A LEGENDARY Interview With Marty O' Donnell (Composer From Bungie, Halo, Destiny)

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The Act Man

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In this massive, informal interview with LEGENDARY composer, Marty O' Donnell, I ask him all about his history with Bungie, working with Paul McCartney and so much more! Marty & Discuss the development of Halo CE in great detail (something that was not extensively covered), why the old Bungie ViDocs were made. It's a pretty long video so if any topics interest you in particular, check the time stamps below for details!
Thank you all for watching and I hope you enjoy the video! Special thanks to all my patrons for their AWESOME questions
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Behind-the-Scenes Bungie 2001 ► bit.ly/3cDGsv7
Halo CE Mutiplayer Lead Interview With Hardy Lebel ► bit.ly/34STXEF
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_____TIME STAMPS_____
0:00 - Introduction, Marty Meeting Bill Gates, COVID-19
2:37 - Will Marty Ever Return to Work on Halo?
4:58 - What Games Have You Wanted To Work on? (Zelda)
7:28 - Marty's KGpost Channel!!
10:30 - Old Bungie ViDocs - Why were they made? Behind The Scenes on Halo 1
14:-45 “We Didn’t Want to be a Faceless, Nameless Company”
16:36 - “The Games Change When You Change The People” (Teams are Not Interchangeable)
18:00 - Bungie Team And How They Were on Camera (Screen Time)
19:17 - Incredible People You’ve Worked With (Paul McCartney+)
21:16 - What Was It Like Working With Contemporary Bands like Incubus & Breaking Benjamin? (Chris Ray Gun Question)
24:10 - Pushback in the Studio (Some Members of Bungie Didn’t Like Halo 2’s Guitar Riffs)
26:15 - How Marty Found My Channel + Something Special About Halo CE
29:25 - Connecting All the Dots With CE + Jackal Snipers
30:59 - Musical Familiarity, Recurring Tracks (Emotional Equity)
35:51 - Marty's Thoughts on the Halo 4 & Halo 5: Guardians Soundtracks (Patron Question! AnomalyInc, Tommi theKrogan)
37:12 - Creative Freedom at Bungie
40:11 - What Do You Consider to be Your Best Work? (Patron Question! Brayden, Cordgamer, CrowFlow)
41:47 - What Was Your Experience Working on Halo CE? (Patron Question! Aaron Hudson-Cook)
43:55 - What Are Some Underrated Video Game Soundtracks? (Patron Question! Scott Castle)
45:32 - What’s a Stressful Day That Comes to Mind When Working in the Video Game Industry? (Patron Question! Maurizio12)
48:12 - Hardy Lebel (Halo CE Multiplayer Lead) and Marty O’ Donnell
51:13 - What Does Marty O Donnell Want To Do Now?
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The Act Man
The Act Man 5 ай мурун
Bet you never saw this coming! This was an awesome interview! Check the time stamps for details on all the topics/questions we discussed! GO SUBSCRIBE TO MARTY'S CHANNEL ► hkgpost.info He needs the checkmark for 100k Subs And special thanks to Rythaze for helping with the thumbnail ► kgpost.info Follow Rythaze on Twitter he does INCREDIBLE art ► twitter.com/Rythayze
Justin 2 ай мурун
Ya boy is at 101K subs now, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ACT MAN
Jesse Briggs
Jesse Briggs 3 ай мурун
If you have contact with 343, or anyone who does please. Read this lol. These are my thoughts , that would make the game alot better in my opinion . To fullfill the true fantasy of being a super soldier. One thing that needs to be taken out of every halo. Is weapon recoil... Well not the recoil, but the Spartans reaction to recoil. I always wonder why there is weapon spread and crosshairs moving up. Lol.. I mean you play as a god damn Spartan ffs. Why can he not fire the gun without recoil affecting his aim? Makes no sense to me. The suit weighs about half a tonn on its own, I mean people can shoot guns in real life without suits and manage recoil. So why does the SMG start shooting up after about 3 seconds? Or the battle rifle in halo 5 bullet spread and recoil affecting aim,?? Or the saw ? Or the assault rifle have so much spread? Especially in halo reach with the weapon bloom? It always struck me as odd, even as a child I thought it was weird that you had to compensate for recoil, playing as a Super soldier .... Still love halo. But please somebody let them know to stop this nonsense with recoil, there are other things you can do for balancing in the games... Recoil is something you have in cod, it's what you'd expect playing as a normal human. But please make infinite great. Somebody agree with this??
