Stop Politicizing Video Games

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The Act Man

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Enough is enough, it's time to stop writing bullshit articles and trying to force a message. It's time to just let the gaming community have fun with their hobby as they always have. it's time to stop politicizing video games.
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The Act Man
The Act Man Жыл мурун
I can see the Polygon headlines now, "KGpostr proves that Gamers like to rape and murder." Reckon that's what they'll gather from this video. But what do you think? Your thoughts are much more important to me
Chris Voiers
Chris Voiers 9 күн мурун
I loved your video about extra credits that video really good and it shows that extra credits True Colors it's like the first order it's like saying that they are neo-nazis because the Third Reich and I thought was think extra credits is f***** up on me playing as a they didn't say Star Wars crazy is crazy man
EliGamer43 2.0
EliGamer43 2.0 12 күн мурун
You know sometimes these articles makes me wish america didn't have freedom of speech.
Hamster Tme
Hamster Tme 17 күн мурун
Loved ur video
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 22 күн мурун
Literally any kind of articel that talks about games : talks about the games politics Me :....... *sigh* really ?
Slanguage Freak
Slanguage Freak 2 ай мурун
Also, it is "sow discord" not discourse. But that is fine, I can live with that. It wont make my head explode.
Sgt_ undead
Sgt_ undead 6 саат мурун
Ive been playing shooters since i was young and impressionable and its only sparked an interest in fire arms and history, ive never wanted shoot up some businesses karen
Joseph Keller
Joseph Keller 16 саат мурун
This video seems like a good pick for r/fragilewhiteredditor
Ian Jamieson
Ian Jamieson 21 саат мурун
there is one SJW among us
You are Heavy Weapons Guy, and I am your weapon.
You are Heavy Weapons Guy, and I am your weapon. Күн мурун
“W H Y I S N ‘ T I T C A L L E D N O W O M A N ‘ S S K Y ?”
mosu95 Күн мурун
you might not be the hero we deserve but i'm pretty sure you are the hero we need now thank you
Timothy Issac Jackson
Timothy Issac Jackson Күн мурун
0:08 Understatement, but go off.
Jonathan Grayson
Jonathan Grayson 2 күн мурун
Lol look at this fucking loser. Plays highly political war games, but fucks off and says no politics in games.
Ermy 2 күн мурун
123myballsitch 2 күн мурун
this guy is legit crying over video games hahahahaaa
Ruuvvari 2 күн мурун
this guy is legit watching him crying about video games hahah
Lord Limburger
Lord Limburger 2 күн мурун
gamers when theres a gay person in a video game
Artonian Silvermane’s Room
Artonian Silvermane’s Room 2 күн мурун
slaser272 2 күн мурун
Damn, you're dumb as shit.
Suicide Jesus
Suicide Jesus 2 күн мурун
@Adams Md where else?
Adams Md
Adams Md 2 күн мурун
r/gamingcirclejerk? Lol
Benjy M
Benjy M 2 күн мурун
So politics don’t belong in video games, but you like COD: Cold War? Interesting double standard.
Benjy M
Benjy M 2 күн мурун
@Ruuvvari Doesn’t change that he likes a game based around politics, but also says that politics don’t belong in video games at all.
Ruuvvari 2 күн мурун
i think the politics isnt the reason he likes it.. and he has earlier said he likes cods with real story behind it so interesting double standard there
Vedh Hari
Vedh Hari 2 күн мурун
wow, it's almost as if these games are meant to have a deeper meaning, whether that meaning be conveyed through morals, or a political message. Having diversity isn't the same thing as politics, they're just trying to accurately depict how people in real life act. People are black, you know. People are gay, you know. People are women, and people are all three, as well as other things. Games like COD are literally about WW2, The Cold War, among others, all of which are extremely political.
Randon Taylor
Randon Taylor 3 күн мурун
TLOU 2...
Randon Taylor
Randon Taylor 18 саат мурун
@PunkGPA i understand that, its super good. all games have flaws.
