The Blackout Mode Makes Me Happy | Call of Duty Battle Royale

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The Act Man

2 жыл мурун

After the Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta I was pretty skeptical. And after the Battle Royale announcement I was even MORE skeptical. Seemed like Call of Duty was losing it's way once again. Little did I realize I was about to get sucked into the Battle Royale craze....
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The Act Man
The Act Man 2 жыл мурун
Step 1: Secure the Battle Royale Mode. Step 2: Ascend from Early Access Hell. Step 3: Rain fire. Step 4: Unleash Treyarch. Step 5: Skewer the Bluehole Beast. Step 6: Wield a fist of Actually Polished Gameplay. Step 7: Survive. Step 8: Victory Royale.
Daniel Samuel
Daniel Samuel 20 күн мурун
Wud luv to see u review apex legends
Kacper Trojanowski
Kacper Trojanowski 2 ай мурун
For u, Mason, not me!
Josiah Daley
Josiah Daley 3 ай мурун
Play apex ledgends already plz
sawdustfart 5 ай мурун
The Act Man I feel like the Battle Royales should be separate games not other modes because yes it being a mode is quality of life but then weapons that could be good in multiplayer may have to be made bad in it because all the guns would have to work in both modes bit that’s just the way I see it and I’ve only played a little bit of Warzone and BLOPS 4 was way out of my price range so if you have a counter please correct me.
Dan 1031
Dan 1031 Жыл мурун
Boi blackout is dead
sheix 18 күн мурун
Anthony Balda
Anthony Balda Ай мурун
This game died so fast
BB-8 your soul
BB-8 your soul Ай мурун
"You can depend on blackout working" This REALLY didn't age well
NeverName? Ай мурун
This did not age well
Andrew Orr
Andrew Orr Ай мурун
KGpost apology video's: 0:25
That/_One/_Idiot 2 ай мурун
Warzone vs blackout
Hawksfan88 2 ай мурун
After watching this video, I'm deciding to giving Blackout a chance. Thanks Act Man!
Mm Lol
Mm Lol 2 ай мурун
2:55 yea you right you gay
Paul Ticich
Paul Ticich 3 ай мурун
Have you check out Apex Legends? I'm not massive on BR games Warzone is fun if you have a good/fun team but Apex is my favorite one.
Siffrin 3 ай мурун
Warzone: ._.
jack farts61
jack farts61 3 ай мурун
Revolutionary At Work
Revolutionary At Work 3 ай мурун
BRUH 4:15 had me dead lmaooooo
stupid clips
stupid clips 4 ай мурун
i think act man should do warzone
Conmman987 2 ай мурун
he cant hes having trouble with his mw account check out his mw2 remastered review if you want to learn more.
Fatal- Shelf_263
Fatal- Shelf_263 4 ай мурун
The thumbnail lmao
Matthew Boyd
Matthew Boyd 4 ай мурун
It was fun at first. I stopped playing for like 3 months to play more zombies. When I came back, everyone else got so much better that it's almost unplayable.
Imyour Daddy
Imyour Daddy 5 ай мурун
Can you make review of warzone
BF 19
BF 19 5 ай мурун
The irony is that bo4 was shit at launch
dirt 2 ай мурун
Zombie Lad 2003
Zombie Lad 2003 5 ай мурун
Blackout also has diner from transit
Corneliu Zet
Corneliu Zet 5 ай мурун
This man actually thinks battle royale requires skill
PACEY Pineapple
PACEY Pineapple 5 ай мурун
It doesn't?
Ezra Hodges
Ezra Hodges 6 ай мурун
considering he likes speedy healing and a mechanically functioning game, i dont think he'll like warzone one bit. I certainly dont
Kiran Suresh
Kiran Suresh 6 ай мурун
You should seriously make one on COD mobile
Weathers95 6 ай мурун
This was obviously uploaded early on in the games cycle. Looking back on this game now brings back my darkest memories as a cod head
Logan Schroedl
Logan Schroedl 6 ай мурун
I'm assuming you also like warzone
Julio Zam
Julio Zam 7 ай мурун
Actman do war zone !!!!