Jon Loves cats
Jon Loves cats 3 ай мурун
Actman how y’all are you?
Punk Funk Yeah Studios
Punk Funk Yeah Studios 4 ай мурун
He’s more than halfway there sir!
Uzziel Palafox
Uzziel Palafox 5 ай мурун
astroduck 2 саат мурун
is halo 4 gae? 2:37
E B Күн мурун
The Nomad
The Nomad Күн мурун
This guy doesn't deserve an an interview with a legend like Marty.
Lliam043 9 күн мурун
And at 37.5 minutes we know precisely what happened with Activision--execs telling the creatives what has creative merit and what doesn't. If M$ did it even while still deferring to the creative vision of the people closest to the project, we know damned well Activision's oversight is what broke up the band and gutted Destiny of everything that game was supposed to be. It's not to say that the auteur Lucas's and Kojima's of the world don't need critical input (or a reality check), but imbalances in the relationships between the producers and the people actually creating the thing in either direction is how s*** goes south on a project. End rant. Excellent interview.
Sweetpeaches343 11 күн мурун
Holy shit
Sub Ripper
Sub Ripper 15 күн мурун
Petition to call Marty halo grandpa 👀
Red62 17 күн мурун
*jazz intensifies*
Eric May
Eric May 23 күн мурун
Wait, this guy is willing to come back for Halo and hasn’t been asked?! WHAT THE HELL 343
Eric May
Eric May 23 күн мурун
Bro, I didn’t know how cool Marty was! BADASS
Lily Espinosa
Lily Espinosa 24 күн мурун
28:30 - 29:00 Act Man fangirling so hard you can almost see him blush
Maro_Ely 24 күн мурун
rogueodst119 29 күн мурун
Act man we are all waiting for a face reveal come on
DASH64 Ай мурун
I just keep coming back to this, how could I not? SO COOL Act man this is one of my favorites
Sierra 117 Master Chief
Sierra 117 Master Chief Ай мурун
act mans next vid: going to a real halo ring with Steve Downs
Jon Loves cats
Jon Loves cats Ай мурун
Actman you live 1 hour away from me and I live in Salem
Lewis P
Lewis P Ай мурун
Marty has his check now!! Well deserved😊
Austin Stout
Austin Stout Ай мурун
I'm way, way late but hearing even Marty calling out the Halo 2 Sniper Jackals made my damn day. Easily, one of my favorite videos on this sexy channel.
Alexander Martinez
Alexander Martinez Ай мурун
Bro during this whole interview act man was trying not to shit his pants the whole time lol
Kristian Boisits
Kristian Boisits Ай мурун
me:So is Marty gonna be on infinite? Act man:Sorry guns it’s classified me:Huh, my ass !well you can forget about the adjustments to your A2 scope!
EnderKing Ай мурун
Is that Doom music at the beginning? I swear it sound more like Doom than Halo or Destiny
FrancisHatesYou Ай мурун
The thumbnail for this video is so goofy lol. Why would Marty be doing the weird Act Man gang sign with his hand?
Narancia Ай мурун
Harrison Lingo
Harrison Lingo Ай мурун
Staten is on Infinite now, so Marty coming back to Halo isn't far-fetched anymore!
Ethan DoomGuy
Ethan DoomGuy Ай мурун
Ethan DoomGuy
Ethan DoomGuy Ай мурун
26:58 I like how he tries to figure out hiddenxperia and then he has an inteview with them like Marty plzz more interviews
Alex Farley
Alex Farley Ай мурун
why do you think Marty was in the commentary recordings? BECAUSE HE'S ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL TO THE SOUL AND TONE OF HALO. 343 just- why
Void 117
Void 117 Ай мурун
Anyone else see the original master chief xbox
jake ballou
jake ballou Ай мурун
They want to act like this man isn't apart of halo. The music was atleast 45% of the atmosphere....... now we have some shit that sounds like it comes from a marvel superhero movie...................