PunkGPA 18 саат мурун
@Randon Taylor yeah the first one is still amazing but I just prefer the second one
Randon Taylor
Randon Taylor 20 саат мурун
@PunkGPA yeah, its not perfect but its still good. personally i like the first one more but i still love the second one. but idc what ppl say peaple can have their own opinions. :)
PunkGPA 20 саат мурун
@Randon Taylor same I think it isn’t perfect but I like it better than the first
Randon Taylor
Randon Taylor 20 саат мурун
@PunkGPA yeah. i was a huge fan of the first game and when the second came out... man it was so well writen sure i do see some holes in the plot there and there but other than that i really liked it, i even platinumed the game it was so fun.
Andrew Anzell
Andrew Anzell 3 күн мурун
Changing history to fit their agenda? (Activision) - absolute power corrupts absolutely? The left finally noticed what a powerful tool video games can be to push their narrative? This is textbook national sozialism coming of age. It will "progress." Please DO NOT trade in your old games...
Luke Knight
Luke Knight 5 күн мурун
You're being a tad bit of duty games have been political for ages...and Ubisoft's "the division" is extremely political..i honestly think this whole "stop politicizing video games" movement is really "stop putting politics I don't agree with in my video games"
A Sparrow
A Sparrow 7 күн мурун
The woke tards is why I'm voting for Trump again in 2020.
Omar653 Күн мурун
@A Sparrow Did you forget who’s running the country right now? The Republicans, not the Democrats, so if the economy is going to hell its their fault. Not to mention we could have gotten out of the pandemic so much faster if it hadn’t been for Trump. If he hadn’t opened all of the states so fast their wouldn’t have been a second wave of cases. But blame the Democrats for closing the states quickly to stop the spread. Look at the cases compared from red states to blue state right now: Don’t blame the president who called it a hoax and told his supporters to inject themselves with bleach.Here’s a list I found online of all the ways he’s ruining America: Trump's entire COVID-19 response wasn't just catastrophic. It was a literal racketeering scam. Hospitals say feds are seizing masks and other coronavirus supplies without a word. This is in addition to the feds stealing supplies from shipments from states, and acts of piracy abroad. Here's how what they're doing works: 1.) Eliminate oversight of the spending of nearly a trillion dollars of tax dollars. 2.) Acquire the authority to command which businesses get which contracts. 3.) Have trusted people stand up companies through which the money can be funneled (3 week old company, founded through a loan approved via the Coronavirus Stimulus bill, is now the center of medical supply distribution): (5) “I don’t want to overstate, but we probably represent the largest global supply chain for Covid-19 supplies right now,” he said. “We are getting ready to fill 100 million-unit mask orders.” (16) 4.) Have the federal government sell, at a reduced price, its strategic stockpile to the new companies, run by your buddies. 5.) Have the states bid on the supplies, driving up the price. 6.) Have the federal government spend taxpayer dollars to ship supplies purchased from China to these brand new private companies. 7.) Eliminate the competition. Attack any company that doesn’t play ball. States are having to smuggle in supplies aboard sports teams jets (among other methods), and escort them with state police. Is it really to this point that we're going to have to have states deploy the national guard to protect their shipments and supplies and treat the federal government like the enemy? This is no different from the Somalian government stealing food sent by the United Nations and cartels selling it illegally. Except in this situation FEMA is the cartels and the banana republic is the United States. Also regarding Trump removing the watchdog overseeing the $2 trillion coronavirus bill? In 1998 the Supreme Court ruled line item vetos are unconstitutional. His excuse? The Take Care Clause. And the Take Care Clause just says the President can't make his underlings do stuff that's against the law. It underscores that the executive is under a duty to faithfully execute the laws of Congress and not disregard them. If you don't know what that's about, Trump wrote a signing statement (basically functionally a line item veto except the next President could undo it, but by then it'd be too late) into the stimulus bill that he was going to ignore the oversight provisions in the bill and do it himself. Either way, the Take Care Clause makes it illegal. According to Bradley and Posner, since the president is actually obligated under the “Take Care Clause” to comply with the constitution, “if the president believes that a statute violates the constitution, he has a constitutional obligation not to enforce it” (Bradley and Posner: 358).The opposite also holds true Worse? They specifically knew it would hit Democratic cities and population centers hard and they wanted it to. That's genocide, according to Merriam-Webster - though undoubtedly a crime against humanity according to international law. Of course that's in addition to the genocide (even by International Law) he's committing against the immigrant detainees that are in ICE concentration camps with forced sterilization of women. Mass hysterectomies.