 more
Gorgo54 Жыл мурун
550K and growing , keep it up brother !
Shadow Жыл мурун
i am happy that you can spend your time doing something you have fun with and make a living instead of washing dishes!
Jeremy 2 ай мурун
Bruh watching this makes me tear up because I watched him forever and just to see all this happening keep up the great work act man
Dani Dani
Dani Dani 3 ай мурун
go act man
Jack Lotz
Jack Lotz 5 ай мурун
Congrats on all the subs. It’s twice that now. I would love to see some videos analyzing levels of games and multiplayer stages. What makes a level good and how the game makers intend a player to approach each one. You’ve talked a lot about halo. I would love a series on the original two Star Wars battle front games.
Luke Milbocker
Luke Milbocker 6 ай мурун
Halo Wars 1 video before Christmas!?! Didn't come till summer of the next year! But seriously, you've grown so much even from last year! Crazy! Loved your content since when I first subscribed years ago! And I really connect with you on maybe writing stories for movies, books, games, etc. as well and kinda just living just to get by with a typical job before finding something I am passionate about. Really appreciate your work Act Man!
Jaime Raymundo
Jaime Raymundo 7 ай мурун
i love you the act man so are so awesome ! i love your videos
Nachoboy350 9 ай мурун
This video needs more views man. Also, your voice is sexy AF, no homo. Maybe a little. maybe.
Shsksn Hshsjs
Shsksn Hshsjs 10 ай мурун
Act man your the best bro
Juan Pineda
Juan Pineda 10 ай мурун
640k subs later Act man: shit
Z1Re 11 ай мурун
Was here at 110000 views
Z1Re 11 ай мурун
RtasVadam Жыл мурун
I'm a huge fan acting male man Have been since I saw your CoD WWII Review back in 2017. You inspired me to look at Video Games with a much more analytical lense. Before I started watching didnt know how to explain why I loved Games like Halo Reach or Black Ops 2 or warriors orochi. I dont always agree with your reviews but I enjoy your videos and Love hearing your perspective.
Noah Жыл мурун
ACT MANNNNN just now seeing this vid, what makes this channel is your personality man. Just keep doing you bc thats what we love to see. Gamers think alike. One of my favorite people, look forward to more great content. Thank you
My fav thing is when I see u. It makes me laugh because if ur amazing jokes and I love how much u can connect to me.
NotoGames Жыл мурун
Real shit Act Man love from the Bay Area🤙
Jacookie Жыл мурун
Love you acting male
Mohammed hamza
Mohammed hamza Жыл мурун
Dude your dream will come true andvi can feel that one day on a credit of some call of duty game, i dont know like call of duty black ops 58 im gonna see "story written by THE ACT MAN "
FXRGaming Жыл мурун
Bros, he almost at 600k, that's nuts.
Arc L
Arc L Жыл мурун
What are you going to do for 600,000 subscribers?
Journey95 Far
Journey95 Far Жыл мурун
Probably nothing, if he gets to 1 million then he will do something again
Jucii Жыл мурун
I love that you pack 20-40 minutes of content into your videos. It’s much better than the 10-15 minute videos from other KGpostrs.
Joshua Wondaal
Joshua Wondaal Жыл мурун
please do more custom game nights
Littlemiss Sunshine
Littlemiss Sunshine Жыл мурун
I subscribed because I like listening to your amazing testosterone voice when I go to sleep 😂😂 and ofc your content. Congrats
Mike Rebel
Mike Rebel Жыл мурун
Your my hero 😆!!!!
Shep Жыл мурун
If you are doing what you love then you do you. Do not trouble yourself with how often you update your channel or get your work finished. We will still be here and we're not going anywhere. Besides... your doing something right as your counter keeps going up... Personally. I enjoy your work and I would rather you get it out when you're done to YOUR standards, not when its half baked and the pie isn't done cooking in the oven and if anything. I think the vast majority of others will agree with me on the matter.
Emory Kemp
Emory Kemp Жыл мурун
I think the one thing I appreciate most about your channel is that you are willing to wait however long it takes to get a video up that is both informative as well as entertaining. You're probably my favorite gaming channel. I never even played Doom until I watched your review of it. Love that game! But the big point about all this is that you stat committed to the next stage of whatever kind of video you make next. You're not tripping over your feet to grow your channel and instead want to create content that makes the audience ask their OWN questions about stories, characters, writing, e.t.c. I really love the stuff you do. Keep it up!👈😎✌❤
Indian Scam Association ISA
Indian Scam Association ISA Жыл мурун
My favorite video was why was : Is Halo Combat Evolved a Masterpiece?!
