How Bungie Could've Improved Destiny 2 (Ft. Renns Reviews)

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The Act Man

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Now that the honeymoon phase has ended and the dust settled, we can all see Destiny 2 for what it is: a regression of everything the first game had built up over 3 years. But what if we could go back? What if Bungie could've changed some things? What SHOULD they had done?
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The Act Man
The Act Man 2 жыл мурун
Well folks, I'm just as surprised as you are that this video didn't turn out to be 12 hours long. Because we could honestly sit here all day talking about how Bungie could've improved Destiny 2. Lemme know what you think! Got any ideas? Then post em in the comments! ALSO be sure to check out The Red Guy! Seriously, that Luigi's Mansion video is some top-quality shit. This guy has like 27 subs and definitely deserves more. SHOUTOUT WINNER - The Red Guy ► Luigi's Mansion | Red Review ► Special thanks to Renns Reviews for helping out tremendously with this video! And for editing his parts! Go check him out too, ESPECIALLY if you are (or were) a Destiny fan. Renns Reviews ►
StJaykobb 5 ай мурун
I know this is years late but on the multiplayer balancing issue they could take a page out of dark souls book, in at least dark souls three, your numbers and stats are tweaked when cooping, and on the point of it being too hard, it’s sad when cryptic studios, who make free to play games have done it
Ad3n Is assassi
Ad3n Is assassi Жыл мурун
You should make a new one act man after shadowkeep and say what is still wrong and what has improved
malikgod Жыл мурун
bungie make terrible games! and then they use gimmicks to keep you locked in.
Deathlocken 2 жыл мурун
When I first played Destiny it was around the time Far cry 4 came out. I got Destiny on chrismas and I was confused at first. So many people told me it was terrible that loot was hard to get, and that the story sucked. But I gave it ago, (Out of boredom) and I was either disappointed or didn't find it fun at all... Yeah shooting enemies getting loot is fun but I wanted to feel like a guardian that they build me up as, I even wanted answers of what it means to be a guardian and what the hell is going on. This is what I got... "I could tell you of the battle. I could tell you of the lost" Okay? Can, can you tell me what that giant moon size thing in the sky is doing here? Why is it important? Why did it choose me? Why are the enemies attacking us?? What are the fallen? Or the hive? Or the cabal?! I just gave up asking what is going on and continued playing the game. So after I beat the game easily, which is shocking. I put away destiny and ignored it till TTK came out. Then I looked at the game again and got it, the first thing I did was go through the two DLCs then went to the Taken king and was scared of him when I first met him, I toke it slow and watched what was going on around me, Cabal a warrior like race being slaughtered like nothing, weird space black stuff all over the walls and ceiling. Eris being Eris. Then watching the cabal being sucked up by a strange black white orb and vanishing like thin air... That, that was scary. And after playing that, I felt like a badass taking down the taken king. That DLC, was fun. I can't go around and say it was amazing and has no flaws. Cause everything has a flaw. I was unable to get the iron banner cause I had 360 at the time.. Which I thought was stupid... But when I heard Destiny 2 was coming out I held such a high hope that it would be amazing! I saved up my money to buy the season pass and did the beta and it was awesome! But when I got the game, I played it. And was disappointed at the lack of what to do. I already got a tons of purples and dozens of Exotics. (Which was easy to get! Like, everyone in PVP had the same damn weapon! I was killed by 6 players with the same damn Exotic! ) And when I got into the raid, it didn't felt fun. We had to use the cold heart to win cause it was the only weapon that could do lots of damage. What happen to using what ever weapon in Destiny 1 to take down the raid boss?? I know