Console Wars: The Xbox Strikes Back

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The Act Man

8 күн мурун

Xbox Series X has STRUCK BACK against the PS5! But how do the two consoles stack up against each other after all is said and done? This is the calm before the storm. Stay tuned for my final verdict and prediction on how this generation will turn out!
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The Act Man
The Act Man 7 күн мурун
Which consoles you getting and why? *WHY?* _WHYYYY?_ Also you like that intro? I should announce monster truck commercials
Nick Tigert
Nick Tigert 5 күн мурун
U stupid if you aren’t going Xbox this gen with all the studios they’ve acquired and the better hardware, not to mention game pass. Might not have many games off the bat but down the road ps5 players are gonna be jelly with all the new exclusives that everyone used to be able to play 😬 especially if they acquire take2 or bungee
Kareiji Emi
Kareiji Emi 7 күн мурун
Random Hip Hop, understandable but does it have Knack?
YaBoiTuna AkaTunaBoi
YaBoiTuna AkaTunaBoi 7 күн мурун
Im getting xbox because I could use my elite controller on it
FadeDreamer 7 күн мурун
I wanna play Forza BABY!
Bobo Segabab
Bobo Segabab 7 күн мурун
@Real_ entless bro learn how to use spaces
Mystery D
Mystery D 10 мүнөт мурун
God damn the amount of dust on that PS3 lol
Kornwill666 Саат мурун
none pc 4life
Ben Boyd
Ben Boyd Саат мурун
Ps5 all day! Until Xbox has anything GOW or uncharted level ( ff16!!!) I'll take quality over the replay of old games.
HorrorHahn 2 саат мурун
Ill get the Xbox, because i like the direction they are going and with the Xbox Game Pass and Xcloud I think the work in a good way for the Future... Honestly the whole Mediaindustrie is Subscription and/or Streaming now and Gaming at least for a part will follow (of course xcloud will not replace you console/pc, but it is a nice additional feature especially when youre away often like I am...) also the backwardscapabilitys with xbox will be amazing.... Ofcourse Sony has the exclusivs and they are great, but in my understanding thats literally all they have in their pocket.. And with Microsoft investing massive amounts of money in new Studios I can imagine that there will be also the same amount of amazing Xbox Exclusives in a few years... Ofcourse its a little bit of a gamble because MS wasnt so consistent with Exclusives the past Generation, but i think Xbox is a whole new Brand compared with the release of the Xbox One 7 years ago and now really understand what gamers want... Also with the videos and teardowns I've watched until now I think with the Series X you'll get the better quality hardware... But for what we have seen until now I think both consolse are great pieces :)
Ocean 2 саат мурун
halo? skyrim? xbox it is!
Derethevil 3 саат мурун
Fanboyism at it's finest. None of the stuff both are presenting are anything appealing to me. At least not now, since the few who do seem to be appealing are either coming out for PC too or take a while longer till they are relevant. What i can say though is, that Microsoft offers the obviously better deal if it comes to saving your wallet. Get a new Xbox by getting Game Pass for like 30 bucks a month? Yeah sign me up for that! Buy a PS5 (and being forced to buy a game with it right away, otherwise you can't preorder it in Europe) knowing you can play your old PS4 games ONLY if you have a PS4 controller left? Go fuck yourself. What if i sold my PS4 because i was preordering PS5? I say it before and i say it again. Microsoft is the bro, Sony is the hoe. Sony offers you a superior experience, if you can afford it. The moment you don't have enough money left, she ditches you and cucks you with Fernando who has a bigger dick than you. Microsoft? He picks you up, dusts you off after getting ditched from Sony and buys you a drink, trying to make you feel better. Sony shows more and more how they are very anti consumer lately. And you can't deny that unless you are pure fanboy for it who defends even getting shit on your plate from them (TLOU2 anyone?) Microsoft shows more and more that they are tired of this stupid console war bullshit. I'm a gamer. I don't want to fight a fucking war, i want to play games with you. And i really have to say it. Act Man. For fueling this console war bullshit.. this is one of the reasons why i don't sub. And on the thing with Microsoft buying Bethesda. I am pretty sure they won't make TES or DOOM completely exclusives for Xbox. Timed exclusives maybe. But not for long. Sony would do that, yeah. But not Microsoft. Especially not if you look at everything they do with Nintendo lately. And if you don't believe me. What did Microsoft do with Cuphead? Didn't they take off the exclusive tag from that and make it available for PS4? So on short for me. Bros before hoes. But even then i have a decent PC and don't need an Xbox. Simply because Microsoft cares more and more for both their platforms. Hell after years and years i can play together with my sister who has an Xbox One, simply becasue Microsoft just enabled it for me as PC player.
