Halo MCC On Steam: A Missed Opportunity

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The Act Man

2 ай мурун

Halo MCC's release on Steam has been a series of missed opportunities by 343i. While porting all the classic Halo titles to PC is a dream come true for many fans, the ports have left me wanting more. Halo: Online proved just how much you could expand and build upon an old Halo game to make it feel new yet familiar. 343i has mostly played it safe, but I can't help but feel they could've done more...
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Introduction - 0:00
Bugs, Glitches, Monsters - 2:25
The Good Stuff, Halo on PC - 4:06
Content & Forge: Eldewrito vs. MCC - 9:40
A Worrying Release Schedule - 17:56
Other Problems - 19:12
Conclusion - 19:52
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The Act Man
The Act Man 2 ай мурун
EDIT - 9/28/2020 - I messed up a detail I'd gotten right in a previous video. The Eldewrito team was NOT sent a cease & desist. I must have forgotten or thought they did. Just wanted to make sure people are aware of the facts alright gtg Eldewrito was the Halo 3 we should've gotten on PC. Change my mind?
FizzySipps 9 күн мурун
Only reason eldewrito was good is because of being on halo 3's engine and thats the only reason it was good
Meatsacks 21 күн мурун
@Shishir Sangaru who cares
PheonixNova Ай мурун
Well, People would complain its way too different
Soccercrazyigboman Ай мурун
Wait ... So y'all do want Halo to be different? Because whenever 343 changes anything, you guys bitch and moan
wesley freeman
wesley freeman Ай мурун
my problem with this is that eldewrito wasnt halo 3, it was a halo 3 mod made for rusia, what we got on pc is that we got JUST halo 3 on pc. and tbh eldewrito wasnt that good
Corey C
Corey C 15 саат мурун
All I've heard lately is how great the Halo games are on PC now I've heard tons of praise
Old Crow
Old Crow Күн мурун
I got in about two weeks ago and I love it.
Gage Johnson
Gage Johnson Күн мурун
According to Halo, I've played 2619 hours, 71626 minutes, and 4294968 seconds of campaign missions, which is equivalent to about 207 days.
JOHLumLums 3 күн мурун
i am one of those unfortunate people who wasnt able to experience any Halo game, I always wanted to but I couldn't or still can't afford an XBOX, I only have a PC. The Halo MCC is indeed great for me! Though I really hope I could've played the original Halo games.
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins 6 күн мурун
apparently ive played 30 hrs of halo 4 campaign but the highest level ive completed a level on was nothing causr it says i havnt done that yet -_-
ClassyJacket 8 күн мурун
"We heard you didn't like Halo 4's story would you mind waiting 10 minutes" lmaoo
ez matrix
ez matrix 14 күн мурун
i have a question... i just bought halo:reach pc only on steam.. the question is.. would halo 4 be included if i buy halo:mcc package?
Scarecr0wn 15 күн мурун
I juts finished Halo Reach for the first time in my life. Man, what a game. I really enjoyed it a lot, went straight to Combat Evolved. So glad MCC is on PC.
Cățelu' de Usturoi
Cățelu' de Usturoi 16 күн мурун
Those who played Eldorado I think will agree that what we want in MCC is Eldorado but more polished (I mean it would be backed up by a big studio).
Foster Cinema
Foster Cinema 18 күн мурун
I personally only played Combat Evolved and Reach. Never played anything else, maybe I'll check this out.