its been 8 months and Forsaken has came out. And I'm playing it and realize it felt like the same in TTK... Two DLCs that give little to no content, then one big huge DLC with so much to do. I just hope the game becomes great as its older half brothers, Halo 1 to reach. But I feel that its a long shot in the dark... While blind folder and holding the rifle with one hand. Maybe I'm just fantasizing of a failed promised game... But I still want to believe... I have ideas and somethings I think would make everyone happy and agree with. 1. Having a choice to change the voice of your ghost. (Wouldn't be awesome to change the voice of your ghost, want a female voiced ghost? I do. Sadly they didn't do this for destiny 2 which sucked... ) 2. Get rid of shaders and bring back D1 shaders… (I hate the shaders in D2. They are annoying to get and annoying to use...) 3. BRING BACK SPARROW RACING!!! (I LOVED SPARROW RACING?! WHAT HAPPEN TO IT IN D2!? YOU HAD IN D1! BUT NOW ITS NOT EVEN THERE, WHAT DID YOU DO BUNGIE?!) 4. Doing class quests or bounties that give you a shader or a armor with awesome perks that fits your play style and favorite subclass. 5. If we're doing the whole Microtransaction thing, then let us buy old to new gear in the shop. Stop making it a random weekly thing. (And allow us to buy color changers for are subclass. Wouldn't it be awesome to see your guardian while bringing out the hammer that burning with blue fire?! I do! ) 6. Bring back faction ornaments from the past DLCs so collectors and fashion guardians can have options. 7. CHANGE THE NIGHTSTALKER! I HATE THE D2 NIGHTSTALKER I FEEL USELESS IN RAIDS AS A HUNTER NIGHTSTALKER! BRING BACK THE D1 NIGHTSTALKER BUNGIE! WHY!? THE NIGHTSTALKER WAS AMAZING FOR SUPPORTING YOUR TEAM AND GIVING THEM A 2x DAMAGE DEALING WAS VERY USEFUL IN RAIDS! WHAT HAPPENED?! WHY DID BUNGIE CHANGED IT!? IT WAS FINE!!!... I'm sorry... I just... Really miss the old Night stalker...
Caleb Balowski
Caleb Balowski 2 жыл мурун
The Act Man, love the content man! Huge fan here!
Theo Nuss
Theo Nuss 12 күн мурун
Or that in beyond light guardians are going to have to resort to using the darkness to fight new threats. Y'all deserve some royalty cash for this I swear.
Theo Nuss
Theo Nuss 12 күн мурун
It's mighty sus that shadow keep incorporated new weapons in armor under the pretext of "nightmares go ooooooo and give you big scare. Complete quest for new armor to protect you from nightmare" Basically what he suggested in this video
Eric May
Eric May 20 күн мурун
Rogue guardian who goes evil? Do you even lore my dude? That’s Dregden Yore
Eric May
Eric May 20 күн мурун
I’m really upset that no one is talking about that epic edit of Noble six holding Jorge’s tags when Act Man said Bungie was dead. 😂😂
Doctor Tuxito
Doctor Tuxito 24 күн мурун
You know what's funny, after leaving the game for a year I came back and decided to get a fresh start on my hunter and warlock account but guess what the over world was so confusing I had to search up a fucking guide on how to start the main story
Seymour09 29 күн мурун
Good lord Bungie sucks balls nowadays
CrazyNinja095 Ай мурун
Damn looking back now it does look shit compared to how it is today
puttputt524 Ай мурун
I just think that two competent friends should have raid available to them.
SirDannyMacFinn Ай мурун
Going through your old videos this one is the definition of cringe. My man...there are a billion reasons why making games can become a difficult process, not the least of all is an over bearing publisher like Activision. I think Bungie screwed up massively with Destiny 1 & 2, neither really tapped into the real potential that they could have been. That being said, being super condescending about how "hard" it is to make games comes across like a real douche. Your ideas to fix Destiny are pretty solid, my brother and I have had the same conversation and basically said all of the same things. Funny part, we now know Bungie is doing a sort of Light vs Dark guardian thing. It only took them two years to figure out, but they're finally doing it. Either way, talking down to devs is shitty, you don't like it when they talk down to you, and that's a two way street there, bud.