Indian Scam Association ISA
Indian Scam Association ISA Жыл мурун
At least your quality is better than PewDiePie's
Indian Scam Association ISA
Indian Scam Association ISA Жыл мурун
He DiD ThE BrOfIsT
N03L_UK Жыл мурун
being you xxx
Garrett Hayden
Garrett Hayden Жыл мурун
Also, as of April 16, 2019 11:34p.m. mountain daylight time, Act Man has 552K subs.
Garrett Hayden
Garrett Hayden Жыл мурун
I hope you'll become as big as Markiplier
Talal Wansa
Talal Wansa Жыл мурун
Best youtuber
Johnny Mango
Johnny Mango Жыл мурун
I fuckin love you man. fuck yeah
SDchris84 Жыл мурун
So I stumbled upon your channel watching your halo series and why are games so awsome!? or bad! And maaannnn did I get hooked😁😂👍. Watching and listening to you talk about games and reviewing them shows how passionate you are about them, your editing and quality of your videos that I've seen so far are on point the information and the background that you give of the games you review are on point I mean you really do your homework oh and act man your a funny dude, the way you deliver your jokes and your expressions is too funny and how you use reference materials to aid in your jokes is fucking awesome! it reminds me of when me and my brothers are hanging out and joking around. So now because of your videos I want to play halo again and play games that I've played before like dead space. One more thing, I dont think I've ever left a comment on someone's channel let alone one this long so thanks for the funny and informative videos congrats on the 400,000+ subs and im looking forward for more AWESOME! content... peace✌
DeathTrooper 67
DeathTrooper 67 Жыл мурун
Were you here when his videos got maybe 5000 views maybe more or less. I can't believe how much he's blown up it's insane. He deserves every sub he get's and has already.
Andres Gajardo
Andres Gajardo Жыл мурун
ahh warcraft 3 :')
Mike Black
Mike Black Жыл мурун
Thanks Act Man! I love watching your vids!
SkepticalRowan Жыл мурун
Also, I wish you were my english teacher. My english teacher is so fucking boring. She's like the characters from Halo 5, just exposition with no sense of character.
SkepticalRowan Жыл мурун
The things that make you my favorite KGpostr are very obvious. 1. Your voice is relaxing to listen to. 2. Your video are nice and long and aren't filled with mindless filler. 3. Your reviews make sense and tell me what is really important about them. 4. You inspired me to make game reviews for my channel. 5. You like stories and the art of writing. 6. Your love for the Halo franchise. 7. You got me to play Dark Souls. (Now my favorite game of all time...) 8. You don't shit out videos. 9. Your giant nose. (Sorry but it's true...) 10. You prevented me from buying Battlefront 2, COD WW2, made me play Dark Souls, Revisit the Halo series, and lots of other shit. Thank you for even being on KGpost my dude. I don't know where my channel would be without you giving me some inspiration.
TheGlobalS Жыл мурун
I love your "awesome/bad series" cause I can really relate to your opinion even in nongame content. Thank you for all the hard work you've done. Love from Russia.
Brandon Dowell
Brandon Dowell Жыл мурун
Favorite video: WHY IS DOOM SO AWESOME!?!??!!?!?!?!?
Bob Blake
Bob Blake Жыл мурун
James Davis
James Davis Жыл мурун
The shadow wasn’t annoying until you pointed it out 😂
Daniel Korol
Daniel Korol Жыл мурун
2 months later, already 500,000
Nezara Жыл мурун
I subscribed a long time ago because I really like the way you give criticism and call out shitty practices by video game companies/devs and go on full, detailed and reasonable explanations as to why you love something or hate something, honestly for a while I thought I was becoming too hateful with videogames or that I was just not as passionate anymore because I always saw shitty practices that made me dislike something, but learned thanks to your videos that I wasn't the one with the problem, it's the industry and their shitty practices and that I wasn't alone in this train of thought. I love this channel and I would go as far as to say I trust your reviews more than any other gaming reviews out there. I sincerely hope you continue to grow and continue being true to yourself, it's what makes your content stand out from so many others. P.s: I really hope you review the outer worlds when it releases!
James C
James C Жыл мурун
My favorite moment was definitely PERFORMING HOMO SAPIEN
RallyHitzZ Жыл мурун
You inspire many smaller creators, what you do right is inspire us to follow our dreams and do what we love most. My favourite thing about your channel is that you go above and beyond to tell us your points whether it be a review of a game or whatever and that's what drew me to your channel in the first place. When I first started watching you, I really enjoyed every minute I watched and was engaged. Above all else you've helped me personally discover new things about myself (Why I like certain games, etc...) and the video games I love. Thanks for inspiring and putting fourth as much effort as you possibly can
Lonk Жыл мурун
500k already. Insane. Very well deserved and I hope to see those numbers rise and rise beyond imagination. Not to put more pressure on you, but to have all the effort and dedication you put into your videos (which clearly shows) give you the recognition you deserve.