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy 21 күн мурун
I think we, as the Halo community, need to give 343 a little more credit, I think we truly underestimate how dead Halo was just 4 years ago. Halo 4, while I think it's a pretty good game, was dead after a few months. Halo 5 wasn't much different. MCC was DOA because of it's terrible matchmaking. But 343 has taken one of the worst launches in video gaming history, revamped it to not only be functional, but to exceed it's original expectations. We have 6 games if you count Halo 2 and 2A as separate games (which I do, they play very differently), that from a sheer gameplay purist perspective, were executed perfectly on PC. Every game feels and looks phenomenal. This is the definitive version of every Halo game, all in one place, and 343 have confirmed it will be supported into the future. By the end of 2020, we should see Halo 4 on PC, rounding out the package. There will be another year of content to come and a senior producer at 343 has confirmed his desire to extend it even beyond. I imagine that, by the time this is all over, we will see Halo 5 added to the package on PC (it's the only game with no announced PC release, it would only make sense). I also want to just highlight the job 343 have done with Halo thus far, and I believe we've mistreated them a bit. There were some massive blunders (removal of splitscreen, MCC launch, Halo 5 campaign, doing little to address the nosediving player base). But it's so clear that they love Halo. We need to remember, Halo 4 was the first new game they ever made. Their entire life as a studio has been ports of old Halo games and then Halo 4 and 5. They are still very much growing as a studio and we will see them grow further, I have faith in that. TLDR: 343 deserve our respect for how hard they've worked to appease us fans, despite the fact that they've been an inexperience studio from day 1, the state of MCC is far beyond anything we could have imagined even before launch and I have high hopes for it's future and for the release of Halo Infinite.
John M
John M 21 күн мурун
Our experiences were VEEEERY different, it was smooth aside from joining with friends
Batu_26 21 күн мурун
Dear Act Man, this port really wasn't meant for you and you alike. This port was meant for people who never played HALO and it's doing a great job in that department. I'm a PC gamer and i never played HALO games before the MCC PC port. When MCC came out on PC, i finally had access to all HALO games i wanted to play previously. It was a great experience. My priority from the MCC was singleplayer campaigns and they were great as expected. I left really satisfied from this port and waiting for HALO 4 release right now.
GiantMiner5 22 күн мурун
Wonder what he thinks of the ODST update
Nsa Google
Nsa Google 23 күн мурун
Enjoys gameplay on pc arguably more than with a gamepad, yet plays Doom Eternal on PS4. Do your thing man but thought you'd realize by now FPS games are best played on a mouse and keyboard.
calan 24 күн мурун
i just wanted the old school halo3 matchmaking... :*(
Ted Kumagai
Ted Kumagai 25 күн мурун
Been in this franchise for over a decade. I think this port is perfect. 343 always has struggled to get the basics down. And they are getting the basics down right before our eyes. In time, yes, I hope they will continue to add more content to these games. But I am grateful for what we have at this moment.
water_king1 26 күн мурун
Sad to see that Halo CE is still not as close to the original.
ScreenHackTV 26 күн мурун
Yusuke Urameshi
Yusuke Urameshi 27 күн мурун
Oof.... Well deserved 👎
Felipe Amorim
Felipe Amorim 27 күн мурун
Great video! I've never played Halo but all your talk about it makes me want to get it. I have a very weak laptop but even if I can just enjoy the single player, seems like I'll love it. Also, I know that's not the name but every time you say the name of the fan made multiplayer mod, I hear "El Dorito" lol Have a good day people \o/
Micah Bell
Micah Bell 27 күн мурун
Now is halo coming to switch? (It’s not)
DevilPoroNnj 28 күн мурун
In SEA good luck finding multiplayer game
pepsicola 28 күн мурун
I dont care about el dorito the campaings are enough for me :-)
Dead Wave
Dead Wave Ай мурун
they didnt even have local coop to it and that was a huge disappointment
Redtothe64 Ай мурун
This is my first Halo, and now im a fan so... I understand why longtime fans are upset, so, yeah.
retroFIX Gaming
retroFIX Gaming Ай мурун
You nailed it I bought the mccc and realized I appreciate that it’s all here but man it’s just the same stuff
retroFIX Gaming
retroFIX Gaming Ай мурун
Nothings makes a gamer feel like they’re missing out on content like season pass style game’s. I can’t stand the season thing as there’s stuff I will never get because I didn’t have time to play it that season. It’s maddening. Games should have a start and a finish.
Corvec Ай мурун
"Just like my package" Love the sense of humour.
Chandy Alexander
Chandy Alexander Ай мурун
I uhhh might have been playing combat evolved’s second mission and randomly punch a marine to death....
Fan Man
Fan Man Ай мурун
(0:15) I think it’s funny that he says I’ve been gone from halo for quite some time, yet he just made a halo video a week ago when this video was made. That is just funny.