Rowan McLoughlin
Rowan McLoughlin Ай мурун
lmaooo get off your high horse back seat dev. this is 2 years old numb nuts. delete this comment and spare yourself the grief. Actual dumbass.
Kelorin Ай мурун
Which previously industry leading developer starting with the letter 'B' has fallen further? Bungie or Bioware?
Dredgen Buck
Dredgen Buck 2 ай мурун
You guys should revisit Destiny 2 in November after Beyond Light. A lot, and I mean a lot of the things you guys say here have already been addressed or will be implemented come November. I want to see what you think about it in November. Oh and the game and the expansions, including Beyond Light, will be on Game Pass.
Nick Whoremen
Nick Whoremen 2 ай мурун
I still miss the days where bungie made good campaigns...
puttputt524 2 ай мурун
I always thought it was dumb that two people who are friends who own destiny and play the game well together have zero chance to play all the game content. Aside from the fact that my buddy was always a bit underleveled to have fun in the raid (though having spent quite a bit of time on the game). Either the two of us could not find four more for a raid group, or MOST of the time, i could find 5 who needed one more and no space for my friend. Destiny did not become fun in end game until i could solo chrota’s end because it is the only raid that logistically doesn’t require more than one person.
Cody Buchanan
Cody Buchanan 3 ай мурун
Surpringly Destiny has a big fan base. What would make Destiny so much better if the user interface was so customizable to the T similar to RuneScape. Hold on. I know completely different styles of video games but... they are so similar in most categories. Imagine Destiny taking a page out of Skyrim, Dark Souls, RuneScape, and Halo. Combining it all into a meaningful plot, storyline, open dialogue, maybe pick your fate as a guardian but ultimately must save the universe, and much more. Feels like a game such as Destiny needs an expansion of making the game so much more feasible and open. Fans and players love lore, gameplay, emotional attachment to the story, and endless possibilities for consuming the content that’s standard without a DLC unless those DLC makes the game itself enjoyable and not a money funnel scheme. I’m fine if Destiny wants to do exclusive skins where you pay a handful of dollars into the game to show off your character. But the gambling part of the game needs to die. You can’t have players and fans to pay up to 20K to achieve everything. It’s like cheating. Similar to how RuneScape you have to spend thousands to level up your character to maxed and later be banned.
TheOgLandre 3 ай мурун
Max Schafroth
Max Schafroth 4 ай мурун
The biggest difference between Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 in my opinion doesn't even need to go as far as, what game has a better story, better feeling or whatever. At least in the beginning of Destiny 2, you were getting drowned in Loot, the milestones were way too easy, boring very quickly etc. The thing Destiny 1 did way better than Destiny 2 is the feeling of being rewarded after a grind. The gjallarhorn, the vex, the Icebreaker etc. It felt like you achieved something, some kinda challenge. I didn't have that feeling very often in Destiny 2.
Marko Pantner
Marko Pantner 4 ай мурун
Ask eververse store..
Jacob Levesque
Jacob Levesque 4 ай мурун
I’m just wondering because I don’t know the backstory, but why did Bungie leave halo and started making destiny?
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express Ай мурун
They originally broke away from Microsoft because they wanted more creative freedom. In hindsight, they probably shouldn't have left Microsoft in the first place.
mr roar104
mr roar104 5 ай мурун
Could bungie have improved destiny 2? Yes, they could have given it to someone else, because bungie is the part that's ruining the game
Sekki Re
Sekki Re 5 ай мурун
I know it's two years later and no one cares but on the point of the weapons they could have fun weapons like your borderlands type shit and your more boring yet versatile weapons just by having each weapon have two sets of stats. One gun that shoots a shotgun blast of lasers melts in pve but it's just ok in pvp it's balanced with other shotguns maybe stronger maybe weaker but not significantly so.
