Infinity Ward Needs To Step Up (Modern Warfare 2019)

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The Act Man

Жыл мурун

Infinity Ward needs to step up their game with Modern Warfare 2019. They have a big opportunity here to create something special and unique and I hope to christ they don't just follow the same boring ass trends that Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games have followed.
The ball is in their court now...
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The Act Man
The Act Man Жыл мурун
The fans trusted you, I thought I could too. So why in bloody hell do microtransactions KNOW YOU?!
Raidknight 15 күн мурун
Thank god Cold War will have a branching Narative
Manuel Rivera
Manuel Rivera 6 ай мурун
Oh no no no soap sooooaap!
Fredrik Winbladh
Fredrik Winbladh Жыл мурун
They cancelled supply drops!!!
Malfeasance man
Malfeasance man Жыл мурун
Enemy loot box above
War Bear
War Bear Жыл мурун
In all honesty.. if them putting micros in for the people that buy them can feel better about themselves, allows me to get the dlcs with no season pass, I will be slightly nullified
banana_tard 13 күн мурун
Sgt Foley talking to Ramirez 4:50
deadtreebark 22 күн мурун
Spec ops is trash, everything else is good
Origami Master Yoda
Origami Master Yoda Ай мурун
Act Man to infinity ward: WOAH BRO DO YOU EVEN LIFT!!!
Freesmart Ай мурун
Even after the loot boxes removal and advanced movement crap people hate this well thats the cod community
slapped salami
slapped salami Ай мурун
I know this video is 1year old. Infinite warfare does have optional missions. Honestly I at first didn't try infinite warfare at first. But recently I played the campaign and I'm actually having fun with it. Im not a call of duty fan boy. I didn't like black ops 3. But I really do like infinite warfare. I also have recently heard some good things about infinite warfare's campaign. Maybe you should give it a chance
Fanaticalplel 3 ай мурун
You are the most Broliest bro
Brutal Gator
Brutal Gator 4 ай мурун
I like the picking class setup in campaign in bo2.
Brody Daniels
Brody Daniels 4 ай мурун
Hot take, infinite warfare was good with the exception of loot boxes
I’m Here
I’m Here 6 ай мурун
Guess they heard the step part at launch
Luke Milbocker
Luke Milbocker 6 ай мурун
White wine is for depressed widow's, change my mind.
Stylez Swisha
Stylez Swisha 6 ай мурун
Why niggaz front on AW? I’m like the only one who can still play it's multiplayer and zombie mode, well only outbreak for hours.
Ra's Al
Ra's Al 7 ай мурун
yo Act man what's up with them bushes inside your armpits ?
ody xD
ody xD 7 ай мурун
What cod mw remastered did bad it is just cod 4 with better graphics
Cole G.
Cole G. 7 ай мурун
It is funny because Infinity Ward did what he asked, they made loud footsteps integral to the game
Avery Bondeson
Avery Bondeson 9 ай мурун
The MW series guns are really nice but the maps are fucking terrible. I'd rather play Aftermath from BO2 than Vacant from MWR
Avery Bondeson
Avery Bondeson 9 ай мурун
BO2 Remastered in 2025 would make me happy.
RadicalSnake281 9 ай мурун
Nice tatto tho
RadicalSnake281 9 ай мурун
What I think about MW2019 is that the core game has a huge potential that is as big as its lack of contents. MW fails to bring basic contents to the player as capture the flag game modes and where is the gungame mode?! They added it (with night maps, seriously?!) and now it's gone. They could do a 1v1/2v2/3v3 modes, like in MW3, it was awesome! 3v3 S&D on that Pompeii map was lit! Forse sure the game is still not complete (and it's a shame since the game came out in October) but I think it's mostly Activision's fault. Then there are lot of marketing strategies that are so bad... Examples: PS4 exclusive contents Totino's pizza rolls contents (srsly?!) Twitch drops that doesn't work because there is a bug for tons of people linking twitch account to cod accounts, the season pass (+10$ to the game price), the cosmetics bundles (from 8$ up to 20$) and the WORST thing is that most of the contents you're going to unlock are unlockable for a limited time: this is psicologycal terrorism, you are mentally forced to log in to get you daily reward completing some ugly daily missions (once it was: call 40 radars) with the anxiety you never gonna have those contents again?! And this fucking season system it is a bad thing, because you have to go in a hurry to unlock the full battlepass and all the officer rank's missions, all in a short period of time because otherwise you gonna miss the contents you payed for and this is terrible. I paid a full price, I deserve a full game, with all its contents. I miss CoD 2, I miss how simple were videogames, how fun was playing games like America's army or the first black ops, you was playing because it was hella funny, not because you need to get your contents in time, that's the worst side of this game.