Acewicz Ай мурун
Hence why I do not spend my money on this lazy cash grab.
LJ Roos
LJ Roos Ай мурун
I like it.
Skullknight Ай мурун
You do know that they removed all restrictions from forge right ?..I am not even joking they added NEW vehicles like the seraph and sabers (Halo reach) into forge mode on top of that they also removed all restrictions from each map ...I know it's not much but to a fan like me who never played beyond the first 2 halo games..this is AMAZING!!
Ike Reviews
Ike Reviews Ай мурун
Minecraft needs to be on steam next
beep boop
beep boop Ай мурун
I don't want mods in mcc. That would make everything worse. And with mods you have to have more people to play with, and it would just be pointless
Rhylum Ай мурун
While I do agree that the games could use a lot of this content and mod support, you kind of have to give 343 a break. They still haven't finished porting over ODST and Halo 4 to PC. I'm sure that's higher on their priority list than these fun little additions they can add later or introduce support for. You mention how a modding community can do all this, but a microsoft funded company can't pull it off. That's a pretty disingenuous argument as the modders didn't do the difficult part of developing the whole base game to begin with. That's not to sell modding work short, modders deserve all the credit they can get, but developing the actual game takes a LOT more work. Nonetheless, this video can be helpful so eventually this kind of stuff can eventually be added and keep it in the mind of players/modders.
"Every month the package gets bigger, just like my package." Cant relate.
Seedonator Ай мурун
this is what i want from mcc pc right now: more video settings (option for motion blur off, aa, etc.) server browser for customs more custom game settings added to the games like playersize and other stuff a player count for matchmaking to know when people are active halo 3s forge to be massively improved, the ui needs an overhaul and there needs to be ways to duplicate objects and use magnets and change its budget system to max amount of items
Soccercrazyigboman Ай мурун
Wait ... So y'all do want Halo to be different? Because whenever 343 changes anything, you guys bitch and moan
N. Quick
N. Quick Ай мурун
ACT MAN, WHEN YOU GOING TO DO A "Decline of BioWare"? I'm at a loss for why you haven't covered this, Act Man Sir.
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez Ай мурун
Mathieu Lafrenière
Mathieu Lafrenière Ай мурун
I'm playing with both of my duke controller and it's a bliss
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia Ай мурун
I'm really hoping the new halo infinite brings back that old feeling of the classic halo games I played on the original Xbox and xbox 360.
Mr_Mango Ай мурун
Is it just me or is the halo infinite graphics worse then the old titles , pft I’m on pc so I don’t know if it’s an improvement
omar pro1
omar pro1 Ай мурун
NotALotOfColonial SpaghettiToGoAround
NotALotOfColonial SpaghettiToGoAround Ай мурун
I've always longed for Halo:Gmod edition.
Percy Stonewall
Percy Stonewall Ай мурун
All the things you mentioned, they are working on. Do some research man
WhiteInk47 Ай мурун
A month late, but recently with ODST’s guns being put in Halo 3 with season 3 I think your dream of the ElDorito guns coming to MCC is likely. It could happen someday, they’re assets for a version of Halo 3 just like the ODST guns. It’s possible.
Lil Yuh
Lil Yuh Ай мурун
Halo online was the shit sad to see it's barely active anymore
MaleStomper Ай мурун
14:37 Literally the first thing i did.
Buddy Rem
Buddy Rem Ай мурун
I'm waiting for crossplay. My old halo friends all want to play together again, its been years since we all had the same system. We don't care about balance between controller and mouse, we just wanna play halo again.
גיא בלומנפלד
גיא בלומנפלד Ай мурун
So, now you know how it is to aim with a mouse. Really different excpirience.