Arbiter 5 ай мурун
Okay wait a minute. 10:48 Renn says that Bungie was directly inspired by Dark Souls, but I'd have to disagree. Nothing about Destiny 1 or 2 is anything like Dark Souls, except for your main character being undead, giving an in game explanation to respawning. That's the only thing remotely similar in any way, and on top of that Dark Souls was not original in that regard either. Edit: Oh, and an emote. Just goes to show how forgettable that clutter is.
why world ? why! ?
why world ? why! ? 5 ай мурун he maybe a fortuneteller of destiny XD, play the recent destiny
That one unsocial Guy
That one unsocial Guy 5 ай мурун
If u ask me i love destiny 2 but bungie definitely arent as good as they used to be but since they escaped activisions grasp theyve gotten better id love to see a video where you talk about it now
Adrian Silva
Adrian Silva 5 ай мурун
Why do they sound uncomftorably scripted?
burning tiger
burning tiger 6 ай мурун
i remember when i first got D2 hoped on exited to grind with my friends expecting to have months of entertainment but 2 week later we were max level , campain done and we were board out of our minds . the onely halo i played wash reach but i remember everything vividly(exuse my spelling (dislexia)) but D i got nothing apart from the opaning scene. im gona go back to whatching ur vids now @the act man.
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve 6 ай мурун
Bungee should listen to you.
Jonah Chiarle
Jonah Chiarle 6 ай мурун
It honestly breaks my heart to see how much of a shitshow destiny 2 turned out to be. I regret putting the time I did into it and buying the fucking dlcs.
Thing 8117 Anderson
Thing 8117 Anderson 6 ай мурун
Dude, the first game was just as bad if not worse.
afro Puffs
afro Puffs 4 ай мурун
Yeah, the other dude is delusional AF
Max Halsall
Max Halsall 7 ай мурун
They have improved a bunch of those things by now
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express Ай мурун
Still way below what they used to do.
jeuri f.
jeuri f. 7 ай мурун
It would be nice if a developer would make a video showcasing their reality. For us it is easy to judge. Most of us don’t know what is going on behind doors.
Takashi 125
Takashi 125 10 ай мурун
How about giving Destiny 2 Shadowkeep a look? Now that they're free from Craptivision.
Dragonborn Express
Dragonborn Express Ай мурун
So much recycling and the activities on the Moon are the exact same shit as the first game.
dezpotizmOFheaven 11 ай мурун
The Vex do have some kind of self repair. At least the Hobgoblins in D1 had it. They regenerated health while the had their firy shield when you shot them... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Bad Hombre 420
Bad Hombre 420 10 ай мурун
Lol yeah, the hobgoblins. Taken and scorn also use a lot of these other tactics he talks about.
Jamar Scott
Jamar Scott 11 ай мурун
For people that bought Destiny 2 after Destiny became Free for both Xbox one and Ps4 oh well. Money money money munch munch munch.
Nasheed Lyrics
Nasheed Lyrics Жыл мурун
So the kabal should be the brutes lol
Patrick Trinidad
Patrick Trinidad Жыл мурун
What about for crucible they just give everyone basic weapons instead of their characters to make the engaging party game modes ?
Nate the Skate
Nate the Skate Жыл мурун
FYI, destiny 2 is free on steam, with two free expansions.
Ad3n Is assassi
Ad3n Is assassi Жыл мурун
Dredgen yor kind of did that civil war type thing
Ace Brothers Two-Of-A-Kind
Ace Brothers Two-Of-A-Kind Жыл мурун
I think renn's point isnt very valid about having 2 different "copys" of the guns for pvp and pvp seperatly for different balancing. They would only have to make an "If, than" algorithm for each gun. So if they are in crucible, then they do less damage, if not, the gun does more damage for pve. They would only have to do that for legendaries and exotics. If ppl use an overpowered blue, and its voiced in the community, balance that one. Use youtuber vids as actual feedback.
tron tastic
tron tastic Жыл мурун
Almost all of this things have been worked on and made beater
afro Puffs
afro Puffs 4 ай мурун
It's still shit
Osiris Жыл мурун
Only alpha males pronounce the gjallerhorn with the g and not a y
KOAHUNT3R Жыл мурун
Oh yeah your ideas were great! My buddy came up with one that should've been a no brainer. There's one city left, so it's obvious the Darkness will always be constantly attacking the city. Why not a castle defense mode? Why not have a mode where you and 8 guardians along with idk 10 A.I. militia dudes man the trenches, or the walls of the city and defend against a horde? Like... how was that not implemented?!
