Black Ops 4 Makes Me Cringe

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The Act Man

2 жыл мурун

Another year, another COD. And of course, the series is going for BATTLE ROYALE because what else would it do? Anyways, these are my thoughts, reactions, impressions and moments of cringe regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. ENJOY!

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The Act Man
The Act Man 2 жыл мурун
u dont kno wath black ops 4 is, staret liking black ops 4 then make that video y dare u
GMD HOOLiGAN 7 күн мурун
seems familiar
Nick gurr
Nick gurr Ай мурун
Comically Large Spoon
eX0tic Dachoo
eX0tic Dachoo Ай мурун
Act man i think i got it U dont know what black ops 4 is, Start liking black ops 4 then make that video i dare you? is it supposed to be that?
Rewsnew 5
Rewsnew 5 2 ай мурун
I call it black cocks
IDKTOXICITY . . . 2 ай мурун
Omfg that comment ftom that one guy on ww2
I found the space bar
I found the space bar Күн мурун
Cod can't make a good third game
Julian French
Julian French 4 күн мурун
This is fun to watch post Warzone era
Duker 6 күн мурун
honestly, this is probably the worst cod lmao.
Logan Harris
Logan Harris 7 күн мурун
Damn no campaign!?!?!? I don't even fuck with multiplayer... I cant be alone here... What are they thinking!?!?
Bentley The dog
Bentley The dog 8 күн мурун
This game sucked
Daniel Arias
Daniel Arias 9 күн мурун
7:42 how tf did that smg do 40 damage
Kakarot 14 күн мурун
I was kinda disapointed just when cod did a battle royal. I was in tears when campaign wasn't in bo4. I was in the middle ground(not happy yet not upset) by the multiplayer. I was slightly disappointed when i played the zombies(mainly because it wasnt as good as all the other Black ops, hell even the pro zombies players will tell you that the bo4 zombies wasn't the greatest. They will tell you it's not the worst, but it's not the greatest.)
Friccle__ 15 күн мурун
How can they call it black ops 4 if theres no black ops in it
terio bost
terio bost 15 күн мурун
Ideas for videos Why is Minecraft so ___ Why is dead space 2 so ___ Why is dead space 3 so ___ Why is bio shock 2 so ___ Why is bio shock infanite so ___ Why is mortal kombat x so ___ Why is n+ so ___ Why is speed runners so ___ Why is splitgate so -slow- ___ Why is rainbow six siege so ___
I mean I like bo4 a little bit but the thing that I hate is just.. fortnite copying but at halloween they did a great job of alcatraz in my opinion it was fun
Lux Sat
Lux Sat 18 күн мурун
Well they made campaign, but removed it because it was lobster ass
terio bost
terio bost 15 күн мурун
This was before that
TheDestroyer2alltrolls 19 күн мурун
So Black Ops IV LITERALLY does not have a story? That’s ludicrous! How can it even be considered a sequel to Black Ops III?
Calvin Robertson
Calvin Robertson 19 күн мурун
Wish they left the battle royal to infinityward with war zone in MW 2019. Blackout replaced what could have been a really cool and interesting campaign probably. I mean those cutscenes we got in specialist hq looked fucking awesome.
Doot Bast
Doot Bast 20 күн мурун
Well thanks fortnite for ruining my game generation
Coin Jupiter
Coin Jupiter 20 күн мурун
What is this video about? That game doesn't exist
terio bost
terio bost 15 күн мурун
I know right cod black ops 4 I'd be surprised if they ever make one
Sleep WeaselR55
Sleep WeaselR55 23 күн мурун
lol he dbz abridged piccolo was hilarious
STEAMER Bansal 24 күн мурун
Act Man: MW2 remastered is not gonna have multiplayer Real Life: Very True boi
MATT CYPRESS 24 күн мурун
CALL OF DUTY world war 2. CALL OF DUTY black ops 4. CALL OF DUTY modern warfare. Can not play these games without internet connection on a playstation 4.
_Trash_Fan_ _
_Trash_Fan_ _ 24 күн мурун
Black ops 4 was kind of a fuck up It wasnt even a black ops it's just a trashy BR no campaign BO4 had nothing to do with Raul Menendez or any antagonist at all pretty trash. My opinion dont like it dont comment
anbilo23 25 күн мурун
Well, the MW2 leak wasn't wrong
terio bost
terio bost 15 күн мурун
@anbilo23 yeah no problem
anbilo23 15 күн мурун
terio bost : thanks didn't notice that.
terio bost
terio bost 15 күн мурун
Just letting you know you put MV2 instead of MW2 I bet some idiot is gonna start calling you an idiot for it so you might wanna fix that
deathshooter deathmaster
deathshooter deathmaster 25 күн мурун
When it's 2020 and the game is pretty much dead
ColdArcPlayzzツ 25 күн мурун
ActMan mw2 remastered has no multiplayer that will not happen 2yrs later mw2 remastered has no multiplayer
Jayden Ware
Jayden Ware 24 күн мурун
Wait what?????