Dusther 4 саат мурун
Quality over Quantity and that brings only Sony.
Kingsley Jackson
Kingsley Jackson 4 саат мурун
Yeah Microsoft is bringing back memory card
SSGVegeta26 5 саат мурун
That intro with the jojo music was really good
WordOnIce 6 саат мурун
Getting a PS5. Also, I don't think Halo Infinite is going to turn the tide. Only XBox hardcore fans really care that much about the Halo franchise. You look at Sony and they've got franchises that could appeal to people beyond just the Playstation.
Pirate King
Pirate King 8 саат мурун
Who else noticed Jotaro's theme in the beggining? If you didnt wear headphones.
Bryan X12
Bryan X12 9 саат мурун
God of wor
Thegamingphoenix 9 саат мурун
Me:mom can we get a refrigerator Mom:no we have refrigerator at home Refrigerator at home
Hero of Kush
Hero of Kush 9 саат мурун
Xbox. And people are stupid for not getting one because they can't play with me... Me me ME!
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 9 саат мурун
The thumbnail deserves an award!
Hoak2 10 саат мурун
as Confucius said "we are all gamers here"
kittyfoxkitsune 13 саат мурун
console peasant rescue
console peasant rescue 14 саат мурун
why should i upgrade/,because fuck 30fps
Peter Simbai
Peter Simbai 14 саат мурун
This x optimised games are asss
Bruh McBruh
Bruh McBruh 14 саат мурун
I don’t have the money to buy a new Xbox or PlayStation so I don’t care!
SnowxBelle 15 саат мурун
Honestly, I started with being an original playstation 1/2 fan. Then I became a die hard xbox person, but still made time for every console that caught my eye. I still go back and play the older games and handheld like the DS and Vita. In the end, I plan to get the PS5 because the only driving force for the Series X is Halo, so I'm willing to wait for it. The PS5 ill be able to to enjoy the next Spiderman in its full glory and like before, go back and complete other games that enjoy.
Zack Scout
Zack Scout 15 саат мурун
I’m gonna buy the new hot dog reason: Has hundreds of different games like ketchup mustard and more Cheap Everywhere Has been in every generation Theese are just the few
محمد التركي
محمد التركي 16 саат мурун
most of playstation 5 exclusive at lunch are coming to playstation 4
Peacewalker 16 саат мурун
I'm honestly not excited for either. Xbox is boasting power with no exclusives so why bother getting it instead of a beefy PC? Playstation is moving to a very censorship ideology with weeb games and prioritizing western devs movie-tier games that feel all the same and boring to play and giving eastern devs the middle finger. The leap in power in PS5 looks pathetic as well. I'll most likely end up getting a PS5 some time in the future but generation may or may not be the last I take part in.
WhiteWolf247 16 саат мурун
Can we just end the whole "Halo looks shit" thing? I mean the gameplay was very good, it introduced a lot of cool new stuff Yes the graphics were bad, but in 343's defense it was run on a brand new engine called Slipspace Engine, and considering how new that engine was, it is actually impressive how much they managed to actually do with it I feel like the graphics thing is just Halo 'Fans' trying to nitpick every little thing they can to make 343 look bad so that they can always say that Daddy bungie was better, because I have not heard a word about how this was run on a new engine made from scratch from any of these 'fans'
Instinct 04
Instinct 04 16 саат мурун
me tryna build a pc thats better than both💀
ColdfeetMc.Cheems 15 саат мурун
30 series of graphics cards
Peppy Zebra6611
Peppy Zebra6611 17 саат мурун
Why don't one of the consoles actually add some milsims.
