The Winners & Losers of E3 2019

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The Act Man

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Another year, another E3... But which games generated the most hype? And which companies are the biggest losers? Only one way to find out...

0:00 - Intro
1:21 - EA
4:09 - 2K Games
5:12 - Bethesda
7:35 - Microsoft
11:15 - Sony(?)
12:40 - Nintendo
15:20 - FromSoftware
16:32 - Conclusion

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The Act Man
The Act Man Жыл мурун
I dun goofed in my E3 video when I put in a wallpaper image of Warframe when talking about Looter-Shooters that have been corrupted by pay to win mechanics or bullshit loot boxes. Honestly, I was just putting in pictures of looter shooter games I could think of. So my bad lol I am not insinuating those things apply to Warframe. Please stop disliking the video lol Who are YOUR biggest Winners & Losers for E3 2019? Let me know in the comments why you think it's me ;) Come join The Act Clan Discord server ► ____TIME STAMPS____ 0:00 - Intro 1:21 - EA 4:09 - 2K Games 5:12 - Bethesda 7:35 - Microsoft 11:15 - Sony(?) 12:40 - Nintendo 15:20 - FromSoftware 16:32 - Conclusion
Bonzerliz 353
Bonzerliz 353 2 ай мурун
Ubisoft loses
the spaghetto production
the spaghetto production 2 ай мурун
You saved yourself a here tbh One of the most consumer friendly game I ever known You should try it and make a review on it But it takes lotsa time tho see what the game is entirely about
Cyber Punk
Cyber Punk 3 ай мурун
Oh the gamepass was legit
Cyber Punk
Cyber Punk 3 ай мурун
Looking back to this lmao breaks the expectatikn back from 2019
derpymuffin02 3 ай мурун
Hey act man can you make a review on the borderlands games?
Lilly Kelly
Lilly Kelly 20 күн мурун
Hi I’m Austyn
Hi I’m Austyn Ай мурун
It’s funny to come back and watch this video after Microsoft bought Bethesda
Eric64bitgamer Studios
Eric64bitgamer Studios Ай мурун
Nintendo, why does Ganondorf look like Kain from Soul Reaver? Just asking because the way he appears in the trailer.
T M Ай мурун
Watching in 2020 disappointed that Halo won’t be a launch title
CoolBoi39 Ай мурун
5:01 I play Warframe and it lts bassicly free to play and free to win. But you propably did not know.
Dominic Haertig
Dominic Haertig Ай мурун
No more exclusives
Thomas Cross
Thomas Cross Ай мурун
can we just talk about how big that guy at 8:37 beard was?
Mc Mante
Mc Mante Ай мурун
Dude make a video about cyberpunk when it come's out
The watermelon
The watermelon Ай мурун
DiD I jUsT SeE ThE AcT mAN AsK TO SuBsCRiBE??!!
Frank G
Frank G 2 ай мурун
welp this is awkward
Jonathan Luna
Jonathan Luna 2 ай мурун
Sony wasn't at e3 and still owned e3 lol
Lawsonian 2 ай мурун
Everybody: “All the comments say warfare isn’t pay to win” Me looking for that comment because people have made the previous comment everywhere:
Sean Cullen
Sean Cullen 2 ай мурун
10:05 oh gosh, that was awkward on SO many levels.
Simon Robeyns
Simon Robeyns 2 ай мурун
To bethesda: "Fare thee well, old friend. Ya blew it."
MattMattowski 2 ай мурун
10:54 it didn't age well
Paul Tenhet
Paul Tenhet 2 ай мурун
This is The Act Man here . Just makes my day.
Stoned Mountain Unicorn
Stoned Mountain Unicorn 2 ай мурун
"the long night" E3......S8E3.....Flash backs.....OH GOD NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Mr Bluntforce T
Mr Bluntforce T 2 ай мурун
Halo Infinite will have "Infinite DLC and live service"
Christian 2 ай мурун
Don't worry, borderlands 3 doesn't need to have lootboxes to be a shit game, it did that all on its own
slagar the cruel 85
slagar the cruel 85 2 ай мурун
Then January came and the death threats come flying in alone with some of you demanding daddy being fired. Then last month some of you cried racism we don't want the white asian noodle girl playable we want the black girl doesn't matter that she's in the game as a spirt and she's technically in the final smash animation. Plus you would all complain if they did make the black girl the playable characters she uses here hair it's a clone of the worst character in smash ban her from tournaments. I can't stand the competitive smash community they give me such a head ache sigh sad face.
Ke Tho
Ke Tho 3 ай мурун
sry but all the guys that going to E3 and other game convention where EA or Todd is and don't protest are all fanboys idiots that don't deserve to life.. (if i had the chance to go) i would watch that they kicked me till noon
The King
The King 3 ай мурун
Granted fallout 76 and the face you made this video befor wastlanders they pull the game around with the dlc
TruSkeleZ - Unturned and more!
TruSkeleZ - Unturned and more! 3 ай мурун
Now fallout 76 is at least fun to play
Arsen 451
Arsen 451 3 ай мурун
June 2019: "Life is good, life is really good!" June 2020: "Life was good, life was really good..."