Spyro The Dragon
Spyro The Dragon Ай мурун
This video was amazing my good friend The Act Man
Edwin Serratos
Edwin Serratos Ай мурун
It would help a lot there is a large group of us trying to figure this out one more clue please act man
Edwin Serratos
Edwin Serratos Ай мурун
Mr act man please! Ask him about the secret halo 3 odst secret room please it's been 11 years it's been confirmed
Kamikaze Phil
Kamikaze Phil Ай мурун
I don’t entirely agree with his politics but there is no doubt he is a musical genius
I love the constant smile on Act Man's face throughout the interview. You can tell this is a dream come true.
adam maher
adam maher Ай мурун
well he got his check boiisss
Jay H
Jay H Ай мурун
Interview Bruce Faulconer
Rayo lost his Mayo
Rayo lost his Mayo Ай мурун
I'm boutta play my normal halo ce run, wish me luck!
Recnid Ай мурун
He’s straightforward and genuine. Loved this.
Another Coda
Another Coda Ай мурун
Omg! Marty knows Ico & Colossus!!
Lemon 2 ай мурун
I’ve never seen act man fanboy so hard and I can’t blame him
Syntonic 02
Syntonic 02 2 ай мурун
My only question is how come the video has millions of views but Marty doesn't have over a mil subs?
Genji_Main 2 ай мурун
The Joker
The Joker 2 ай мурун
This is why you should never bully the band kids
YouTube Name
YouTube Name 2 ай мурун
Halo 4 and 5 had the worst soundtracks the only ones I liked are when they played the classic halo music every now and then
Eric W.
Eric W. 2 ай мурун
This was awesome. Thanks Act Man and Marty! My parents would not let me pick up CE because of the mature rating, but my buddy had the game and we played the hell out of it. An when H2 came out, hot damn. We played multiplayer til our brains melted. Good times.
The WiFi Password
The WiFi Password 2 ай мурун
Little would he know he would be working on the whole Halo Infinite Soundtrack
kingkobra 2 ай мурун
You're so much better than hiddenxperia his voice is so annoying but his content is okay
RichCommander 2 ай мурун
The first question was so depressing :( nobody asked :((((( bro my heart
Jorge Meza
Jorge Meza 2 ай мурун
Act Man's video Marty: The british guy HiddenXperia's video Marty: The American guy
Kyle Simon
Kyle Simon 2 ай мурун
Thanks to Marty & The Act Man for giving us the inside scoop, so much WIN!!!
Grot Oiler
Grot Oiler 2 ай мурун
3 and a half minutes in and I'm sad T_T
Ethan Schulze
Ethan Schulze 2 ай мурун
17:06-17:38 Marty isn't wrong, I have been seeing that pattern with Halo when 343i took over and in the Destiny series with Bungie. Admittedly, Bungie has gotten themselves f-ed over into a mess.
Meant cabbage 711
Meant cabbage 711 2 ай мурун
I wondered since Halo CE release not to long after 911 if kids and adults played halo and video games to cope with loss or to try and forget the attack.
qkhuve 2 ай мурун
The name of the composer of Everybody's gone to the rapture is Jessica Curry! Brilliant composer :)
LumbyMcGumby 2 ай мурун
Act man is smiling the whole time like a child on xmas morning talking to him LOL
Captain Murphy
Captain Murphy 2 ай мурун
Epic interview!
GreedAndSelfishness 2 ай мурун
Everybodys gone to the rapture's OST is so breathtaking and its awesome Marty knows the game. I think composers name is Jessica Curry or something. Probably butchered it.
Cesar Benavides
Cesar Benavides 2 ай мурун
Why in the fuck was this recommended to me so late?
weazeluchiha13 2 ай мурун
master chief fought off an infection of the flood, hes definitely not catching covid in halo infinite!
WillyM415 2 ай мурун
Dude. This is so cool. I'm just beyond stoked that Halo culture is having a kind of renaissance right now and this is quite possibly the coolest showing of this resurgence yet! Thanks Act Man
Andree 2 ай мурун
His subs are at 99k right now lol
Danny Mckenzie
Danny Mckenzie 2 ай мурун
What a handsome gentleman, no homo
Josafath Luna
Josafath Luna 2 ай мурун
I love what he said in the end.
JimbobMcgeee 2 ай мурун
Crack pot theory. Microsoft doesn't want Marty back because he'll direct it to being good instead of making the most money at the cost of gamers respect
darkshadow205 2 ай мурун
Please someone tell me the soundtrack used at the very beginning of the video. Thank you so much in advance
Borsalino Kizaru
Borsalino Kizaru 2 ай мурун
This man’s drums are better than Phil Collins. I still prefer CE’s soundtrack to the rest for the intense, high-octane songs that play.