MrBadTime Жыл мурун
I agree about differentiating the factions. Like, give the Vex the ability to build a small barrier to hold the player away from this location until they shoot the wall or the one that summoned it. And because the Vex are one mind, if one spots you (yes I’m hinting Bungie should add stealth) they all do, whereas the other factions have to take a bit of time to call you out and spot you. Make the hive have a fuck-ton if thrall’s and double or triple their speed. Give the Cabal unique gimmicks like suicide bombing or hard and fast ground pounds. Give the Fallen unique weapons like grenades that hit through walls, shields that they can’t shoot from but replenish health. Even Halo 4 differentiated the Forerunner from the Covenant and Flood, why couldn’t Destiny?
Apprentice J702
Apprentice J702 Жыл мурун
25:36-25:51 Ha that guardian civil war sounds like another looter shooter Maybe you’ve herd of it The Division where an Agent named Aaron Keener betrays the division and forms his own Rouge faction Mix something like that with Destiny’s sci-fi elements and good AI and you’ve got gold
Gertrude Whipplechester
Gertrude Whipplechester Жыл мурун
Performing Human,I would recommend trying Warframe.
Kai Menard
Kai Menard Жыл мурун
I only got 2 Gold Ingrahm
matthew skullblood
matthew skullblood Жыл мурун
also peer to peer connection in pvp lul
matthew skullblood
matthew skullblood Жыл мурун
destiny should have just been one game destiny 2 felt like a 5 dollar expansion like in WoW
A Moist Eggroll
A Moist Eggroll Жыл мурун
I think more games need to implement more of the GOAP for enemies like what the F.E.A.R. franchise did. Enemies working like an actual unit, communicating together, working in tandem to outflank, outmaneuver, or overwhelm you. Each unit may have something special that could present you with more challenges like what you mentioned for each faction.
Chris Жыл мурун
Either make the next game free, or make all DLC for D3 free. Cuz the expansion (MORE LIKE REDUCTION) and DLC paid after 60$ is bullshit.
Rodary Windsor Cleveland
Rodary Windsor Cleveland Жыл мурун
The only thing Bungie has that's keeping them up is their name!. THIS is where it starts to get very clear, they aren't purposefully slicing games for DLC before release, because it happened,, or they had the whole deal planned out, they are doing it because they can make money from the name!. If I put my name on a game and released it, would anyone buy it? No, because regardless of how GOOD and creative the game might be (I do have some really good ideas in my head for a perfect game IE might like), there's no way people are just going to buy a game from an unfamiliar name, even with all the marketing in the world!. So people aren't paying for the product, they're paying for the 50 cent print of BUNGIE on the cover and the fact they used fancy colours and pictures, instead of black and white stick figures XDXDXD. The rest is just worthless bits EVERYONE else uses. Similar to how car manufacturers make cars identical to one another with their own names and logos, and have the cheek to charge you 100k, but anyone would say the body is worthless and that the money is in the engine!. Well it's the opposite with games lol. I don't know much at all about game development, but maybe it's very similar, I have NO clue about gaming engines?!.
Wer Harroc
Wer Harroc Жыл мурун
Why do I get a feeling that a large portion of destiny's fan base would of rather had destiny 2 be a destiny 1 expansion instead of its own game. There are so many things said in this video as things that should be changed in game that were changed in game before this video came out.