Dr. Raptor
Dr. Raptor 3 ай мурун
Should we expect anything good from EA tbh
Mistah Fox
Mistah Fox 3 ай мурун
No one knew this would be the last winners and losers video....
Wixo 3 ай мурун
> Starts video with Banjo-Tooie footage You're the best person ever
Asher Ginn
Asher Ginn 3 ай мурун
Losers: Anyone hoping for anything on titanfall 3
The PriorStone
The PriorStone 3 ай мурун
Think about it. Usually the concept of “winners and losers” in presentations like e3 are stupid. But companies like Bethesda literally did SO BAD that they made it possible to lose at e3
Masashi 3 ай мурун
is he anime i thought he a game character
Rogue barbarian5 Dah yeet
Rogue barbarian5 Dah yeet 3 ай мурун
spitfire gaming
spitfire gaming 4 ай мурун
Borderlands 3 was probably the biggest thing for me here
Peyton McDowell
Peyton McDowell 4 ай мурун
Final fantasy seven remastered
Owen Kempin
Owen Kempin 4 ай мурун
Warfare is the best looter shooter ever wtf
OhShiternet 4 ай мурун
Sometimes I'm ashamed to be part of the Warframe community, Jesus Christ
Oliramen 4 ай мурун
“Hero will have a down b counter” famous last words.
joshua tezak
joshua tezak 4 ай мурун
It’s funny watching you talk smack about fallen order knowing you’ll like it
The Slotter King
The Slotter King 4 ай мурун
Where is the comments on Cyberpunk?! The most I got was just Act Man talking about how Cyberpunk was cyberpunk
Kratosgamer10 4 ай мурун
He said dragon quest 9? It’s 11 😁
Nawal Pandey
Nawal Pandey 4 ай мурун
I am most looking for breath of the wild sequel but yes it's trailer is just hot take for now.
Mr_anonymous 4 ай мурун
God was the Homo sapien male of hyperbolic behaviour wrong about Jedi fallen order
TK 4 ай мурун
Why is mcdreamy there
ブランドディオ 5 ай мурун
Wait for Sony's comeback from the shadows
Godzilla 5 ай мурун
DOOM Eternal Halo Infinite Elden Ring
Sgt Arc Dornan
Sgt Arc Dornan 5 ай мурун
"human NPC's in a Fallout Game is big news at E3. Holy fuck this series has fallen." I hate to agree but I have to agree. Why is my boi Mr. New Vegas abused by Bethesda :(
Foxy Woxy
Foxy Woxy 5 ай мурун
Imagine may 2020 still no infinite gameplay
Trogo Pine
Trogo Pine 5 ай мурун
They better bring back crimson skies for Xbox Scarlett
Dragoslav Soldo
Dragoslav Soldo 5 ай мурун
I would like heavy weapons guy in smash asap, please.
James Coombs
James Coombs 5 ай мурун
Can we just appreciate how ea has been ACTUALLY listening to people. But mostly from respawn and dice, starting with bf1 Titanfall 2 to kinda bfv then fixing battlefront 2, apex legends and Jedi fallen order
Squid Ling
Squid Ling 5 ай мурун
It's called Fallout 76 because 76 is how many refunds people wanted after buying...
AbsurdDive 5 ай мурун
I saw Bethesda's panel... And I've never seen so many paid "clappers/hypers". I fucking hated that, specially after FO76
angrytacos 5 ай мурун
Your PlayStation audience is non-existent that's why you didn't hear about it, you are a "Xbox fanboy" as you said yourself
A Wise Author
A Wise Author 5 ай мурун
Honestly Warframe is a pay-to-win piece of shit. I say that unironically.
Doorknobs Doorknobs
Doorknobs Doorknobs 5 ай мурун
Unpopular opinion:Nintendo games are boring
Carson Beach
Carson Beach 5 ай мурун
1313 and imperial commando were going to be M rated. Also the darth maul game.
Flynn Sowley
Flynn Sowley 5 ай мурун
you know, activision, ea, and bethesda have been pretty shit as of late, but all three of them have recently released some great fucking games. but only really one from each: sekiro, fallen order, and eternal resvectively. The funny thing is two of those (sekiro and eternal) were only so great because activision and bethesda did what publishers are supposed to do: let the developers make their own game and publish what the developers make.
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 6 ай мурун
I want act man to do a why fallout new Vegas is so awesome
Crikey the Alligator
Crikey the Alligator 6 ай мурун
I got an add for the Fallout 76 DLC right before you started talking about Fallout 76.