Idk Tbh
Idk Tbh 17 саат мурун
I hear that Jotaro Theme, Act Man...
Scotty Benzcuck
Scotty Benzcuck 17 саат мурун
You're the perfect monster truck announcer mactmann
Jesse Jenkins
Jesse Jenkins 18 саат мурун
Neither until I have the money. And by the time I do, Xbox series X because of Halo. The graphics, while not amazing, didn't bother me. But the gameplay and story look interesting.
Zachary Cole
Zachary Cole 18 саат мурун
I think ima choose the smart fridge, its pretty reliable
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 19 саат мурун
I still don’t know why I would ever buy an Xbox if I can just play their games on PC. PS5 seems like the logical option if you’re in the market for a console and you want access to the most games.
Deus Vlad
Deus Vlad 19 саат мурун
I heard Fable is made by a new studio not lionhead they no longer exist, you can bet the game will be better than demon souls, that's a good exclusive since the previous fable's were good but the glitches were unforgivable that's the studio fault though, new developers for this game means better game I can't wait. I'll be getting an xbox series X because game pass is amazing and it can play all my old xbox and xbox360 titles and you can use your xbox one controller. can't get better than that on release.
Deus Vlad
Deus Vlad 19 саат мурун
what ever happened to Kameo games, and why did tomb raider games become so shit
John Schwab
John Schwab 19 саат мурун
Console design: PS5 looks cooler? I think it's ugly as fuck.
Robbie Bolin
Robbie Bolin 19 саат мурун
I would say each of the consoles are equal overall, it just depends on what you want.
Deus Vlad
Deus Vlad 19 саат мурун
I think Xbox wins its a freaking rocket launcher lol
Willianderson Maia
Willianderson Maia 20 саат мурун
8:43 you should have used this:
Agent Active
Agent Active 20 саат мурун
im still hurt that Halo got delayed
Agent Active
Agent Active 20 саат мурун
did anyone else have the kung fu panda Indiana jones 360 bundle?
fatiha apo
fatiha apo 20 саат мурун
console wars: return of the playstation
dupo o
dupo o 20 саат мурун
Will you make a video about the doom eternal ancient gods dlc? its nuts!
Don Soreno El Chapo Gringo
Don Soreno El Chapo Gringo 20 саат мурун
nice JoJo music.
SCP VaporWave
SCP VaporWave 22 саат мурун
I’m just getting a ps5 for god of war and Spider-Man and then imma get an Xbox for every other fun game
Nicholas Bishop
Nicholas Bishop 22 саат мурун
Pls do a video over the doom eternal ancient gods dlc
Thales Castro
Thales Castro 22 саат мурун
Xbox game pass.
templepwn 23 саат мурун
This isn’t really on topic, but you should do a review on Infinite Warfare. I for one feel like if the game wasn’t associated with the Call of Duty series, the game would’ve been more positively received by its audience. I feel like you should give it a chance.
TheCroozer3000 23 саат мурун
I am sorry you said “PS5 looks cooler”. I know this is preference, but the PS5 looks like they went to a automotive design show. Picked the flashiest least practical design ideas and said hmm let’s make the PS5 large like an old Cadillac and then take some Japanese flashy design. Honestly, it’s an eyesore. I want a console with design that make it look like it fits into my house not a shrine. At least make it look like I can fit it in my entertainment center without having to take my saw and cut an odd notch out. PS5 went too flashy.
Lucas_WAZZAAA Күн мурун
I dont know I feel like the PS5 and Xbox X are Just another PlayStation and Xbox that only have better resolution and shit
ChaosWingZero Күн мурун
I've always thought console loyalty was stupid. I like pretty much anything game related, so long as it's decent quality. That said, it's not even a contest for me. Xbox by a landslide. I'd buy it for the backwards compatibility alone. Saves a lot of space, fewer outlets used, and I can play a lot of older games I've been really, REALLY hurting for. (My 360 finally crapped out some years ago, and I put the original Xbox away because, yeah, no space.) - Also, like Act Man said, that subscription deal is pretty amazing. Sony has a lot of decent exclusives, and for that reason, and only that reason, I _might_ get a PS5. Used. In a few years. Maybe. Seriously, I used to love Sony, but now all I see when I look at them is: Crappy backwards compatibility. Lack of cross-play. Ridiculous censorship (regarding both players and game content). Also, while the PS5 does look 'cooler' it also looks like a dust magnet. So many grooves and crevices; that things gonna be a bitch to clean. Especially where it separates at the top for.. some reason. Xbox series X may look boring (and have a silly name, c'mon Microsoft) but it's a hell of a lot more practical.