Mabu_Ninja _101
Mabu_Ninja _101 Жыл мурун
I'm sorry, but the PVE is not bad. The PVP is shit, but I love getting a mike and playing some destiny 2 pve with friends.
Mr Upgrade
Mr Upgrade Жыл мурун
how about overhauling the strikes and over immediate end game activities (activities you can immediately do after beating the main quest line.) as opposed to making a brand new raid system that won't solve the monotony of striking and working up to the raids. Making the lower end stuff more open and engaging like the raids will vastly improve the end game replayability and longevity.
ThyOneBleanMachine Жыл мурун
6:47 so basically like super fiesta from Halo 5 or any other kind of fiesta game mode from the other Halo games without teams. Yea does sound dope af
Gryffin Morgan
Gryffin Morgan Жыл мурун
It's good now
chromaticether Жыл мурун
This is my opinion. So we know first of all, the story was good. A story that brought in veterans was different from from new players in some ways. The armor in Destiny 2 doesn't really feel unique. Sure, there may have been more customizations, but it still would have been the same as the level 1 cloak that shitty hunter has. Destiny 1 made trying to get raid or strike armor really seem challenging, and that's the point of Destiny. To work to get loot. In Destiny 2, I feel like they just hand loot to you. They also cut roles, which made 2 separate guns the exact fucking same. Which again, in Destiny 1 you either had a good Eyasluna or a bad Eyasluna. They also cut voices from Destiny 2 until Forsaken, 4 years later we finally get one sentence out of our Guardian. And if we don't have light in the game, we can still come across players who do. Tying low level players with fellow newcomers really would make it feel challenging instead of making it feel like a civilian on side with Thanos. They also could find a time to give free items, or DLC price sales. They can also make veteran players really feel like they are veterans, instead of a small tweak in dialogue. Maybe a separate armor set or can use the Khvostov again, while newcomers don't get anything. Guns still feel like they did in Destiny 1, while they could add a more survivalist theme to the game. You know, we could have a longer time without light so we can see how hard they struggle without it. Newcomers could maybe get a different ending from veterans. Maybe veteran D1 players could be mentioned killing Oryx or Crota but instead it feels like everyone forgot about it. Overall, D2 just feels like another major year DLC.
GFG Жыл мурун
Althought i might say that i am a destiny fanboy i agree with everything you say but the microtransaction system sure uts stupid but if you are willing to just save your money and try to go for the bright engrams some people like me got the satisfaction of getting it because the grind of it. I really want some of the cosmetics and thats why i keep playing the game (also cus i enjoy it). But i only want them throught the hard work of playing it. Sure the rng system is dumb and sure this is a way to get people into buy silver to buy the cosmetics but if you want them throughf hard work... Play the game. I myself never had the satisfaction of having something throught cheese to be honest. And having like a exotic emote throught my hard work trying to level up in the game gives me the satisfaction to show to my friends and say i worked for this and got lucky. But anyways great video
Nikita Nikita
Nikita Nikita Жыл мурун
Destiny 2 is free now till 18th November(without DLC)And that`s that.
Wicked Princ3
Wicked Princ3 Жыл мурун
Fuck Activision
CorrosiveFenix Жыл мурун
16 19
kIDNEYKid 1999
kIDNEYKid 1999 Жыл мурун
Those CammyCakes videos though >.>
VitalVampyr 2 жыл мурун
It seems like they didn't even need to make a sequel really. They could have just kept updating and selling expansions to the first game, like World of Warcraft. That solves the issue of lacking content.
MycodenameisM 2 жыл мурун
Okay, Bungie can’t come up with more content, but they have highly detailed maps like it’s nothing and produce breathtaking music. Okay
Noah Reubens
Noah Reubens 2 жыл мурун
My friend can solve rubic cube in 32 seconds
Juan Manuel Correa
Juan Manuel Correa 2 жыл мурун
Just watching the bullet sponge enemies just makes me not want to buy the game.