Sean O'Leary
Sean O'Leary 6 ай мурун
The winners and losers of E3 2020: The winner: Coronavirus The losers: the whole planet
Mikail Iqbal
Mikail Iqbal 6 ай мурун
5:35 incredible year. Fallout 76. OOOOOOFFFFHH
Fikri Nur Ikhwan Salam
Fikri Nur Ikhwan Salam 6 ай мурун
i know i'm late but, at least they put "Great Grey Wolf Sif" in pokemon
bRuNo77 7u7
bRuNo77 7u7 6 ай мурун
My dog is died
Dave Carsley
Dave Carsley 6 ай мурун
Sony has specifically said MANY times that they weren't at E3 because they "had nothing new to show"... Do some research before your videos, my man.
bRuNo77 7u7
bRuNo77 7u7 6 ай мурун
You killed my sister I knew it
Devin M. Luna W.
Devin M. Luna W. 6 ай мурун
Then 2020 hit an all we got was bad luck lmao
HaloBrute 13
HaloBrute 13 6 ай мурун
i cant wait for infiinite
Pluto D71
Pluto D71 6 ай мурун
Remember anthem..... heh
YourMom Pounder
YourMom Pounder 6 ай мурун
Most entertaining criticism
Luke Baugher
Luke Baugher 6 ай мурун
I expect Keanu Reeves to be there with Bill Gates for the next Xbox launch
F U B A R methink
F U B A R methink 6 ай мурун
Neo is not the one smith was 4fs watch it.
Thot Police Lt. Ghost
Thot Police Lt. Ghost 6 ай мурун
Still waiting on Jojo in Smash
Arunththamizh A
Arunththamizh A 6 ай мурун
Imagine this guy's face after he realises that fallen order was actually decent
what is a boy
what is a boy 6 ай мурун
Looks like prince of persia just sabers/robots/better graphics XD
Just a Random
Just a Random 6 ай мурун
Coalition really messed up on gears 4 and 5
Allex G
Allex G 6 ай мурун
9:01 Holy Hell that was funny 😂
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake 6 ай мурун
That Fallen Order being easy part didn’t age well lol
Shannon Beckett
Shannon Beckett 6 ай мурун
dont forget Matt Booty
chris russell
chris russell 6 ай мурун
And U call yourself a Xbox fan Boi yet U have never played a gears of war game gears is the second best Xbox exculsive
EmpiresEGG 6 ай мурун
2019 Act man: Jedi fallen order looks boring 2020 Act man: This game is awesome
i'm bad at names
i'm bad at names 6 ай мурун
"Watch, they're gonna give him a down b counter" Literally get the most unique down b in the game. Yes, I know I'm late, I just felt like rewatching some E3 2019 videos and man, that line didn't aged well.
vyral Apple
vyral Apple 6 ай мурун
Next fallout should remove power cores and have the same armor system of fallout 3 and new vegas
Terminator Tmr
Terminator Tmr 6 ай мурун
Funny how he batters Jedi fallen order but then it is one of the best game of the year
Akiraspin 6 ай мурун
I mean, you aren't technically wrong about Warframe, that game *was* pay to win for a long time. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
some A.I with internet access
some A.I with internet access 6 ай мурун
"Im a xbox fanboy... But I dont know about gears of war" ~Me too mate
Rob Miljus
Rob Miljus 6 ай мурун
Are you ever going to "why is Sekiro so awesome"? Unless I missed it somewhere on your channel.
- ThatBoyJordy -
- ThatBoyJordy - 6 ай мурун
What if Microsoft bought Sony I would love all them damn exclusives
Brayden Gipson
Brayden Gipson 6 ай мурун
Jedi fallen order- meh Later- best Star Wars experience in a long time
Jean Marco Díaz Tack
Jean Marco Díaz Tack 6 ай мурун
Funny how act man ended up loving fallen order
Axiom Steel26
Axiom Steel26 6 ай мурун
Am i the only person who hates Borderlands???....Seriously i dont get it..its not Shoot and Yahtzee says its Shit and piss gameplay!
Jumis Ramen
Jumis Ramen 6 ай мурун
I'm hyped for eldin ring i love ds 1 2 and 3 sekiro and demon souls
Play Station
Play Station 6 ай мурун
I dunno bout you but I 100% completed breath of the wild and links awakening. And now I need that fumping sequel right fumpin now.
Diane Bunton
Diane Bunton 6 ай мурун
Man poor Todd he used to be the man damn then the e EA kicked in the mony blinded him let's hope the elder scrolls sixs can bring him back.
TOXIC Salad 6 ай мурун
Anyone else miss visceral games?
Jkeirejej Hehehehe
Jkeirejej Hehehehe 6 ай мурун
“I can’t wait for E3 2020!” Corona: “Oh I don’t think so.”
MrSirjohny 6 ай мурун
Bruh the only thing I care about is gaming events but that's gone too now FUCK
Poncho Mans
Poncho Mans 6 ай мурун
Dragon Blade 5625
Dragon Blade 5625 6 ай мурун
Hello Games has one of the best redemption arcs in video game history
Matias Laurila
Matias Laurila 7 ай мурун
700k people watch this guy but only 25k likes his videos
mohamed hachmi ouederni
mohamed hachmi ouederni 7 ай мурун
Why did you not put dying light 2
Abraham Aji Varghese
Abraham Aji Varghese 7 ай мурун
Hey maybe Sony has gone Full On OASIS...
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