* That's in addition to purposefully using industrial disinfectant that causes chemical burns and bleeding. And sexually assaulting detainees. And letting COVID-19 run rampant through detention centers and not actually performing healthcare, falsifying records, and worse. * = It's important to note that this is currently under investigation. The AP found “growing allegations that Amin performed surgeries and other procedures on detained immigrants that they never sought or didn’t fully understand.” The AP wasn't able to find the evidence of mass hysterectomies searching their medical records but did find growing allegations that Amin performed surgeries and other procedures on detained immigrants that they never sought or didn’t fully understand. I'd frankly question if they'd keep records of literal genocide, personally. I suspect the inspector general will have to track down the individuals mentioned in the course of their investigation. At the very least what they already did find is highly unethical and illegal, and add to that all the other nasty crap ICE has been doing to detainees and none of it paints a very pretty picture. Either way, keep an eye out for an inspector general report on that for a conclusion
A Sparrow
A Sparrow 2 күн мурун
@Omar653 Trump literally boosted the economy to never-before-seen heights until democrats wrecked it. You dumb asses are the ones who closed down your states, causing businesses to fail and companies to flee. How the fuck do you make Tesla AND Amazon run away?.... You can't get more destructive than that lmfao. Blue states are still closed down while red states rake in the money again. You lefties are so dumb. Stay on welfare. Broke, bitter, misinformed and miserable LOL.
A Sparrow
A Sparrow 2 күн мурун
@Omar653 You're so fucking stupid its not even surprising. You're brainwashed as hell. 200,000 is WAY BETTER than the millions dead predicted before Covid hit.... And if it weren't for democrats making Trump's life difficult by being complete obstacles when he wanted to close the borders, instead you all called him racist and cost people their lives. Then your democratic states stuck infected people in nursing homes, good job killing the elderly. You're honestly so ignorant it disgusts me, go watch CNN you beta soy boy.
Omar653 2 күн мурун
Do you want another 200,000 Americans dead? Do you want the USA to continue to have a shitty economy?
Randon Taylor
Randon Taylor 3 күн мурун
my man
Eiyal Fogel
Eiyal Fogel 8 күн мурун
couldn't agree more.
Derpfan Best ponie
Derpfan Best ponie 8 күн мурун
I agree, the only game that should have politics is a political game
Jack E
Jack E 10 күн мурун
Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes
Randon Taylor
Randon Taylor 3 күн мурун
wait what?!?!
Dadlegz 11 күн мурун
Amen bro. Everything is being forced, and pushed in to our faces. Oh and literally everything is offensive. End times are coming man. Brain washed society unfortunately my dude.
Randon Taylor
Randon Taylor 3 күн мурун
SeaPhantom 1942
SeaPhantom 1942 11 күн мурун
I am a World of Tanks fan, and I can see it now. "World of Tanks encourages Nazism because players can play as Nazi tanks" I can't deny that an article like that will come out eventually, if it hasn't already.
DracoFatalis299 Күн мурун
I do know there are people on the left who refrain from liking/crediting the tiger tank because it was a nazi invention. I guess you could counter them with the russian bias.
karlazeen 12 күн мурун
I don't want politics to be in my video games.... Except when they support my views that is.
Aqua Raid
Aqua Raid 13 күн мурун
Act man for president of gamers 2020
Andrew Createz
Andrew Createz 13 күн мурун
11:10 this man predicted cancer culture
tsa 14 күн мурун
hmmmmm I bet you also like Bioshock, MGS, and Fallout, yes? Games have always been political my guy
Suicide Jesus
Suicide Jesus 2 күн мурун
Dude he knows this. He's talking about forced diversity and shit that doesn't make any sense in a historical, and/or realistic context, which clearly went over your head.
Meess V
Meess V 2 күн мурун
Pssssst, don't tell them that, their brains can't comprehend subtle themes in games.