Assyrian Comedy Central
Assyrian Comedy Central 9 ай мурун
Im 5 months late to this video and yet I rewatch old ones wtf
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 10 ай мурун
Yeah im subbing if you keep up with the fucking modern warfare 2 background music
Uh No
Uh No 11 ай мурун
They probably looked at their best selling video game (mw3) and made another mw
Bradlee Apodaco
Bradlee Apodaco 11 ай мурун
I wish they'd bring back extinction mode
Banana bois Gaming
Banana bois Gaming 11 ай мурун
Your a fucking pleb
Spoof Nox
Spoof Nox 11 ай мурун
I'm here from the future and I can say, without spoiling anything, the campaign in the new MW was pretty great imo. It was kind of held up by how fucking fantastic the visuals, gunplay and graphics are, especially in 4k
notyour business
notyour business Жыл мурун
U need to get on that cod 2 campaign asap
Sean Жыл мурун
What I think that the COD series (infinity Ward) should make a half decent game,a bit better then ghost but make it in ether WW1 or the Cold War. They should complete drop pay to win parts of cod,they should really look at the legends like WAW or BO1 etc to see what they have done almost 10 years before,come on guys get you stuff to together and we will continue playing the games like it’s 2010 AND DONT for the love of god suck all the game critics dongs for good reviews.
Heartless XCVII
Heartless XCVII Жыл мурун
For the first time in years ive been excited for a cod. Playing the beta and seeing all the trailers made me feel like a kid again. Games going to be awesome i think.
The Trumpster
The Trumpster Жыл мурун
Hard core fans are like sjws of cod
Ben Scott
Ben Scott Жыл мурун
Please do an infinite warfare video lol
Nameless 261
Nameless 261 11 ай мурун
It was decent
Tris Sadowski
Tris Sadowski Жыл мурун
*I got an idea 💡 spec ops survival penis4 excwoosive*
Matthew Green
Matthew Green Жыл мурун
Dude you haven't played the campaign for Cod 2? You need to! It's the best of the franchise by far and one of the best shooters ever made.
Joebagadounuts Жыл мурун
Based on the Beta, Infinity Ward has made an incredible game...but Activision will do what they do best, and Modern Warfare will go the way of BO4 after a short few months. I cancelled my pre-order on PC, and if it in the mean time hasn't been thoroughly reemed with micro-transactions, will gift it to myself for Christmas.
K3 Tsunami
K3 Tsunami Жыл мурун
This aged like milk 9:34
Maulana Жыл мурун
I hope they add a big map with at least 100 player, destruction,and driving vehicle who will bring nightmare to battlefield
FreeSpeech Жыл мурун
CoD: Releases shit game Fans: *That was an improvement, but it’s not hard to improve on garbage. Do it again.*
pEno 420
pEno 420 Жыл мурун
Lol u suck I played every one
Nameless 261
Nameless 261 11 ай мурун
Nobody cares
_ gouda
_ gouda Жыл мурун
I don't want to be rude, but you can't call yourself a CoD fan if you haven't played Call of Duty 2.
FaKe Big Maq
FaKe Big Maq Жыл мурун
I’m also mad that micro transactions are in this game, though to be fair there isn’t a battle pass and they need to make money somehow.
Raging Wolf
Raging Wolf Жыл мурун
Tbh I wouldn't mind extinction coming back
Gordon Жыл мурун
Bruh didn't you play the beta?
Easton Seagroves
Easton Seagroves Жыл мурун
Hey was that Tmartn2 playing infinite warfare
C James Ervin
C James Ervin Жыл мурун
Well so far they've knocked it out of the park in my opinion
Proto Luke
Proto Luke Жыл мурун
Infinite warfare was the best futuristic Call of Duty ever people just got upset about it because of the exo suits! So people wanna go 100 Years back in our technology and go boots on ground. Which is very sad I thought people like to go forward in technology not backwards!
Andrew Stevens
Andrew Stevens Жыл мурун
It wasn't a bad game, but the future idea was so washed up by then that it just felt like the same crap over and over again.
Sweaty Fanny Pack
Sweaty Fanny Pack Жыл мурун
I like how actman is disgusted by touching the physical discs but still keeps them on his shelf... almost as if it was planned. Smh.