Cheffery 25 күн мурун
It hasn't even been a year yet wtf are you talking about 😂
Lord Honcho
Lord Honcho 26 күн мурун
Lets just boycot video games. Maybe things will change
Nate G
Nate G 25 күн мурун
Nahh just invest in better games like titan fall
Jonah Chapman
Jonah Chapman 26 күн мурун
Nice dab pens!
Kirbo 29 күн мурун
We’re gonna breathe the blackout way
Not even M. Shadows as a playable character kept me playing
GAME DUDE YO 24 күн мурун
Cheffery true but I still would at least like an appearance whether it’s a song for a trailer, one of the members is a voice actor or anything just don’t let this be the BLOPS game that A7X isn’t in
Cheffery 24 күн мурун
@GAME DUDE YO Yeah but theres a difference tho between music and lore stuff.
GAME DUDE YO 24 күн мурун
Cheffery honestly who cares about immersion especially how for the origins trailer for zombies Shepard of fire was the song but I love both A7X and BLOPS
Cheffery 24 күн мурун
@GAME DUDE YO I never bought the game, but I love A7X. It be cool in Cold War, but that would ruin immersion. Especially since its 1960-80s
GAME DUDE YO 24 күн мурун
Cheffery i never unlocked him because I don’t like bo4 but from what I saw his character was cool
Joe Mom
Joe Mom Ай мурун
Lol it’s funny how the grammar in the hate comments is so god awful I struggle to read them
Polter Pup
Polter Pup 29 күн мурун
Cause they're all kids who shouldn't even be allowed to have KGpost accounts
xbobax Ай мурун
I'm concerned that season 6 of warzone may be replicating the experience that season 5 of warzone is known for
Nick gurr
Nick gurr Ай мурун
Comically Large Spoon
Arc Alegado
Arc Alegado Ай мурун
Minecraft hunger games you son of a bitch
Jackson Card
Jackson Card Ай мурун
Who's here after binging a bunch of other BOCW stuff?? Just me? Okay . . . 😐
No storyline that's odd.
Cavey Möth
Cavey Möth Ай мурун
"We don't have to explain how battle royale works." I don't have to explain how I don't want it.
Yasser ixarabxi
Yasser ixarabxi Ай мурун
Frame is shut up and give me money
Lex Presley
Lex Presley Ай мурун
Polter Pup
Polter Pup 29 күн мурун
The concept itself isn't terrible, but there's just too many of them now
Top Rabbit
Top Rabbit Ай мурун
Yeah it is but saying trash is so cringe
Mc Mante
Mc Mante Ай мурун
Modern Welfare 1747
Modern Welfare 1747 Ай мурун
Actually it was true modern warfare two remastered had no online
Modern Welfare 1747
Modern Welfare 1747 24 күн мурун
Top Rabbit no it didn’t it only had the campaign and the ghost skin for modern warfare 2019
Sliatin 25 күн мурун
Top Rabbit
Top Rabbit Ай мурун
No it did
Auggo Ай мурун
Cringe bro Also fast forward to 2019/2020 activision replaces the whole title of MW19 to Cod Warzone, now that's cringe
Alex Roode
Alex Roode Ай мурун
The narrator says we're getting Battle Royale the "black ops way" (Whatever the hell that's supposed to say in a BR game), but they actually make NO EFFORT WHATSOEVER to even differentiate from the other BR games. Even bloody Fortnite puts in more effort with their building mechanics and overall look to differentiate themselves from the competition... What the hell?
King Kosher
King Kosher Ай мурун
Blackout was the best part of BO4. smh.....
Esi KS21
Esi KS21 Ай мурун
2:09 best part of this video...
Summoners War
Summoners War Ай мурун
“forget what you know”....ok let me just remove my memory card from the back of my head
Dexter Wilson
Dexter Wilson Ай мурун
Black ops 4 turned out to be the worst call of duty
Dexter Wilson
Dexter Wilson 15 күн мурун
terio bost you would have more fun playing them then black ops 4 trust me
terio bost
terio bost 15 күн мурун
I think cod ww2 and black ops 3 look worse but I haven't played any of them so I wouldn't know
Respiro Official
Respiro Official Ай мурун
aaaaand its dead
Jack of Blades
Jack of Blades Ай мурун
Why did black ops 3 campaign suck so much. I basically bought the game just for zombies because i didn't even like advanced movements but i had to pay for dlc to get all the zombies maps and yet in 2020 BO3 is the best zombies we have since BO1
Victor Thimm
Victor Thimm Ай мурун
Warzone laughing in a corner
Imagine we took that gameplay experience we all know and love... And shits on his head.