Manuel Rivera
Manuel Rivera 7 ай мурун
Wait your telling me u hadn't even played it and u judged it..... That's fine with me.😁
AV Films
AV Films 7 ай мурун
My problem with blackout was the lack of good long range weapons. I found myself getting in very few long range fights, and that's not how it should be in a battle royal, at least in my opinion.
Russell Haisman
Russell Haisman 7 ай мурун
The 8 ай мурун
Fortnite bad Minecraft good
Crustu 3 ай мурун
statchbake 8 ай мурун
88? There are no accidents - Master Oogway
PogLife 2171
PogLife 2171 9 ай мурун
I fell into the Day Z trap and for a while I really enjoyed they standalone and the mods for Arma II, but after playing it 2 years and it still being an unfinished nightmare the cool factor wore me out. I still hop on the mod from time to time and really enjoy it but the standalone was a waste of money
ching chong
ching chong 9 ай мурун
Cod mobile be like
BROK3N T0Y - Topic
BROK3N T0Y - Topic 9 ай мурун
When we getting a call of duty advanced warfare bad, good, mediocre video???
Justus Whittington
Justus Whittington 10 ай мурун
did DERP just..
The Yiannos Games
The Yiannos Games 10 ай мурун
10:22 OMG what is that😷
Ryan Runyan
Ryan Runyan 10 ай мурун
ya left out reznov as a badass
fatih nararya
fatih nararya Жыл мурун
When I first see this video at my recommended, I thought it was an ironic title.
Ali Alatrach
Ali Alatrach Жыл мурун
10:05 Thank you!
Victor Rykowski
Victor Rykowski Жыл мурун
Is it just me or have you changed the title a year later?
The Requiem
The Requiem Жыл мурун
Me to every horrible Battle Royale game: “You promised these kids Krabby the Klown...but all I saw up there was...ChEaPy ThE cHeApSkAtE!”
Cheese Block
Cheese Block Жыл мурун
This game would make me happy if it wasn't a Activision game.😂
Nigel .Petti-Fernandez
Nigel .Petti-Fernandez Жыл мурун
i love u
DOMO G Жыл мурун
I usually had a blackout beta issue, because one time I was playing blackout with my friends, my game crashed and then it signed out my profile😂
foop foop
foop foop Жыл мурун
Hide your kids, hide your wifes! They're raping everybody in here... Like if you understand.
Noah Da. Ark
Noah Da. Ark Жыл мурун
7:30 If you listen closely at the victory screen, you can hear the Zombie’s announcer laughing before the normal announcer starts talking. A great integration of Zombies and Multiplayer
Yang's Realm
Yang's Realm Жыл мурун
It wasn’t a zombies announcer it was zombies character Shaw reacting to the win. Which is a pretty cool feature
Polar FL
Polar FL Жыл мурун
Some say that he's still punching that Scarlett to this day.
Crustu Жыл мурун
I don’t really like blackout just my opinion
Crustu Жыл мурун
Read the last 2 words I said in this comment. I never said I didn’t like cod
Yang's Realm
Yang's Realm Жыл мурун
Probably don’t like cod either then.
Ben Sloane
Ben Sloane Жыл мурун
Blackout has ruined what Black Ops 4 could have been. Treyarch completely neglect the multiplayer and zombies and shag blackout. Having no campaign already lost a large portion of the fan base, and with multiplayer and zombies being disowned it has ruined this game and what it could have been. It's insulting to call this game a black ops game ( same with bo3 ) it's separated from the other 2 games and is a waste.
JPGAMING360 Жыл мурун
Dude it’s treyarch maps not infinity wards maps
Sento toster
Sento toster Жыл мурун
Personally I'm not a big fan of blackout the map is big Baron and and uninteresting what I expect out of a good nap is close quarters with higher ground in other elements for variety of choices new all you get is fields in the couple shipping containers mostly plus I think it was copying the inventory in formula of Apex but other than that it's pretty solid
Bobyjoebob 1
Bobyjoebob 1 Жыл мурун
so kick ass
A Physics Professor
A Physics Professor Жыл мурун
And then the game was launched ...