HiMyNameIsPapi Жыл мурун
Damn....shave your armpits
James Mckinney
James Mckinney Жыл мурун
You need to shave bro. Your looking a little scruffy. xD
PurplePoodlez Жыл мурун
ghost was my fav =,(
Soka Жыл мурун
Cod4 remastered wasn't THAT bad IMO. Comparing cod4 remastered to WW2 is a insult to anything and is uncalled for.
slapped salami
slapped salami Ай мурун
I wouldn't even say it's bad. It's the same game just a little better graphics. I don't understand how people can hate it now but like it then
Josh Didgit
Josh Didgit Жыл мурун
Why do people bitch when a company steals a game mechanic from fortnite?? Like fortnite is literally a moshpit of minecraft, pubg and about 60 other games, they steal every item and gimmick from other games with no shame and everyone praises Epic for it. Like most people have noclue respawning beacons were stolen from Apex legends, or there emotes which get stolen from their creators and used to make money without paying a cent to the people that are behind them. I cannot say any other words with any more conviction than FORTNITE IS THE WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO GAMING...
ashdoglsu Жыл мурун
I cant belive you didnt play COD 2 sp. Its one if not the best sp of them all.
Joshua Fancher
Joshua Fancher Жыл мурун
4:51 sounds like sgt foley shouting at rameirez!😂😂😂
Neeco Жыл мурун
infinity ward will step up but activi$ion wont
P B 22
P B 22 Жыл мурун
“Ramirez use your throwing knife to take out that AC-130”
Eated Cringe
Eated Cringe Жыл мурун
*y o u n e e d t o s t e p i t u p b r o*
Half-Assed Gaming
Half-Assed Gaming Жыл мурун
call of duty 2 is the best cod you gotta try it out (cod 1 on pc is also way different than the console and its a lot better too)
Suicidal Hyena
Suicidal Hyena Жыл мурун
i just had to say play cod 3 that one was probly my favorite but thats just me and thats if u can even find it
Kingable Жыл мурун
Why does everybody shit on extinction? I never understood why it gets so much hate
will g
will g Жыл мурун
Cod youtubers have mouths open and teeth lipped for activi$ion preorders
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson Жыл мурун
These 'People' At Treyarch Should Go Bankrupt, Half Of Them Are In The EDL
♕TyonorShapz C7TJFVB7-CAZ [★Your No.1 Instrumentalz/Rap Archive]
♕TyonorShapz C7TJFVB7-CAZ [★Your No.1 Instrumentalz/Rap Archive] Жыл мурун
lockz kinda good, but ill wait till it came out to make my opinion because its too early :P ;) nice vid tho, i can say that at least ::)
Hassan Jadoon
Hassan Jadoon Жыл мурун
was the remastered game that bad? I thought it was decent
Nameless 261
Nameless 261 11 ай мурун
It was breeding grounds for campers
I’m not a Rapper
I’m not a Rapper Жыл мурун
Hassan Jadon micro transactions ruins it
Gamr King
Gamr King Жыл мурун
I like how when they tell you what to do you got punched in the face
APT Planet
APT Planet Жыл мурун
You should play the infinite warfare campaign its actually pretty good
GD GAMEZ Жыл мурун
Please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up please don't fuck up PLEASE DON'T FUCK UP!!! I'm looking at you infinity ward do us proud while trayarch and sledgehammer are fucking themselves right I need an offline mode God dammit "update to play offline" go fuck yourself. A good game is like bo1, bo2 , waw , mw , mw2 and fucking mw2019 hopefully. If u fuck up you lost a Fan
Mc4mula Жыл мурун
Stop saying black ops 3 is a bad game. Zombies. Enough said
Preston Sloan
Preston Sloan Жыл мурун
This game if going to be one of the best ever released no cap
feeblezak Жыл мурун
Modern Warfare 2007 on PC had 64 players. That was fun. Unless it was free for all on crates.
LitLThomas Жыл мурун
You ought to review Infinite Warfare next man, the story really surprised me. Haven't tried MP yet but I think you might be pleasantly surprised...
ubersoldier71 Жыл мурун
2:23 sorry but cod2 and cod3 are classic you MUST play those games in order to have a more defined opinion about cod games
you scare me
you scare me Жыл мурун
I don't think any Call of Duty games is bad. It usually the same formula with a different skin. I can see why fans don't like it but as a casual gamer I have never seen the reason it gets hate.
you scare me
you scare me Жыл мурун
How did they mess up MW Remastered?
Nameless 261
Nameless 261 11 ай мурун
It was breeding grounds for campers.
sewer Жыл мурун
Griffin Жыл мурун
sleepy at dawn
sleepy at dawn Жыл мурун
Infiniti Warfare is probably the best Cod campaign yet. You should try it. It kinda makes this video pointless, since your complaints about linearity were addressed in that game with its mass effect like missions.