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Күн мурун
I think I’m gonna buy the M202...
OakleysLads Күн мурун
I think we need a why titanfall 2 is so awesome
Galaxy boy
Galaxy boy Күн мурун
Kinda already exists
Domski Күн мурун
Final verdict: Don’t buy either unless u like the exclusives, invest in a pc
Digitourist Күн мурун
You're commentary style has actively downplayed the XBox games lineup and pushed the PS5 lineup, so your description of the games on the Sony platform is the first time the PS5 line up has sounded appealing to me. I understand how a lot of people don't get what XBox are doing and find it far easier to stay gravitated to the Playstation closed ecosystem of exclusive titles but is this a failing of XBox to effectively communicate with consumers about their forward thinking strategy or is it the consumer being stuck to a few franchises that they see with rose tinted glasses? Personally I like being able to upgrade hardware and retain the games I already own/have access to and XBox has moved towards this more PC-centric approach. Moving to Playstation's closed loop and having to repurchase not only all the software but peripherals is not enticing.
soad11dude Күн мурун
I play on PC.... so... yeah... I'll potentially pay a friend 100$ to borrow a PS5 to play horizon. Otherwise, I'll be sticking to PC My buddy told me the xbox game pass is coming to PC. So that's pretty badass 👌🏻
soad11dude 21 саат мурун
@Galaxy boy right. My buddy has the pass. I just used the wrong words. I knew it was out now
Galaxy boy
Galaxy boy Күн мурун
Xbox gamepass is already on PC
Never Knowing
Never Knowing Күн мурун
"Nintendo is going to keep doing their own thing and being really damn good at it" unless it involves joycon drift, in which case they'll continue to leave their users in the dark. seriously, Nintendo are scumbags for that shit. they need to face the fucking music and make new controllers.
Minecraft Maniac 1423
Minecraft Maniac 1423 Күн мурун
Do a reaction video for call of dusty mobile it has had a few updates that are questionable and hella awesome
Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush Күн мурун
I'm my opinion, Nintendo is going to kill it the next 5 years. Watch.
Erton T
Erton T Күн мурун
Prefer the new Atari myself
euroovca25 Күн мурун
there are no wrong choices, but if you buy xbox you miss out on all the PS exclusives, and we all know how good they are. so really. there is only one choice :D and its the right one
Galaxy boy
Galaxy boy Күн мурун
You just said there are no wring choices and then tried to say which one was the wrong choice.
jojo gonjalves
jojo gonjalves Күн мурун
Microsoft will only get fucked because they are not innovating and creating anything, they are just copying ideas from others. Ipod came before than came the zune, 1st came ps1 and than came xbox, it feels like Microsoft does not want to create any new idea and innovative and different product but rather create another product similar to one which is in highest sale. They even created windows phone and everybody know how it ended. The only thing Microsoft created unique is pc which I still up and running and playing games. But as time is going on I am seeing Microsoft wants to make pc used as only for official works like Microsoft office and wants to shift pc players to xbox. In a way Microsoft will hit the axe right at its leg till the company falls down. This video just showed me how ps5 is so much better than xbox. Even this video is all about how xbox is waste and ps5 is dope.
Christopher Olson
Christopher Olson Күн мурун
I see someone was a fan of powerthirst
Harith9272 gaming
Harith9272 gaming Күн мурун
Oi mate I have a new case after watching your videos In India there are reported cases that people are attempting to kill them self's because they can't play video games can you do help us it will help the Indian gaming community pls
Definitely not A weeb
Definitely not A weeb Күн мурун
Please review battlefield hardline
KyZe NickX
KyZe NickX Күн мурун
if you can only choose one, buy a pc, when the rx 6900x comes out, both of those boxes will be bad
Shehza Shakeel
Shehza Shakeel Күн мурун
😐 sony still won Bethesda exclusives got me to buy xbox s so Ill buy xbox s but bethesda exclusives aren't better than sony exclusives
Rohan Sampat
Rohan Sampat Күн мурун
Ok shill loser, I dont trust a word you say now, you just said nintendo has decent online. HAVE YOU PLAYED SMASH ONLINE?