Lloyd McGriff
Lloyd McGriff Жыл мурун
Congratulations Sir,,, Thanks for the ``Old School Runescape`` Vid (= All of Your Vids are Awesome ! Thanks again Sir (=
Max Wilde
Max Wilde Жыл мурун
Custom game nights
lovesashdreams Жыл мурун
Awh shit bro i totally relate tot his video ... really inspiring ;P and like i got the same oppinions as u so every vid i can TOTALLY relate
Papa Noodle
Papa Noodle Жыл мурун
But act man the orange and purple lookin skin with forehead shadows adds to the act man charm and i like them
Oki ._.
Oki ._. Жыл мурун
follow your drams man, follow your dreams...
ThePhoenixNate_ Жыл мурун
5:50 look at his mouth lol
Grandmas Moist MeatBalls
Grandmas Moist MeatBalls Жыл мурун
Even less content. Didn’t know that was possible
my naem dario
my naem dario Жыл мурун
1M in 2019, 100%
moredycoo 11
moredycoo 11 Жыл мурун
Your channel is awesome, you're actually one of the few ones that keeps its shit true and cares for its content, thank you for being here and keep up the good work i wish you the best luck act man👍
Raygen Жыл мурун
I can't wait till you get half million then full million
Klaus Kotipelto
Klaus Kotipelto Жыл мурун
Just subed...dude, I freakn love your contend....doom and deadspace... man, we share the same attitude in gaming issues!!! 35 years in gaming till today, I can litarally feel your point, man!!!!!
Samuel Kinghorne
Samuel Kinghorne Жыл мурун
I've never seen a KGpostr with this high quality content. You've helped me see the good and the bad things in gaming. You're reviews on gaming are always 11 out of 10 and you always manage to see each tiny detail in each point that you're trying to get across to people. You are by far the best KGpostr ever in my opinion
Reece Жыл мурун
Man, you always put out some quality work and I respect the hell out of you for that. Now that I found out we have the same dream to write the story in a game, my respect for you grew a lot more. Just keep it up man. You're awesome.
Josh Parker
Josh Parker Жыл мурун
imagine what he can accomplish when he hits 1M subscribers....
RadiationZack10 Жыл мурун
I kept watching because of how much passion you put into the videos and just read my my mind about how I felt about every game. When I started watching your channel I watched the halo vids first and made me want to get some more achievements in MCC.
Rashid Yusuf
Rashid Yusuf Жыл мурун
Ur ww2 was the first video I watched. As much as I liked it, reality hit me and everything u said was true but funny as hell.
realdomdom Жыл мурун
Thank you for making these videos.
Jacob Bakko
Jacob Bakko Жыл мурун
(Better late than never) You're welcome. Thanks for being awesome.
Kel Zar
Kel Zar Жыл мурун
Like your goals according to vid! Keep going act man!
mckyliex Жыл мурун
Your doom (2016) video was by far one of the best reviews I have seen in a while. I just subscribed and I'm addicted to your content.
Pitts Gaming
Pitts Gaming Жыл мурун
Love you Act Man
Warm Crunch Productions
Warm Crunch Productions Жыл мурун
What if Delta Squad were the protagonists of EA Battlefront 3
Jack Windon
Jack Windon Жыл мурун
Love the vids man keep doing what you're doing! I have to say my favorite moment n your vids would b you reminding everyone that games didn't need to download or update back in the day haha just pop your disc n the console no bullshit lol
Aidan Loughlin
Aidan Loughlin Жыл мурун
When are you coming to visit
jaker _
jaker _ Жыл мурун
This might sound weird but you’ve got a really entertaining voice. I’ve listened to hundreds of people on this platform and it’s so hard to engage with what they’re saying. You’ve got this seemingly natural ability to engage me with what you’re saying and it’s really easy to listen to. I’m sure I’m not the only one lmao
KaZ Жыл мурун
Keep up the good work man! I love your videos!
zNathz Squad
zNathz Squad Жыл мурун
What a sexy man
mongrel james
mongrel james Жыл мурун
YO ACT MAN! YOU EVER PLAY BIOSHOCK?? I'm replaying the remastered collection on the Xbox one and MAN, these games are FUCKING AMAZING. Gotta try em man. BIOSHOCK
A Crazy Sheep Dog
A Crazy Sheep Dog Жыл мурун
Your welcome
A S Жыл мурун
Hey bro i had no idea that u like james allsup....whats ur thoughts on him? (Im not gonna be judgmental cuz im subbed to him as well)
Rustie Жыл мурун
"We are concerned that The Act Man may be replicating the experience that Markiplier is known for." :D Was watching your PUBG Tragedy video yesterday and can't stop memeing the shit out of that phrase, it's so glorious. xD
BananaPhoPhilly Жыл мурун
Well, now you'll hit 500k within a few weeks. How's it feel?