Fionn Coleman
Fionn Coleman 14 күн мурун
America likes politics But there not good at it
Ermennator 14 күн мурун
Wait till you find out Call of Duty: Cold War is about the Cold War
Not you
Not you 12 күн мурун
Wait that's illegal
CYBERSHIT 15 күн мурун
No zombie can be as powerful as rocket flood 😎
TheGiantburger 15 күн мурун
It's worse when they take the articles to heart. ME Andromeda had side quests that were takes on whaling and renewable energy. I don't like whaling but I felt like eating microwaved whale after that.
AstroManX100 15 күн мурун
All this is is the natural progression of journalism as it makes its way into video games. Real life journalism already focuses nigh-solely on the bad stuff, often opting to blow it out of proportions in order to make it more controversial and thus more talked about. Video gaming journalists are using the exact same tactic; talk about a minor issue that isn't an overall problem for the industry and then make it seem worse than it is. When was the last time you read an article about all the good things video games have done for us? Probably never since such a story doesn't sell nor spread.
Führer von Frankreich
Führer von Frankreich 16 күн мурун
Justin. WHY
Justin. WHY 16 күн мурун
Nothing's more sexy than TheActMan with a beard
alt _x3
alt _x3 16 күн мурун
Article: Parents fear that apex legends may make their kids transgender The last of us 2: Hold my golf club
Traitor Guardsman
Traitor Guardsman 16 күн мурун
Sometimes I really would like Stanislav Petrov to not be behinde consoul during rocket crisis during cold war. Nukes would fly and and we wounldnt live in crap like this.
MATT CYPRESS 17 күн мурун
When the right and left come together the world will go to shit.
MATT CYPRESS 17 күн мурун
T.J. Storm is fucking right you liberal cunts.
MATT CYPRESS 17 күн мурун
It's not Hillary Clinton it is Hillary Cunton.
zetta _
zetta _ 17 күн мурун
That guy complaining about the black guy getting punched is the actor for that shitty annoying character from arrow. FUCK THAT GUY.
Insvinityy S
Insvinityy S 17 күн мурун
Wait a minute. The first cod to allow you to play as a girl or a minority was ghosts 🤣🤣🤣
Insvinityy S
Insvinityy S 17 күн мурун
Battlefield misses out on black soldiers in ww2. We’ll go play cod ww2 than
Neil Siegman
Neil Siegman 19 күн мурун
Idk there’s a problem in gaming journalism but the amount incel like nerd rage is overwhelming look at the last of us two Fr too many people aren’t mad at video games they are mad about people not seeing themselves in videogames
Suicide Jesus
Suicide Jesus 2 күн мурун
Because people's lives are shit and they'd rather take their anger out on something external than deal with their own feelings of self hatred.
awesome glasses to not see cringe
awesome glasses to not see cringe 19 күн мурун
Let's boycott the government because they caused thousand of people die
Remul LemLem
Remul LemLem 19 күн мурун
I play video games to have fun. These idiots need to stop politicising my fun. They're going to ruin it.
Adam Stolar
Adam Stolar 20 күн мурун
Daniel 23 күн мурун
Still waiting for you to shit on TLOU2, Acting Male
Juan Velasco
Juan Velasco 24 күн мурун
Next game releasing maria sisters 4
KimiTheWitch 25 күн мурун
A game about shooting terrorists couldn't possibly be political :)
ZestySauce 20 күн мурун
"Stop Politicizing Video Games" Yet he makes like 12 videos on why every COD is a 10/10 masterpiece
tip muzik
tip muzik 27 күн мурун
Do a review on the simulation genre
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 27 күн мурун
You will love The Critical Drinker
The Rookie
The Rookie 27 күн мурун
Just to anyone who thinks videogames cause violence: "I'm starting to fear that you're not very smart."- 343 Guilty Spark
The 3 Ply Spy
The 3 Ply Spy 28 күн мурун
When you mentioned "The black person being on the front of a video game cover" I actually never noticed he was black but that is why i never payed attention to it and never thought "oh at least there are black people in this game"All i did was just play it. This example that i just typed goes to show that skin colour weather it's "wHitE dOmiNaTed" Just doesn't matter in games. Games are simply there just for fun and not to push any political agenda on anyone.