Austin V
Austin V Жыл мурун
wym you can count of cod to work?, thousands of people are completely unable to find any matches, rendering the game completely unplayable. go to the support page and its full of these complaints with no solution or even response from cod, just fucks telling you to change your nat type and open ports to no avail, and on top of that they're refusing refunds on a $100+ game that you cant play. I've gotten into ONE MATCH in the 3 months i've had the game, and it was bugged.
DaggersLegend 54
DaggersLegend 54 Жыл мурун
Apex is a pretty good battle royale
rocketsniper Жыл мурун
Respawn: Surprise bish
Is tlou2 out yet? No!
Is tlou2 out yet? No! Жыл мурун
rocketsniper ur gey
kloklify Жыл мурун
Black Ops 4 is this months Humble monthly deal(no zombies tho) for 12€ grab it if you're still on the fence
JOHN-117 Жыл мурун
343 Industries: you don’t have a mongoose in Call of Duty? What are you gay? Treyarch: Hold My Beer
Hopetown 27
Hopetown 27 Жыл мурун
All ur suggestions for improvements about the game have either already happens or r plain impossible
Isaac Ross gaming-a yoshi fan
Isaac Ross gaming-a yoshi fan Жыл мурун
James Moist
James Moist Жыл мурун
CODERAS Жыл мурун
5:02 You would be baffled
Bohdisattva Жыл мурун
I love this mode. It’s fun and polished
Lord LMG
Lord LMG Жыл мурун
Why did the waw red army theme fit this video well at all It does but *w h y*
john doe
john doe Жыл мурун
I need more BF4 in my life. This game seems tempting because the large map/vehicles but i dont know if i will like the "hunger games force you to the middle" compared to objectives.
Spartan Jynx 1997
Spartan Jynx 1997 Жыл мурун
I probably wont get it as theres no campaign and it just doesnt feel right without a campaign
DMC Scoot
DMC Scoot Жыл мурун
BlueBunny Жыл мурун
Well... PUBG still has the best gunplay
Zexii Жыл мурун
Notice me senpai
CIsurgency Жыл мурун
For me Apex Legends was the game to smack me in the face harder than hulk for hating battle royal because of Fortnite for, a few days it was the only game I wanted to play. I managed to get a win (in a squad and since I was new I got really lucky and my team carried me but no complaints here) on my first time. Now I may not have played COD:BO4 but from what I heard it's mixed, I heard that lag and connection issues were common but these later got fixed. I also heard that it's the best COD made (which makes me wish I could get rid of MW2 for this but steam rules prevent that :/). Now call me stupid but I think that BO4 and Apex legends are some of the first ones to try and make battle royal as fun as possible and leave the things we hate in the dust such as: not being able to be revived (Apex only), having people spam blue prints so they have a fort in seconds (both games) and having fast and fun ways to move through terrain (Wraith for instance in Apex and the Grapple gun in BO4). Now if other battle royals try to bring this to the table as the new standard then I can see battle royal being the new FPS games. Granted in Apex you do have to grind but I'm fine with that because it's easy unlike R6S where you have to put months into the game Apex will get you started fast with loot drones (or boxes whatever they are) every time you level up or buy them. This makes the cosmetics much nicer knowing you don't have to be a pro or have a giant bank account to show off fancy things. Now just from what I have seen of BO4 it defiantly looks like a game I see myself wasting time with friends on. It has amazing weapon design, the maps have detail to them which is lost in some COD games and it's a big open map and you have challenges to complete while most of them are not easy it certainly makes time well spent watching a KGpostr try and complete them and sometimes failing. But thanks for your thoughts on this game, after watching this video I do think I would want to tell activation "shut up and take my money" (granted it's allowance but who cares I saved up).
crumpo mcbumpo
crumpo mcbumpo Жыл мурун
Treyarch:I dont always make good games but when I do I make em good
Z.A Жыл мурун
they gave us the classic weapons
anthony. uwu
anthony. uwu Жыл мурун
Classic guns are here babby!!!