Swam Ай мурун
I think I speak for a lot of people here in that I did not WANT Eldewrito, I wanted MCC on PC. I have Halo 2 on PC. It's actually free on PC already, so I can't talk about the MCC version because I haven't played the remaster or MCC port of said remaster. But I have beaten Halo CE and Reach in under 3 hours on legendary and I've beaten Halo 3 on legendary multiple times. And I've played a lot of custom games and online multiplayer. Here's my overall thoughts: When I beat Halo 3 and Reach on legendary, it straight up just didn't give me the rewards for it. I have the achievements for Reach on legendary, but my nameplates just don't exist. It didn't give me the achievement for beating 3 on legendary until I beat some of the missions solo. And I have a friend who beat Halo 3 on LASO and it just didn't even give that to him, which as we all know is infuriating. You want proof that you've beaten these games, but the rewards system in the game is just trash. There's no server browser and MOST game modes are completely dead. Custom games don't have a server browser either, although they have said they will add this in the future. This means you gotta go through either a discord or through Halobase. It's very cumbersome. Also going back to the campaign stuff, the scores and times I have gotten just don't show up and the "compare to your friends" thing just straight up does not work as intended. So that's miserable. But overall, I have had a blast. I do Halo 3 and Reach custom games all the time and I play campaign and do dumb challenges. I'd say it's good nowadays. Very happily anticipating ODST and the actual new content of MCC that is the ODST specific multiplayer mode. Recon slayer I think it's called. It's basically just Halo 3 but with the silenced SMG and ODST magnum, which that's genuinely awesome.
TheBlueKnight Ай мурун
I hate the battlepass, I want a credit system
TheBlueKnight Ай мурун
It's frustrating that these ports release hela broken :(
BlackStar Ай мурун
I enjoyed spv 3
Bumpier bag
Bumpier bag Ай мурун
Aim assist on pc is what killed it for me tbh.
Anthony Norman
Anthony Norman Ай мурун
Personally mcc on console so far has been great, i took a 2/3 year brake from halo, yes played it time too time but not heavily. Recently come back and its been a blast, the new skins, features, reward systems etc. I understand where he is coming from though, having a mod feature would definitely help the player count. And when he says things like new weapons etc should be added too the old games i think that would definitely add diversity. If they was an option too toggle that then we would all be in our best worlds. However this is a port, not a remaster, the fact they even touch new content is a huge bonus. I remember back in 2014 we all just wanted a working mcc. Now we basically have that we all want these added features like its a brand new game. Personally 343 have done an amazing job, and though i hope they continue adding new things, its all bonuses and not a problem. End off the day halo infinite is a bigger fish, i hope they put more time and effort on that rather than make a few qwerky updates on mcc.
Spaz Ай мурун
Just yesterday played through Halo 3 for the first time because of MCC on pc. Never got to since it was 360 only and that's around the time I started gaming on my PC. Got fond memories though of going through Halo: CE and Halo 2 campaigns over and over again on my PC. Don't miss Games for Windows Live though.
MastuhYeet Ай мурун
I haven't played halo 3 since 2009 or 2010 (xbox 360 died). Eldewrito was amazing for custom games, and the halo 3 mcc flight almost had me tearing up. Normally, console ports usually get upgrades when it comes to PC. I kind of wanted modding right at launch, and I expect it to be coming though. The real downside to MCC are is the lack of a custom browser, no map voting and the lack of interpolation in the animations im Halo Reach PC. These things should ALWAYS be in PC ports of Halo titles. It's in Halo Custom Edition and in Halo 2 Project Cartographer. I really hope they bring in the freedom of Eldewrito to Halo 3 MCC. I kind of feel the same about Halo MCC though. A new game drops and I come back to play for about 20 hours. After that, I just drop it because the feeling of nostalgia wears off. We need a customs browser. I genuinely believe it will boost the population.
Matt 476
Matt 476 Ай мурун
Mcc wa my introduction to halo! Just finished #2 and it was amazing!! Loved Blurs cutsceans and I wish halo 6 would look like them! I had played eldoredo as well. Got into it before the update and it was cool there as well!
tHeWasTeDYouTh Ай мурун
Make a video about how 343 screwed up Halo Infinite and the game got delayed for an entire year! also talk about the Monster Energy drink deal with Halo is still happening even though the game got delayed. This means 343 was going to release Halo Infinite at its awful game play reveal state!