Branden Ranieri
Branden Ranieri Күн мурун
i like chicken
Jordan Mackay
Jordan Mackay Күн мурун
Both are good but honestly the best games are available for both so ill take the more powerful xbox. There isnt a single playstation exclusive i want because they are mostly single player
Integra Domai
Integra Domai Күн мурун
Owned every xbox since the OG. I'm tired of the nonsense, PS5 this year!
Jake W
Jake W Күн мурун
Probably get the xbox series x now because Playstation updated it's party chat and now it's trash
JohnDoe 1
JohnDoe 1 Күн мурун
Playstation 5 for me xbox small library never intrested me untill i see something interesting and new from them
Premium Kenny
Premium Kenny Күн мурун
We don't give act man enough credit for his biceps and triceps
peepsbates Күн мурун
I doubt my comment won't be lost among others but hey Act Man You seen the news about Halo Infinite's colour customization being ripped out in favour of preset colours? The Halo Subreddit is up in arms about it and I feel like if a massive voice in the community like yourself were to make a video on it, there could be a LOT more traction in ensuring we don't get a preset mess like Halo 5's customization was for armour pieces.
Luke Abraham
Luke Abraham Күн мурун
Still waiting for “Why is read dead redemption 2 is so awesome?”
Claudia Silva
Claudia Silva Күн мурун
toltecnightmare Күн мурун
if you still think either one of these plastic potatoes is going to do 4k 120hz or 8k, you're hopelessly delusional
Tyler And Leah Canadian
Tyler And Leah Canadian Күн мурун
I gutta say this is the best ps5 xbox video I've seen Good work dude
Clifton Morris
Clifton Morris Күн мурун
Just some necromorph with internet access
Just some necromorph with internet access Күн мурун
I don't care what console you get wether you get the atari or PS5 it's fine as long as you're having fun
General Grizzly
General Grizzly Күн мурун
Personally play more multiplayer than single player(Not that I don't play and enjoy SP games). I find the xbox store, network and gamepass smoother than PS also all my friends are PC and Xbox and with crossplay we can play some games together.
Shawn Xiong
Shawn Xiong Күн мурун
Your EA and COD video critics are awesome but it would be even more awesome if you did other games as well
Bucketbrain Күн мурун
Its a tricky question for me, on one hand the ps5 has so many good titles at its disposal but the xbox games although most of them are new some look really good and game pass, like, come on how can you say that's a bad deal but right now xbox just doesn't have a whole lot to offer, idk I have to give it some more thought also, stop saying your getting a console and acting like its supreme in every way without evidence
Da Trollz
Da Trollz Күн мурун
Nah man I'm getting an Apple product
Thomas J Shears
Thomas J Shears Күн мурун
It's not really kind of then to still give Sony Deathloop, they're bound by contract, if they refused Sony would sue just sue them.
NPC Bot Күн мурун
“You can trust Sony with their franchises but not Xbox” So how goes that last of us part 2 collecting dust on every shelf Where’s Sly Cooper? Where’s Jax and Daxter? Why isn’t Spyro a PS exclusive anymore?
Galaxy boy
Galaxy boy Күн мурун
@NPC Bot it actually did sell 4 million copies, not ship out 4 million. But I agree, TLOU2 sucked. Also, dont attack me, Im an xbox fanboy, not PS, I gotta clarify that.