MrTurtleTail 2 ай мурун
343 never asking Marty to return for their new games soundtrack, shows how disconnected 343 is from the Halo fan base.
HarryCamel 2 ай мурун
Literally the best game music I have ever heard composed.
Carlos Enrique Sierra
Carlos Enrique Sierra 2 ай мурун
The Halo soundtracks are my favorite soundtracks of all time. I even bought the CDs for all of them. Really appreciate this interview and all the work you put into your videos. Keep it up man!
Flag 2 ай мурун
Fuckers at 343 Don't want Marty...
Shonen County jolo
Shonen County jolo 2 ай мурун
Subscribed to Martin O'Donnell for just being awesome 😎🤙🏽
Avery Mitchell
Avery Mitchell 2 ай мурун
Wow, this is a really excellent interview - going to be listening at work for sure
Sam Ayoubi
Sam Ayoubi 2 ай мурун
So humbling to see The Act Man meet the legendary soundtrack from the halo Series and us fans seeing that is humbling between not only the Actman and Matin Orwell is so awesome to see from all sides is magical So this be lit
ZEB 2 ай мурун
2:22 Is this the Eric Andre show?
Carl K
Carl K 2 ай мурун
It'd be really cool if he did the soundtrack for the Halo tv show that's supposed to come out
Anthony Castillo
Anthony Castillo 2 ай мурун
I just wanna say at 37:20 when Marty was talking about "that stupid piano" and the note hit that I got goosebumps. Every time I hear that TO THIS DAY I get chills. It triggers such an emotional response from me and I'm sure so many other people.
Flag 2 ай мурун
It made the game Imo..
logdumper 2 ай мурун
If Marty ever got copyright striked it would be funny
Mau Ordoñez
Mau Ordoñez 2 ай мурун
Looking good Martin!
Eltaccos 2 ай мурун
Will have to play Everyone's Gone to the Rapture per Marty's recommendation. I picked it up with PS Plus a while ago.
I C 2 ай мурун
I can only imagine how nervous you must have been being face-to-face with one of your (our) idols, but it's okay to take a breather and relax my dude! Just chat with him one dude to another. Great interview regardless, and mad props to Marty for coming on.
von mackston
von mackston 3 ай мурун
Holy shit it's our lord and savior
lindholmaren 3 ай мурун
26:05 wait is this some different version? I don't recognize this particular part
BroncosSwordz 3 ай мурун
4:21 is the heartbreak moment
Galactic Pond
Galactic Pond 3 ай мурун
Wow. Marty has been really active on the online community lately and its really good to see his opinions shared more!
Joseph Hungerford
Joseph Hungerford 3 ай мурун
I actually injoying plying halo 1, 2 , 3 , halo reach , plus these games were great lot awesome memories with friends
Kwabzy 3 ай мурун
Literally Marty O'Donnell is the reason I want to be a video game composer
City Hunter
City Hunter 3 ай мурун
Amazing interview
Victor Campbell
Victor Campbell 3 ай мурун
37:19 favorite part of the interview
ihazcheese 3 ай мурун
Can we get a mod for MCC PC of Marty saying "Killtacular!" @50:48 when the player gets the Killtac medal? That is all I have to say.
Paul Jr
Paul Jr 3 ай мурун
When you first met marty were you blinded by his majesty??
S SolaCE
S SolaCE 3 ай мурун
Damian Sevant
Damian Sevant 3 ай мурун
Hahaha he didn't even remember your name 😂😂 he did interview with hiddenexperia
swagalicious117 3 ай мурун
marty: i think it's time for the videogame industry to mature microsoft: no u
Bobby Villatoro
Bobby Villatoro 3 ай мурун
I literally workout and have had my best workouts to halo 2 soundtrack. Thank you marty for the most lively music in my favorite games!!
Carcosa 3 ай мурун
Chips Dubbo
Chips Dubbo 3 ай мурун
What a genius Marty is.
Joseph Hungerford
Joseph Hungerford 3 ай мурун
This best video ever made
Gilberto Pinto
Gilberto Pinto 3 ай мурун
It has to be another reason for not inviting Marty to make Halo soundtracks for 343 Industries, it doesn't make any sense that they just ignore him, one of the reasons of the success of Halo is his very memorable soundtrack, just amazing. Also it's easy to see that Marty loves Halo, there's nothing better than a creator loving his creations.
Alan Meyers
Alan Meyers 3 ай мурун
Needs to come back
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