ChoculaUltra Ай мурун
Even now, the Steam page for Halo 4 just says "Coming Soon." Same goes for ODST's listing. Looking for any updates on the release dates takes you to old-ass PC Gamer articles about the release schedule that's more than likely delayed because of Covid and what not. And of course, imo the most egregious, no word on a Halo 5 campaign port whatsoever despite Halo 5 Forge being free to PC players for almost 2 years now?
kay_kei k
kay_kei k Ай мурун
you are correct on the modding scene being better, thats why elder scroll games and new fallout games were dear to people. take a look at the source engine and half life. literally created new games that came from mods.
KnightErrant144 Ай мурун
A halo multiplayer where you play as a marine with gameplay like Squad would be very interesting
abdollah khoshnood
abdollah khoshnood Ай мурун
Please review Yakuza 0 and Sniper elite 3 and Punisher PS2 and Onimusha games please.
Double-Edge Ай мурун
Everyone: We want Halo on PC. 343: Gives exactly what we wanted Everyone: This is terrible. Halo community is bipolar
Dying Dreams
Dying Dreams 25 күн мурун
I mean... The input lag in coop is terrible
Bleedblxck Ай мурун
The reason I stopped playing Halo was because I can't play custom games the way I used to on Halo 3, and Halo 5 fucking sucks. Players want to play the fun wacky player-made game modes and maps and they just don't care to help that happen any more. Halo 5's custom game lobbys are the same 2 or 3 terrible game types and a over-load of "Clan Recruitment" lobbys. Get the fuck outta here with that
0paiisius -
0paiisius - Ай мурун
Should do a video about how awesome crash bandicoot is.
Liam Smith
Liam Smith Ай мурун
Why not just implement Eldewrito for custom games only, with a browser... it’s that simple...
Govindh Menon
Govindh Menon Ай мурун
Heyyo Actman, they delayed Infinite by a year... And they got Joe Staten again...
Joe Aldus
Joe Aldus Ай мурун
do subnautica
El Doggo
El Doggo Ай мурун
never liked much halo anyway, always thought the aim was too low and never knew why
TJ Omega
TJ Omega Ай мурун
Yet again, not much to say that hasn't been said but you ask too much of what something is meant to be.
AxFive Ай мурун
I mean im still optimistic about MCC since MCC on PC was my First Contact to Halo wich means im new to the Halo fandom and besides the bugs, matchmaking and Campaign Netcode issues (plus CE's to quiet sound) i find MCC PC is a really good package, and i even got invited to the ODST Flight and what i played is epic.
Dale Gribble
Dale Gribble Ай мурун
Joseph staten is back with halo as the lead story director for halo Infinite!
SunnyHouse007 Ай мурун
As a person who never got to experience multiplayer halo due to live costing money, I was ecstatic over halo mcc, I've been playing halo 3 multiplayer for a week and I'm still hooked. I'm waiting for cross platform so me and a friend can play together after a long time of not talking, playing, hanging out etc. There are issues I wish they'd fix such as the insane aim assist controllers get, bad matchmaking and q.o.l. options mentioned in the video. Overall, it's the experience I've always wanted but could never afford as a child and I'm loving every minute of it. Btw running on a laptop with smooth frames and no bugs or glitches and I've owned all of the titles since their respective releases on pc.
The Gray Ghoul
The Gray Ghoul Ай мурун
I like how I was listening to this video in the background while launching mcc on pc to play, and as he was saying "how has the game performed on pc?" I got a fatal error crash message on the main menu lmfao.
MiniBeas Ай мурун
Now is this the reason Valve has not done anything with Half-Life 3? Is the future of longivity of games is to release it to the community and allow them to add longevity to the game? Is that why the source and source 2 engine was released? Maybe devs need to focus on making community tools, and letting the community make things rather than the devs, and it is the devs responsibility to release an easier toolset for players to use to create their own adventures?
MiniBeas Ай мурун
Why don't they hire these people and pay them MONEY.... OMG...
Fritz Nathan
Fritz Nathan Ай мурун
For anyone that thinks Eldewrito is dead, it's not. You can install it right now on their website.
HereForLoLz d
HereForLoLz d Ай мурун
Oh another thing I would love but it is unrealistic is if they simply ported the maps from Halo CE and 2 into 3 and vice versa. It might be unrealistic but I think it would be cool.