Mr. Wolfe
Mr. Wolfe Жыл мурун
A collaboration with Angry Joe would amazing to see. You two have the most passion for video games than other youtubers in my opinion.
Mr. Wolfe
Mr. Wolfe Жыл мурун
A collaboration with Angry Joe would amazing to see. You two have the most passion for video games than other youtubers in my opinion.
Majrec Жыл мурун
Your most welcome ;)
Ed U
Ed U Жыл мурун
I like the drama, the Doom Vid was epic! You go through every aspect of the games you play. I've never played Halo but i appreciate your passion for it. Would like it if you did a review to The Last of Us. That and Dead Speace are one of my fav games.
eddierior123 Жыл мурун
Wow this is extremely motivational. Im so glad i found this channel. Please keep doing what youre doing! I appreciate all your hard work and your videos.
Daklr Жыл мурун
about a month ago, you uploaded this video and I'm really far behind in my subscription feed help
The act man I never comment on ya videos but for while been sub to ya channel and watch and live ya videos buddy, funny thing is I’m a dishwasher at my job I have KGpost channel but I been going back and fourth bout doing gaming videos that’s coming soon mainly call of duty lol thanks for doing this video highly appreciated
Dash410 Жыл мурун
Cristi Danciu
Cristi Danciu Жыл мурун
My favorite thing about this chanel are the halo reviews ; my favorite joke is the one from the video "war against video games " with cory in the house ^^
Simon Жыл мурун
And a week later you get another 50k. Keep it going you produce good content
Anrkytv Жыл мурун
Congrats man! And thank YOU!
J K Siegel
J K Siegel Жыл мурун
Funny thing is hes literally over half way too 500,000 subscribers.
Buddy Anagnostakis
Buddy Anagnostakis Жыл мурун
I have been here since the Halo 5 reviews, back then I didn't have a channel so I couldn't subscribe to people I love watching. Glad to see you expressing your humbleness to us. I laugh when I saw the number of subscribers, nearly 500k! Dam, "you rock"
Travis Cooper
Travis Cooper Жыл мурун
Your DOOM intro was genius. You had me rolling on the floor. Keep it up dude!!
Marcion of Sinope
Marcion of Sinope Жыл мурун
Voice. The Act Man voice makes my day a little bit warmer.
some thin ._.
some thin ._. Жыл мурун
I'm new here but I love watching your videos. The way you Express your opinions about video games is so genuine and always seems like it came from the heart. There is nothing that's not natural about your content. People get annoyed about bias but when you're talking about a topic you are passionate about it's hard to not give bias. What I meant to say was i love your content and i hope you keep it up
MrBRazz Жыл мурун
The funniest video you’ve done was your “COD fanboys defending WW2” video. I loved when you went through the comments that were illiterate.
Alejandro Amezola
Alejandro Amezola Жыл мурун
What I like about your channel dude is it connects me to games I can't play. Like I grew up without video games in my childhood. Besides when I went to my uncle's house. And every time I went anf played super smash, or skyrim, or csgo etc. I loved playing games. I played video games on the rare occasion I went another house. But I never got to fully play games all the time with my own console you know. So your videos like give me insight on what I missed. I get to see how these games werr recieved since I cant play them. And you are just a chill ass dude so thanks for the content. And keep awesome videos cuz they are very fun and interesting. :)
PhyreI3ird Жыл мурун
I think my #1 favorite thing about the channel is gonna sound really vague, so idk how helpful it could actually be, but it's the double threat of your enjoyable easy to listen to voice coupled with how good you are at really _thoroughly_ digging into and properly critiquing things and doing it in engaging ways. I've said before that you're probably the only person I've ever cared to watch CoD videos from, but ironically I can't put my finger on what makes your style of critique engaging. Also, my favorite video from the channel is really hard to say but to me it has to be one of your videos on the Halo 5 campaign, because even though I thoroughly enjoyed playing it it was absolutely AMAAAZING seeing you point out every single issue SOO damn thoroughly. It was easily the most in depth I've seen you get and it made it soo satisfying to watch even though - again - I enjoyed the game xD
Jacob Cozzarin
Jacob Cozzarin Жыл мурун
Community: "Now Man of Acting, what took you so long to get to reviewing DOOM?" Act Man: "I know, I know, I have a very good reason for this........ Shut the fuck up."
skeletor117 Жыл мурун
You're welcome!! Smh
Christian Paiz
Christian Paiz Жыл мурун
I forget what video it was, most likely a "why is blank so blank." But the video starts with all your games and toys scattered all over your living room with some beautiful piano music playing in the background, and idk it was just an absolutely beautiful intro. Keep it up Acting Male! 🍻
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