Chandu 6 күн мурун
It does matter. Games are a form of media. Are you a white person? I am going to assume you are. Correct me if I am wrong, but suppose all of a sudden you saw NOTHING but black people on TV You never saw any other kind of person. Are you honestly telling me you wouldn't notice? That you NEVER saw someone who looked like you in the media EVER? After a while it would start to annoy you. and when people say stupid shit like "Oh I never noticed he was black, or "I don't see people in terms of color" I'm sorry, but I just don't believe you. You do notice it. You just don't want to say it. Represention matters. People should be represented in the media. Video games, movies, and all other forms of media should reflect a global audience. and no I'm not saying we should transform Captain America from a white male to a transgender black person. What I am saying is that different ethic groups should be represented more, and not in such myopic or stereotypical ways.
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 28 күн мурун
"No woman's sky" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm done
Doug Eichenberg
Doug Eichenberg 28 күн мурун
My guild in World of Warcraft has a rule: no politics. Works great.
firmament blue
firmament blue Ай мурун
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you cant make video about hating politic in video games while having a video praising bioshock. im literally pissing sharding farding cummig rn.😭😤😤
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Ай мурун
Gaming Journalists: remember no gamer
Siddharth Mahajan
Siddharth Mahajan Ай мурун
rockstar and id are some companies who tend to give no major attention to these 'journalists' and 'controversies'...correct me if am wrong
Pepper cane
Pepper cane Ай мурун
You can still have political commentary in media as it was done throughout history. The thing is, you gotta know how to execute it.
Pedro Sousa
Pedro Sousa Ай мурун
Thanks a lot act man for tackling these issues about the politicisation of videogames that is imposed by game companies journalists and lawyers on video games which as you said create issues that are detrimental To the gaming community since they split people into factions by appealing to their differences or otherwise lack of a specific message that is not relevant to the context of the game affecting its authenticity and also pulling it away from its original purpose which is to entertain. I wanted to ask you if you could make a video debating about the poor investment made by shooting games companies on a system of level progression ,achievements and item unlocking for offline modes in triple A games like call of duty and battlefield
1mbatt Ай мурун
“Stop Politicization of Video Games!” “Why is Bioshock 1 a Masterpiece?” You can’t make this up.
I Cunt Spell
I Cunt Spell Ай мурун
That rdr2 suffragette and aligator video always brings a smile to my face.
HeppuPlays Ай мурун
the point that is "my kids needs to be able to play as a woman or a black character because i cant explain that this was not the case irl" is so stupid why do parent's think that their kids care about That stuff more than the game or story. Kids don't care about politics in games they think. Ooh this looks pretty or wow this looks like fun game to play. not wow i can't believe this game has no"insert political accusation here" i can't play this because of this change it and i may try it
Conservative 29 күн мурун
Ikr I always picked whatever character looked the coolest
EddPollard _
EddPollard _ Ай мурун
7:28 could't agree more
Owen Chalmers
Owen Chalmers Ай мурун
I know I am gonna get called out but there were women soldiers. But they were in disguise not running around with out Thier hair cut
N. Quick
N. Quick Ай мурун
This will never stop happening, because gamers are independent thinkers and the system doesn't like that! ACT MAN, WHEN YOU GOING TO DO A "Decline of BioWare"? I'm at a loss for why you haven't covered this, Act Man Sir.
AutoCody14 Ай мурун
maybe there were a female fighter with a prosthetic limb I don’t really know however they decided to have that for the games intro instead of showing the night witches the night witches was a nickname given to a all FEMALE soviet Air Force specifically 588TH bomber regiment by the Germans in world war 2
Ghost Ай мурун
Literally everything is political. This is a pretty dumb point. But, I understand not wanting to be involved and enjoying entertainment.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen Ай мурун
That is what they want you to think to make force you to be involved, but in actuality you can just say fuck it and live your life happily. If you are able to adapt to politics regardless of who is in power than there isn’t much need to be involved in
Muhammad Eihaab
Muhammad Eihaab Ай мурун
We need to cancel Japan because most of the Japanese are white,there just isn't enough diversity
Apex Toast
Apex Toast Ай мурун
3:08 that’s stupid
ALREND Ай мурун
Man I don’t care what’s your religion your opinions your culture or your nationality What I care about is the content you create
SnakeSkin Ай мурун
Didn't you make a video on how great Bioshock 1 was? Bioshock's themes are FAR from being apolitical.