NPC Bot Күн мурун
@JohnDoe 1 wrong The last of us part 2 only shipped out four million units it didn’t sell that much and if your going to be a lying commie pig at least tbjnk of a better number Bragging about four million is pretty sad I mean if I was a soy commie pig I’d probably say my game sold 10 million copies or 15 million copies If still be a lying commie pig but I’d at least make my game look better
JohnDoe 1
JohnDoe 1 Күн мурун
@NPC Bot and why are you talking to me like i am a sony executive you moron? I just at the moment play on a ps4
JohnDoe 1
JohnDoe 1 Күн мурун
@NPC BotIn its release weekend, The Last of Us Part II sold over four million copies worldwide, becoming the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive, beating Marvel's Spider-Man's 3.3 million and God of War's 3.1 million in the same period
NPC Bot Күн мурун
@JohnDoe 1 Nah stop lying It hasn’t sold anything You shipped out four million units and none of them sold. They have been sitting on stores shelves We have the pictures to prove it and we saw it rapidly plummet out of the top selling games in the world It was dropped down to forth place immediately a week after release and it dropped more and more Cry yourself to sleep because no matter how much you review bomb it won’t give last of us part 2 more sales
NPC Bot Күн мурун
There’s only one right answer and it’s anyone who isn’t Sony Sony censored and attacked anyone who didn’t like the last of us part 2 Since then they have supported a terrorist organization And now they are censoring Hong Kong
M18 Күн мурун
Yah but I was always taught in life that no matter how much potential you see you gotta live with the reality
Martin Lindner
Martin Lindner Күн мурун
my i9 cpu and 128 gb of ram RTX 3090 sill beats any console...
CooperFox210 Күн мурун
Xbox really needs their Breath of the Wild or Spider-Man. A great, exclusive, single-player game.
Galaxy boy
Galaxy boy Күн мурун
I think the 2 closest things that xbox has to either of those games is either Gears 5 or Halo Infinite.
Cose Jortez
Cose Jortez Күн мурун
Society needs more nerds
Richárd Csanaki
Richárd Csanaki Күн мурун
Hmmm honestly, I don't care about exclusives, all I'm gonna do is play Warzone and Cyberpunk 2077
Sushev Dhaka
Sushev Dhaka Күн мурун
A squirrel could live in that fuckin nose bruh
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones Күн мурун
Well xbox hasnt won a single console generation yet and has never beaten Sony I dont see that changing unless they bring out some killer games.
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones 23 саат мурун
@Galaxy boy if you want to use a different analogy Germany was winning early in WW2 but lost overall is it fair to say that Germany 'won' because they were winning from 1939-1943?
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones 23 саат мурун
@Galaxy boy well it still sold less overall and even if you want to say it beat the ps3 due to selling more throughout the early years it still lost to the Wii. That would also imply that the mega drive beat the SNES because it sold more early on, which isnt a fair judgement either as both the 360 and mega drive had more time on the market and still sold less. The PS3 beat the 360 that generation due to selling more over a shorter time.
Galaxy boy
Galaxy boy 23 саат мурун
@Kyle Jones thats the thing though, 360 was the best for basically that whole gen, so it basically won. If PS4 was winning for basically the whole gen, and the xbox one beats it last second, PS4 would still be considered the winner because it won for basically the whole gen. Does that make sense now?
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones 23 саат мурун
The PS3 sold more than the 360 (although the 360 did sell better at the start of the generation).
Galaxy boy
Galaxy boy Күн мурун
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Күн мурун
Xbox will Conquer like always! PS4 is just for 12 Year old little Crybabies
Matthew Dunn
Matthew Dunn Күн мурун
I have bought Xbox religiously since 2002. Now I’m going for a PS due to lack of exclusivity. So many times have I wanted play a game that’s exclusive to PS.
MirelRc Күн мурун
I'll buy better parts for my PC.
Chipps Dubbo
Chipps Dubbo Күн мурун
But I just want someone to bring back warhammer 40k space marine 😢
Kraze Nomad
Kraze Nomad Күн мурун
Fanboys never win.
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the boys play among us (again)
The Boys
Көрүүлөр 2,4 млн
Kid shoots tv after mom turns off wifi.. (Fortnite)
Көрүүлөр 710 миӊ.
CORPSE 666 IQ Best Among Us IMPOSTER Plays
Corpse Husband
Көрүүлөр 7 млн
TG Plays
Көрүүлөр 2,5 млн
Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It
Көрүүлөр 11 млн