Jacob Blankenship
Jacob Blankenship Жыл мурун
Call of duty uses the same models texsters and engine for years it took more time money and effort to make fortnight and pubg thin this crap
SargeKatyusha -
SargeKatyusha - Жыл мурун
Just sayin dayz aint br right now
QUIENSOY Жыл мурун
I BET THIS IS A BETTER BATYLE ROYALE THAN BFV UPCOMING BATTLE ROYALE AND I AM A EX COD FAN BOI until, (cough) ww2, but still over here in battlefield, sorry cod
Keith Baker
Keith Baker Жыл мурун
Bo4 didn’t intrigue me (I am a campaign guy)but I played it and it was refreshing
Drew Berning
Drew Berning Жыл мурун
I know I'm going to sound like a dumb fuck, but what is the giant cloud that kills me and how do I not get killed by it?
James 22
James 22 Жыл мурун
I can’t get why people like Fortnite.
Alex Lee
Alex Lee Жыл мурун
The WAW song at the end lol
I Am Tik
I Am Tik Жыл мурун
Yeah i would play with my friends but i got double natttt sooo yea
Kage Danish
Kage Danish Жыл мурун
I really can’t bring myself to buy this game, I’ve always felt what could make or break an FPS shooter was if it had a decent campaign, you know, to give a little depth to your game. And with the only story coming from the mini stories of the sub classes in the multiplayer. It’s just not enough for me.
Revolutionary Cinema Productions
Revolutionary Cinema Productions Жыл мурун
5: 39 it looks like sam Worthington didnt want his likeness used in bo 4, for whatever reason, cuz it looked like him in bo 1 & 2 but nothing at all like him in bo 4 w better technology.
sliimy Жыл мурун
I bet act man was happy when they added hijacked and made it free
Bilal Sheikh
Bilal Sheikh Жыл мурун
Verrückt in German is "Insane"
Damg Жыл мурун
The Galil was in the game lmao
Sione Lavaka
Sione Lavaka Жыл мурун
to be honest it looks like PUBG but with better animations and guns and vehicles.....and fast paste
cloutx puck
cloutx puck Жыл мурун
there is 1 more car its the car when you go on the game and the small video at the end the tank Is in bo4
Winston the Angry Neighbor
Winston the Angry Neighbor Жыл мурун
They did not put Highrise or Crash in Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII becuase it is only Black Ops maps (Call of Duty: World at War is a Black Ops game by the way).
Yinx Жыл мурун
Rust is a infinity Ward map
Simon Cankov
Simon Cankov Жыл мурун
I personaly like pubg and fortnite more. Yes pubg is glitchy but the weapons are cooler and fell better. Fortnite is cringy but I like building and the shotguns fell nice and a bit op after the update.
EKIN S Жыл мурун
Because tryarc dost own the rights to rust and crash infinity ward does but actavision might add in since they all connected because of of actavision
Jonathan F
Jonathan F Жыл мурун
Every youtuber makes killing people in battle royale seems so easy. I can't, everyone would kill me in less than a second
Flampcakes Жыл мурун
You problem know this but you can kill the big green acid zombie aka the blightfather HOWEVER you spell it when you do it explodes in loot
Kevin Ragsdale
Kevin Ragsdale Жыл мурун
The galil is in blackout.
Corn Ham
Corn Ham Жыл мурун
Blackout is fun with friends, but solo I have a hard time enjoying it.
iisadragonborn Жыл мурун
the gall is in the game tho
Rampage! Жыл мурун
The undying blight father
Dragonborn 0243
Dragonborn 0243 Жыл мурун
They didn’t add rust or crash because their from infinity ward this is by treyarch
Zach Boyd
Zach Boyd Жыл мурун
Rip bowmen
SuperHigh Gaming
SuperHigh Gaming Жыл мурун
I still think COD 4 as a whole is pretty crappy but I am really surprised that blackout is as good as it is and its pretty much the sole reason I'm getting BO4 is say pretty much because zombies look alright and I've been hearing good things about that as well
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