Sir Herbert
Sir Herbert Ай мурун
No you are wrong A game about how a libertarian Randian society always will lead into disaster.... Totally not political A game with women and black people mmmh... Totally SJW forced politics
Caleb Juarez
Caleb Juarez Ай мурун
The dislikes are the sjws and complainers :V
gman57op anti-mason
gman57op anti-mason Ай мурун
we shuld go back to playing halo custom edition. and making our own games from that..... its not hard. you can literally make your own campaign. and you can push it pretty far. i dont see why graphics are amazing anymore either.....
gman57op anti-mason
gman57op anti-mason Ай мурун
2.1K cia illuminati satanist bot dislikes
thor5262 Ай мурун
I play video games to block pilotics
Stewart Moran
Stewart Moran Ай мурун
Oh wow, you mean maybe there are things that shouldn't be integrated into video games? No f*cking way!
salvia divinorum
salvia divinorum Ай мурун
Man I couldn't agree more with you. People just love being toxic as fuck towards anything and making problems where there are none..
Double Oof
Double Oof Ай мурун
“Oh no, there are non-sexualized women in my videogame! This is clearly liberal propaganda and not an independent decision made by the developers!”
Sir Herbert
Sir Herbert Ай мурун
Those damn leftists are putting all those muscular and attractive men into my video games and are making me feel really weird. Plss help. Also I hate women.. I mean politics and minorities... I mean forced diversity in my video games.
Kost Tzan
Kost Tzan Ай мурун
All media is political incluing video games
Kost Tzan
Kost Tzan Ай мурун
@Mateo Reyes Yes but much less so.
Mateo Reyes
Mateo Reyes Ай мурун
@Kost Tzan And Pacman?
Kost Tzan
Kost Tzan Ай мурун
@what you just wrote was insane dude To a lesser extent but yes it is political. I am not a sociologist or anthropologist so I can't exactly analyse it but I am sure there are people that can and did.
what you just wrote was insane dude
what you just wrote was insane dude Ай мурун
Is minecraft political?
Sir Herbert
Sir Herbert Ай мурун
Ah yes I hate politics In video games. Modern games have turned all political, not like bioshock, a game I just made a Video of calling it a masterpiece. Bioshock, a game how a Randian libertarian society, where everyone only pursues their own interests and solely these will inevitably lead to distopia, is totally non-political. You can't make this stuff up
J Jizzle69
J Jizzle69 Ай мурун
TrULy ePic GaMer
Seymour09 Ай мурун
SJW power activate! ("Power rangers" intro theme starts playing)
Cursed Wither
Cursed Wither Ай мурун
Well the link should be a female is kinda wrong NOW since in breath of the wild there is this villige where there's a strict female only policy. And if link was a female... Then there would be no challenge of getting inside.
Nonya Biizwacs
Nonya Biizwacs Ай мурун
It's not just politics that these people want. It's anti-white, anti-male, anti-Western politics. I don't see "Chronicles of the Iron Cross" on store shelves. The instant I see it, I'll buy it, but till then nothing of the sort exists.
Nonya Biizwacs
Nonya Biizwacs Ай мурун
@Kost Tzan K.
Kost Tzan
Kost Tzan Ай мурун
@Nonya Biizwacs Warning the non retards that they shouldn't engage with you
Nonya Biizwacs
Nonya Biizwacs Ай мурун
@Kost Tzan And?
Kost Tzan
Kost Tzan Ай мурун
Facsist detected
Real_ entless
Real_ entless Ай мурун
man this is inseption of politics, inorder to get politics out of games we have to get political, thinking about it makes me think gamings dying hard...
Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt
Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt Ай мурун
I don’t care about the black guy on the battlefield 1 cover I thought it was cool how they included the Harlem hellfighters
toothpaste man
toothpaste man 4 күн мурун
@Mine Shawn *ahem* please do not eye him *inappropriately* thank you! fucking weird feti- oh hey! *you didn't see anything*
Mine Shawn
Mine Shawn 11 күн мурун
I love penguins
Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh Ай мурун
Imagine people not being able to tell the difference about politics that are present in the game and politics that are being forced onto a game.