Shamrock Ай мурун
Years later and it turns out MW2 remastered didn't have a multiplayer, damn of all the leaks you picked the perfect one Act Man
DeathStryker Ай мурун
Me : Oh, new trailer Trailer: KILL ALL OF THEM Me: aight, where's the balcony
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma Ай мурун
Dam now days gaming is really a pain in the ass most of the gaming industry using really a next level of graphics in their games if you down scale the graphics and the resolution that game will look ugly or if you want to play it as it is your system will not handle it when will they understand a good game is not just NextGen graphics its mean good gameplay good story line and we need full game and in game currency which we can achieve by completing the level not by giving real money I think streamer are promoting this I hate online gameplay I love shooting games but I don't like online that much waiting for other players once you die you need to again go back to your menu and find other mach every game is doing this some games like tekken 7 they just made their game for online gameplay there is no content that game is soo booring if you play offline no metter what game buy now you are wasting your money they are missing one thing and that is we casual gamers are the one which is why there industry is running we do jobs and give our money to them yes ther rich people or streamer are not the only one buy there game we are the people who brought ther games for our children and for our self what they actually want kid will goo to thr father credit card and become thief because they want to buy clothes for their Avtar I am going back to old games like GTA vice City GTA San Andreas GTA v GTA 4 watch dogs sleeping dogs Assassin's creed 1 Assassin's creed 2 Assassin's creed brotherhood Assassin's creed IV mario games virtual cop need for Speed tekken 3 ace combat 6 metal gears vengeance metal gear solid v Hitman devil May cry 4 etc WWE old games mortal Kombat all series but not 11 prototype and prototype 2 dam there are so many games I did mistake buying a console now I am sailing it and enjoying old games with my pc old systems which can play all this games crisis 1 crisis 2 etc more then 60fps games I wasted my money on new games
Aurbain Ай мурун
Blackout was fucking horrible.... Not fun, garbage systems... Only unique and cool thing was the squirrel suit.
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse Ай мурун
Call of Duty used to have vehicles all the way back to Call of Duty United Offensive, an expansion pack to the original Call of Duty (2003)
Just a Random Guy
Just a Random Guy Ай мурун
3:10 yeah that did happen
Cannot230 Help
Cannot230 Help Ай мурун
Only true gamers play Minecraft hunger games
Freesmart Ай мурун
I like how even after black ops 4 came out people are now saying this game is better than modern warfare like what that's like saying justin bieber is better than drake
Merzk Ай мурун
Mw is kinda tragic and warzone is it's only saving grace while bo4 only really had multiplayer that was good while zombies was poo so I think they're equally bad but man mw is so frustrating and was made for new players
ellisian king
ellisian king Ай мурун
I mean they're both bad but it's clear that ones better
Mashbox Ай мурун
Cut your nails dude
Phantom Ай мурун
I love how MW’s warzone is just a slap on the face to BO4
Donnall Greene
Donnall Greene 22 күн мурун
Blackout is more fun than warzone
A Subscriber
A Subscriber Ай мурун
Cod cold war war zone 😳
Waluigi Ай мурун
What happened to ur finger?
A Subscriber
A Subscriber Ай мурун
He was fingering cod world at war too hard 😔
Taco Fusion
Taco Fusion Ай мурун
I'm pretty sure when they said "forget what you know" I think they were referring to the game (black ops 4)
The Cookie King AMVs
The Cookie King AMVs 2 ай мурун
I got this game and all of it's DLCs for free and I still feel ripped off.
The1Wolfcast 2 ай мурун
i love how they say "the weapons you love" even though the only one i know by heart is the ray gun
Grot Oiler
Grot Oiler 2 ай мурун
The name "Black Ops IIII" annoys me sooooo much, just call it "Black Ops IV" you absolute SPUDS
Tachanka UwU
Tachanka UwU 2 ай мурун
I feel like many battle royal games could become better by actually having survival. With respawns and such. Writing it, it sounds like rust, but rust has such a good game mode of combat survival on a beeg map
ImViralz 2 ай мурун
Black ops makes battle royal hates on it. Modern warfare is trash and he loves it
ellisian king
ellisian king Ай мурун
ImViralz you prob don't have it because you spent all your money on loot boxes
ImViralz Ай мурун
@Zaida warzone saved the game lmao
Zaida Ай мурун
ImViralz 😭 you only say that because of SBMM dude get a grip lol
ImViralz Ай мурун
@Zaida worst cod ever, if not for warzone would of died withing a couple months
Zaida Ай мурун
Uhhhhh because black ops 4 is ass and MW is a decent game...?
Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt
Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt 2 ай мурун
That mean no multiplayer in the mw 2 remake Keep this leaker in our clutches at all costs
Shane 2 ай мурун
When’s this game come out?
magnum bates
magnum bates 2 ай мурун
The Act Man when he reads hate comment: This does put a smile on my face
Doren Jackson
Doren Jackson 2 ай мурун
3:18 great way to sneak that in there
Doren Jackson
Doren Jackson 2 ай мурун
Did I miss out on battle royal?? I’m a campaign based gamer
Alberto Garcia
Alberto Garcia 2 ай мурун
0:36 and threw it out the window
Gaz Vlogs
Gaz Vlogs 2 ай мурун
The CoD 2 menu music did it for me
khav99 2 ай мурун
Yet another triple A copy and paste strategy I miss the days when gaming companies had the balls to risk doing things their own way, people didn't like your game because you did the thing that the other game did they like it because your game did the thing that it did best.
Archangel 2 ай мурун
Isnt FFA same thing as battle royal? Just like, more fun.
Lightning404 3 ай мурун
wait so they sacrificed the campaign for THIS
Nicholas Abbott
Nicholas Abbott Ай мурун
J Jizzle69
J Jizzle69 3 ай мурун
What happened to your finger
White Eagle
White Eagle 3 ай мурун
Mact man, schmact schman
Purple Aki
Purple Aki 3 ай мурун
Bruh the game so dog shit it wouldn’t even download I paid £60 and it wouldn’t even install I tried 4 times and even returning and getting a different copy but it didn’t even work it
Rajni Alex
Rajni Alex 3 ай мурун
Minecraft hunger games ain’t got shit on musical chairs
ellisian king
ellisian king Ай мурун
x rice247 x games
x rice247 x games 3 ай мурун
And then warzone happened literally superior in all ways towards blackout in
spinal spiral
spinal spiral 3 ай мурун
They made woods sick af yo
TheAnimalSoda 3 ай мурун
Well shit they were right about there being no multiplayer in MW2 remastered
killer bee actions3
killer bee actions3 3 ай мурун
killer bee actions3
killer bee actions3 Ай мурун
I did
ellisian king
ellisian king Ай мурун
It's garbage
I like trains
I like trains 3 ай мурун
LOL watch the video to figure out why
douglas holgate
douglas holgate 4 ай мурун
What happened to your finger
Tony Iommi
Tony Iommi 4 ай мурун
I can't be the only one that finds battle Royale games boring as fuck
DillBobBunky 4 ай мурун
3:10 Act Man you crazy son of a bitch, you predicted the initial release of MW2 Remastered. (Note: There most likely will be a multiplayer addition but for now it is just campaign)
oscar antonio ortega martinez
oscar antonio ortega martinez 4 ай мурун
This game had hackers in the battle royale 2 months from release :/
Hawksfan88 4 ай мурун
I still agree with everything Act Man says about Bo4 and yet it's 2020.
Rufus Börnfelt
Rufus Börnfelt 4 ай мурун
Arnold: no shit! 😂🤣😂😆
8900Bbiii 4 ай мурун
Infinite warfare is good brah if u don't like it its cuz you suck at cod brah
ellisian king
ellisian king Ай мурун
Haha your funny
8900Bbiii 4 ай мурун
You love bo3 but want more just turn on infinite warfare that's not even worth a dollar
8900Bbiii 4 ай мурун
Let's just take the players from bo3 and take off the jetpacks and slap on 4 and there you go !
ellisian king
ellisian king Ай мурун
They are exosuits
8900Bbiii 4 ай мурун
Yes it's makes me cringe everyday
nino marvel
nino marvel 4 ай мурун
Black ops 4 suck so bad
Zombielinc1980YT 4 ай мурун
At least warzone made stuff better from blackout but both are still shit
Dr Mayday001
Dr Mayday001 4 ай мурун
-train- franchise go boom
No campaign should of made this shit fail immediately
Merge For The Kill
Merge For The Kill 5 ай мурун
Lol, I'm still pissed about your BO3 review.
Frost PG3D Modz
Frost PG3D Modz 5 ай мурун
They’re taking that battle royal gamemode way to far period
Everlost Nation
Everlost Nation 5 ай мурун
Now I don't have a problem with what he said, but that "What if halo 3 didn't have a campaign?" Sentence is completely irrelevant when you know it's a trilogy that in the 2nd game, it ended on a cliffhanger. COD BO 4 is not on the same level of of any of the halo games. None of the CODs are. The closest they get are COD4 MW, COD MW2, MW. And those still fall short to the halo trilogy. Remember the console war? playstation players always fell back on one comeback, "all you guys have is halo" and that should tell you enough. Other than that simple incorrect comparison, no problems here
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