Darth Fish
Darth Fish Жыл мурун
I think we have a good chance that this game will be the revive of actual good cod games.... Just too bad that sniping is dead
Roddy Dykes
Roddy Dykes Жыл мурун
Someone’s been hitting the gym for these videos haha. Really enjoy your common love for all the same games I like man keep it up!
Ixaug Жыл мурун
Can't wait for that ACR kill feed
ChrisTheVr Жыл мурун
comment if you want black ops 2 remastered with all the dllc that was in that game free and there are ZERO microtransactions the physics are the same it has the same fun just better graphics.
Gabealicious Жыл мурун
Lol Act man gonna go beast mode
Luckyfrost Жыл мурун
I will be honest here. I actually really enjoyed Extinction for what it brought to the table. The addition of objectives other than "Survive" was pretty neat. I know i may get some backlash for this, but i liked that there was an ending to each mission that didn't involve hunting down every single minute part of the map to do some little thing and go into some crazy shit. I enjoyed how you had to defend the drill, and everything with that. it was refreshing to me to have some semblance of purpose when playing the gamemode. As well, i enjoyed the variety of enemies in the missions. you had the normal aliens that would scuttle up close and smack you like the little human bitch you are. the Scorpions that were always so hard to hit and how they could get you in tricky spots and pin you down with their rain of aid. i liked the mini boss that was the rhino, and it admittedly made me nearly shit myself when i encountered it for the first time. that being said, i haven't bought any real DLC for the game so i don't know how well the other missions went, but i loved Point of Contact (or something, i can't remember the name because i havent started ghosts in a while). I really loved that the mode gave me something to do when i was bored and wanted to play something that wasnt the campaign or multiplayer.
Kroonap Жыл мурун
I’m hyped
MrBrocephus Жыл мурун
I miss melee knife kills. Your running and running then your enemy is in front of you. knife that bitch
Joseph Caico
Joseph Caico Жыл мурун
Play the Infinite Warfare campaign, or at least watch it (game movie version). Its probably the only redeeming quality of the game.
Ray Z
Ray Z Жыл мурун
I hope its better than the last 3 games in the franchise "better, but its not hard to improve on garbage"
Dillon R
Dillon R Жыл мурун
I get in my feels so hard when I hear the BO2 music.
Ugo Lattanzio
Ugo Lattanzio Жыл мурун
4:30 replay button
7:26 that’s one hairy armpit 🤮🤮🤮
Squ1rr3INutZ Жыл мурун
I really don’t know why everyone hates on cod ww2 I personally think it’s really good and have fun playing it
Josh Nichols
Josh Nichols Жыл мурун
Treyarch is a joke too don’t forget
Morgan Khan
Morgan Khan Жыл мурун
8:36 please tell me where the music is from I cant remember for shit...😭
Gord Granger
Gord Granger Жыл мурун
This is from cod black ops 2 multiplayer screen
Morgan Khan
Morgan Khan Жыл мурун
That music you used in the middle of the video what is it from
The Doge-Emperor of Dogekind
The Doge-Emperor of Dogekind Жыл мурун
4:48: "Ramirez! Get on the .50!" "Ramirez! Use the Javelins to take out those helicopters!" "Ramirez! Contact HQ for my burrito!" "Ramirez! Do my laundry!" "Ramirez! Jump off a cliff!"
The Doge-Emperor of Dogekind
The Doge-Emperor of Dogekind Жыл мурун
4:48: I feel you man. I know a lot of MW2 players felt the same with Sgt. Foley...............
Diego Fernández
Diego Fernández Жыл мурун
I know everyone that sees this comment will disagree but, here i go, wouldnt you like doing a video about infinite warfare, i mean, the campaign, but if you want to say anything about the mp or zombies, do it
Skyler Rash
Skyler Rash Жыл мурун
I thought toxic masculinity was a stupid term that the left made up to bash men... Until I watched your videos.
Wasteland Dan
Wasteland Dan Жыл мурун
U wot
Anne Frank
Anne Frank Жыл мурун
Why is kotor 2 so awesome
Yung Bjyyy
Yung Bjyyy Жыл мурун
Can you do a rising storm 2 video and give your opinions?:)
1v1Dogfights Жыл мурун
The orders given to you are worse to take in when your character clearly isn't a beginner, or private. Like Alex Mason, or Menendez.
1v1Dogfights Жыл мурун
David Mason, I meant, but y'know.
Nameless 261
Nameless 261 Жыл мурун
MW2 was awful...
Raven 11 ай мурун
Joke of the year. Atleast mw2 is miles better than bo2.
Favian Razel
Favian Razel Жыл мурун
Man he should make a review About Insurgency Sandstorm
Modern Warfare Is The BEST Call of Duty In YEARS!!
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