TheBlueKnight Ай мурун
This is the best video on KGpost.
TheBlueKnight Ай мурун
My buddy just sent me here. I'm glad to see another fellow gamer that thinks like I do. I want politics out of my games.
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed Ай мурун
Video games are a form of art thus making it completely okay to discuss politics and other complex subjects in them whether you agree with these views or not that is a completely different topic , it is really weird to see this opinion prevail among the gaming community, that politics and video games shouldn't mix even though some of the best games ever made are very political ( spec ops , bioshock , metal gear solid and many more )
Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh Ай мурун
You can talk about politics that are present within the game like act man said, people need to stop getting triggered that games are not "inclusive enough", that's just plain stupid.
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed Ай мурун
@DKSamaritan there is a big difference between shoving your opinion down people's throat and having a discussion for example, spec ops the line doesn't say that the army is bad but it questions it's morals
DKSamaritan Ай мурун
Keeping politics out of games means, stop shoving your political opinion in my face.
Iosef Gavan
Iosef Gavan Ай мурун
Hey yo What There's a new game What's it called Cod ww3 and it has a female protagonist that dies midway hello hey are you listening THATS ASSAULT GOD DAMNIT
Kingy88 Ай мурун
Load of shit, you love Bioshock which is a scathing libertarian critique with so many intelligent observations and literature behind it, yet everything else is somehow too political? What fucking bullshit, you can't pick and choose politics.
Sir Herbert
Sir Herbert Ай мурун
@Easy Red uhhh preach. Gamers unite. SJWs are trying to take away our games with their forced politics.
Easy Red
Easy Red Ай мурун
@Obama’s Last Name there's difference between having political themes in your games and injecting biased, personal political views onto the story and characters of games. boiling it down to "well, gamers just HATE women and minorities!" is just a broad stroke and contributes nothing to the conversation except for more vitriol.
Obama’s Last Name
Obama’s Last Name Ай мурун
actual politics: not political bad politics: women and minorities there’s your guide to what kind of politics gamers dislike and like in their games
sad sad
sad sad Ай мурун
What we ALL need to do is just stop giving them attention. Its literally the same way with little annoying children. I am pretty sure that these people know how re**rded they are, but they keep making this shit up bc it gives them views and attention. If we stop paying attention to them all together, they will eventually stop. If we keep giving them the spotlight (like news and companies and cancel culture does) they will never stop, bc they dont have a cause, their goal is attention and they will keep pressuring companies and politicians into making stuff worse for everyone.
generIc sniper
generIc sniper Ай мурун
I think in starwars rey could have been a good character but they made her more power and they said "rey is more power cause shes a girl and in starwars girls are more powerful" i think both genders should be equal that would be better she should have gone threw training like luke or ankin, not shes so powerful she needs no training thats what ruined starwars i just want starwars basic starwars were every one can enjoy not just feninist
generIc sniper
generIc sniper Ай мурун
Right Video games cause vilolence Left Racist, racist, racist
Insvinityy S
Insvinityy S Ай мурун
Well if they want to play as a girl in call of duty go play ghosts cause that was the first cod to let you do that 🤣🤣
Hy5 Ай мурун
I just noticed something people getting offended by racism towards black people aren't the black people themselves they are white political sjws
Hy5 Ай мурун
@Sir Herbert there is nothing more embarrassing than a guy replying to my comment without understanding it.
Sir Herbert
Sir Herbert Ай мурун
There is nothing more embarrassing than a person unironically using the term SJW
Fitzpatrick Wooden
Fitzpatrick Wooden Ай мурун
This has got to be your worst take, lmao, especially since you just did a video on BioShock being a masterpiece, a game with a HEAVILY political story.
Kingy88 Ай мурун
@RubyKDC Especially given that game looks like US nationalism disguised as a game.
RubyKDC Ай мурун
Bioshock: I sleep Picking your gender in an apolitical Cold War game: real shit
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