Argedon 2 жыл мурун
The monotonous enemy design was one of my biggest gripes as well. Every single faction has the same basic unit types with very minor variations. the suicide bomber The melee chaser the ranged grunt The ranged captain the flying gnat the melee knight the big boy. I'd firstly set very distinct behavior patterns for the different factions. The quick and nimble fallen would use every bit of cover they could find, advancing under cover fire from their drones. With an authority figure present, they'd employ more sophisticated tactics, like attacking with stealth from behind and setting up sniper nests and traps. With a Servitor present, they'd be more reckless, since it provides them with defensive buffs (and religious fervor). In short, the initially cowardly Fallen become increasingly dangerous and vicious under competent leadership. Defeating their leaders would lead to a loss of morale, with multiple consecutive hits even leading to the weaker ones fleeing altogether. The Vex should feel like an unstoppable force. In total disregard of cover they'd advance towards their enemy, relying on strong shields and easily replacable robot forms. Why not engineer forms that build turrets and light-walls? Have a Vex with two different elemental weapons and a frontal shield, destroy one weapon and the other one is powered up, destroy that one and the shield starts to rotate with him using his eyeball laser as a last resort. There's a million cool things you could do. The Hive is actually pretty good as it is I think. If we change the other factions away from the original omnipresent design. but yeah, some more focus on their attunement to "the dark" and witchcraft would be cool. The Cabal would be focused on heavy shock infantry in low numbers with supporting subservient races. Kinda like they're now but better. Have them act like the military juggernaut they're supposed to be. Legionnaires with heavy shields providing cover for their comrades (and have them actually use that cover) instead of supidly walking in circles and firing at you. Give the Cabal real fucking weapons instead of pistols and smgs. But yeah, all these ideas would need actual effort and work on the side of Bungie to implement. So we can fuggetaboutit.
Argedon 2 жыл мурун
When you say Raids you mean..... The Leviathan from the Vanilla game and The Leviathan, Eater of Worlds raid from the Osiris paid DLC and The Leviathan, Spire of Stars from the Warmind paid DLC and Not the Leviathan from the upcoming paid DLC.... Just fucking great innit. 1 single raid for the base game and a single one added with each DLC. BUT I admire the work and ingenuity that went into the actual raid design. It looks interesting and gives me a sense of danger, excitement and discovery. Must be great to figure all of it out with friends for the first time. Shame I never got to try it out myself. And by now I'd be just dragged along for the ride, following instructions like reading a guide. Oh well.
Samuel Palardy
Samuel Palardy 2 жыл мурун
I mean, talking about the new game mechanics that were changed. I like the new mechanics for one reason, it followed the story and gave it a different kind of depth. The story of Destiny 2 is about you losing everything you had at the tower because you've lost control of the city. This includes loot, supers, and other mechanics. Getting brand new supers because the light is a corrupted distant version of the original light because the shard is an old broken piece of the traveler. They're similar enough to the Traveler that they would be the same but different enough to have a new experience. The Last City is probably where all their cosmetic work is done so with The Last City taken over and ransacked the shaders would be different. I think the level cap was a stupid decision and do not agree with it.
hunter 2 жыл мурун
the number 1 thing destiny needs to be a better game is... a new game engine that they can easily edit so they can do all that cool shit your talking about... id also be nice not having to wait 2 months for 1 update when it should come out in 3 to 4 days.
D. R
D. R 2 жыл мурун
why people likes destiny?