HereForLoLz d
HereForLoLz d Ай мурун
I'm enjoying MCC on PC so far for the most part. I haven't played Halo 3 in nearly 10 years so it felt real good playing on PC with quadruple frame rate and higher resolution. I will say though adding some content and features would go a long way. Server browser, expanded forge, new forge maps(or some maps in general) and maybe a new weapon or two(i know they are adding the pistol and smg from ODST) could really make Halo 3 feel like a brand new game in a good way. Also for God's sake, why is Midship not in H2A?
RJ0315 G
RJ0315 G Ай мурун
Dude imagine if halo 4 actually released on the one. Do u think we’d get halo 7 and not infinite
holy you know what's a missed opportunity, he shoulda said this aint it chief at the end
stardog2006 Yt
stardog2006 Yt Ай мурун
I personally have had barely any glitches but then again i no friends
Nexus Lord
Nexus Lord Ай мурун
In hindsight and after reading a lot of comments- man you kinda screwed the pooch. ..are you gonna at least, address the criticism? Because for now I'm just assuming you're sticking to your guns which... Would not be very smart Man of Acting. especially when you have little to nothing to stand on.
Nagger Ай мурун
lol Who cares, it's his opinion, deal with it. And have you seen the like/dislike ratio? Numbers don't lie. Seriously, why are you acting like an angry mob is going to come to his house in the middle of the night and burn it down? lol. And the MCC has been out for 6 years at this point, and only recently with the PC releases have they done anything other than just port the games to the Xbox One and update the visuals to 4K. Taking 6 years to customize individual armor pieces in Halo 3 and giving Forge quality of life updates that should have been there from the beginning isn't "little to nothing to stand on." Really, nothing 343 has offered on MCC is anything near Elderwrito's customization and limitless potential, and while MCC can reach that potential one day with enough mod support, it's pretty sad it took this long for that process to even start.
Star-NW Ай мурун
I dont think they missed the opportunity yet, remember that this studio is tasked with porting 6 games into PC when they never been designed with a PC port in mind, + working on a brand new game made with a brand new engine, in one year. Give them some more time. I'm pretty sure many features will come to MCC PC after they finished porting all the games. We might not get a same experience as Eldewrito, but we will definelty get stuff like server browsers and updated forge with steam workshop support ... etc.
Jdccrazy Ай мурун
The Act Man : Halo on steam was a missed oppurtunity Me : I dont even care
person Ай мурун
7 g update"it took hours" Well u must be using dial up
person Ай мурун
@Puneet Kumar what
Puneet Kumar
Puneet Kumar Ай мурун
73 GB update
David Hicks
David Hicks Ай мурун
Its controller support is good for buttons but the latency is worse than splitgate, a free fps game. Almost impossible for me
Sir, Chrysler of The Royal Phaeton
Sir, Chrysler of The Royal Phaeton Ай мурун
I really don’t like the battle pass system, you have to be a literal god and get a shit ton of kills, and teamwork. Even if you do that all perfectly, it’s still a grind to do, because the max amount of XP I’ve seen was like 16k.
Nope Noperson
Nope Noperson Ай мурун
The Master Chief Collection was brought to PC a while ago, but only recently have the games been added in one at a time. Why is that?
DoctorGames101 Ай мурун
Halo MCC should have came out to PC no later than 2 years after xbox version release. That should be when 343 would give a damn a lot earlier.
Falloutforthewin88 Ай мурун
What's your opinion on Divinity 2? I know you talk about it on best games of the decade but I wanna here your take on it
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Ай мурун
Hey act man there’s a new call of duty coming out
Drake Hurley
Drake Hurley Ай мурун
We do need halo 5, considering it's now the ONLY game we don't have completely on pc. Halo 5 does have a fan base too
Drake Hurley
Drake Hurley Ай мурун
I've actually never had any of these issues... And load times for me is nearly instantaneous
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I beat THE SMARTEST lobby on Among Us...
Көрүүлөр 713 миӊ.
Can You Jump The WHOLE MAP In GTA 5? (GTA 5 Mods)
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9994206999 IQ IMPOSTOR
Көрүүлөр 1,3 млн
Among Us 5000 IQ Impostor body camping strategy...
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