Gundam Action
Gundam Action 2 жыл мурун
People are praising forsaken now, they forgot bungie trying to move this game into esports territory and jeopardize player’s gameplay experience
TheWorld 2 жыл мурун
The Power System in Destiny 2 is such a pain. Some of the guns are absolutely atrocious. I’m forced to use a rifle meant for sniping on a close quarters mission. Why? So my power level doesn’t decrease. Truly painful
matt allen
matt allen 2 жыл мурун
TBH I think bungie did good on this game yeah there's some thing that are stupid but these game brings back what made Halo reach good the hopeless battle for so little that is what makes this game great. Ant man I love your videos and I'm not a hater just showing my point
Kenny Salazar
Kenny Salazar 2 жыл мурун
it be prounancedth Ballerhorn
William Nienaber
William Nienaber 2 жыл мурун
there should be raid easy mode kinda like how there is a normal mode
ChuckFinley33 2 жыл мурун
I totally agree with what Renn said, if it’s too hard to make content for a game, then you’re in the wrong business.
fancy mercenary
fancy mercenary 2 жыл мурун
miss the old bungie
Mil Mi-24 Hind
Mil Mi-24 Hind 2 жыл мурун
To be honest, I thought the game was fine for me. This is my opinion and I actually liked the game. I thought the campaign, the pve and the pvp was good. I am hyped up for the Forsaken expansion and I can't wait for it to come.
Bubbaj001 2 жыл мурун
just edit the damage the guns do to people vrs the pve
StylishDantes 2 жыл мурун
17:33 machete lads xD
AngryFauxGaming 2 жыл мурун
my god, I thought I was the only person who liked demolition...
KeepingEel 2 жыл мурун
I probably would have played more destiny if they didnt take away half my game because i didn't have the dlc. That is my number 1 complaint and its why i will never buy another destiny game just because of this distrust.
royal22erick 2 жыл мурун
just play warframe its better and free
Whiskey Sour
Whiskey Sour 2 жыл мурун
Ah I remember when the Scathlocke was broken.
Nicholas Leclerc
Nicholas Leclerc 2 жыл мурун
25:48 I think a civil war like that happened in The Last City’s lore
Nicholas Leclerc
Nicholas Leclerc 2 жыл мурун
17:45 Change the Vex Hydra’s weaponry; Change the dregs, or at least add a new Fallen enemy type; Add Cabal jetpacks Legionnaires and Incendiary bois
Big Tism
Big Tism 2 жыл мурун
I'm on the younger side of 15 and god, the amount of time I spent playing the raids is unhealthy
rocketsniper 2 жыл мурун
How bungie could have improved Destiny. Stayed with Halo.
rocketsniper 2 жыл мурун
For Destiny I would love a duel gamode.
Dolan Flint
Dolan Flint 2 жыл мурун
I did the Leviathan Raid and we spent 6 hours on the first puzzle because it gave no hints. Plus we were with some randoms who didn't join the party so we had to explain the puzzle through emotes. It took so long :( However working out the puzzles if you have an entire Raid Team built up of friends is much quicker and easier, with randoms it will take you a lot longer to do.
TheBlackSheep 2 жыл мурун
MAN HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE OVER 1MILL VIEWS? Are there really that many die hard cry-baby defenders of this shit?
brenduz b
brenduz b 2 жыл мурун
Dark souls and balance is like saying Star Wars battlefront 2 was pay to win
Chip King
Chip King 2 жыл мурун
Yo, who else plays between Destiny 1 and Destiny 2? I enjoy doing it. I even made a new game to do the campaign in the first game. Plus revisiting the taken king story was great. I know the expansion got some flack but I loved it.
phillip gianto
phillip gianto 2 жыл мурун
Come on do warframe
Orbity 2 жыл мурун
Goedhart 2 жыл мурун
the wolf part of the raid took us 4 hour, it was soooo annoying
David Islas
David Islas 2 жыл мурун
15:40 how did they have force of will 65 and only do less than a third of damage?
David Islas
David Islas 2 жыл мурун
The sad truth is they could’ve had a whole team working on destiny 1 to create a single game that could last the ten year period they had planned. The only reason they’re making sequels is so that they can pull the extra $60 from us every 3 years. D2’s story and new content like the raid and the new patrol zones could’ve easily been a great expansion, that could’ve been reasonably priced at max $40, for destiny 1.
katsup 2 жыл мурун
Sold it after a week and before even reaching level 20.
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