What Happened To League of Legends?

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The Act Man

2 жыл мурун

League of Legends has been around for 9 years, but so many fans have quit, stopped playing, or lost their passion for the game. I'm here to explain to you why that is and what happened to League of Legends.

_____TIME STAMPS_____
0:00 - Introduction
1:54 - Change Everything!
7:20 - Only If It's Popular...
9:05 - When Reworks Go Wrong
17:08 - Streamlining & Overcomplication
22:59 - Dominion
25:41 - Conclusion

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RoxasNobody000 2 жыл мурун
League became too complicated to enjoy and too fast paced to follow. Instead of sticking with a core fan base Riot constantly tried to change the game and bring in more players. Unfortunately when you make the game more appealing to “casuals” you lose the community of people built around the game. I loved League but I think League has moved on from being a game worth investing time in. It used to be about the players. Now league is about the game. You can’t enjoy a game if you constantly have people changing what you knew and loved.
Milad Jabri
Milad Jabri Ай мурун
Revisit the game
tarrker Ай мурун
Totally. What's funny is they're kind of killing their own business. I mean why would anyone spend money on this when it will all go up in smoke in the next update? Makes me wonder if the majority of their income isn't coming in from somewhere else.
Norbert Soltész
Norbert Soltész Ай мурун
Too complicated, yet too casual? Are you fucking stupid?
Urukosh !
Urukosh ! 2 ай мурун
LoL sucks, accept it already
Chaos Infinity
Chaos Infinity 2 ай мурун
um every heard of dota 2?? (aka taking 20 years to learn and then your at beginner level, also their going to adress some of the info bloating to make it easier for new players)
videoradeon 11 саат мурун
who care about this shit cartoon? nobody
sam griess
sam griess Күн мурун
they made tft aka go fucking fish
Miles Barnett
Miles Barnett 3 күн мурун
Never played this game nor do I understand anything being said in this vid. But boy is it interesting lol
Kasinath Mohanbabu
Kasinath Mohanbabu 3 күн мурун
Wait till he sees Aphelios's passive
dokanyon 3 күн мурун
I havent watched the video, but LOL lost players because of PUBG and fortnite. When this BR trend ends it will be the king again. And i saw that as a Dota 2 fan. I work in a cyber gaming cafe and people are slowly quitting on Pubg and Fort and everyone is back at lol again. And i had predicted this when this craze with BRs started ;p
Enfinite 3 күн мурун
Woah I am an Dota2 player. Didnt know Lol was dying. Dota2 is dying too. I juat hope Dota2 and LoL both dont die
Some awesome Guy
Some awesome Guy 6 күн мурун
I would rather have constant change to have fun with different champions and learn something new rather than play the same thing over and over.
ODST Agent
ODST Agent 7 күн мурун
14:18 and it's ultimate it's TRUE DAMAGE
tw0tson 8 күн мурун
“toxic toxic toxic” bruh stfu pussy lmfao
Flydrop88 11 күн мурун
Would be cool if they allowed you to play any version of the game you want like Minecraft does
MJ962 12 күн мурун
This video is still up to date....thx Riot for the new item-system.....gg....
NmthGrg 12 күн мурун
mundo rework incoming xd
shintot 12 күн мурун
hahahahahah so when u clicking the r and other key it will become more strong? so thats why all the player of lol can destroy keyboard
shintot 12 күн мурун
i never play this game but same as dota 2
shintot 12 күн мурун
there is no balance game this days
Laggy Ninja
Laggy Ninja 13 күн мурун
What happened to LoL (league of legends)
Ivan Medina
Ivan Medina 13 күн мурун
I totally agreed with you. I use to play it for the fun factor but it got lost.
Victuss 14 күн мурун
I never understood why they didn't keep the old rune system...and just make all the runes tier 3 and every player had every rune unlocked. I used to suck at last hitting on ap mages, so i took some attack reds and minion damage masteries to compensate. Found out that champs like annie with long range actually work pretty good in lane with attack reds pre 6 because of her auto range. Strategy gone.
Seratha Evistille
Seratha Evistille 14 күн мурун
This is honestly my problem with League. I tried to get into it, one of my exes tried to ease me into it. (Not very well though.) But there was just so much to learn, so much to keep track of. Add in the fact that League is toxic as fuck to new players, and my anxiety of messing up at things I don't understand, it just ensures I'll never be able to play League. Is a shame, was kinda fun to play, even if the movement is whack to me.
Αριστειδης Λεθιωτακης
Αριστειδης Λεθιωτακης 15 күн мурун
i dnt knew that about ekko. i play sicne 2015 :/
spenky denky
spenky denky 17 күн мурун
When you realize you had same playlist of champions like The Act Man ^^ Agree with video 100 percent. After realizing the facts i ended playing LoL.
Someone xd
Someone xd 18 күн мурун
Fuck i got so sad when i saw old galio and urgot
Zer0LifeNegi 18 күн мурун
Riot's original mission statement has been tossed out the window. Riot is no longer the company they started out as, nor ever wanted to be; They've degraded so far from what they were that they are a joke of an indie company that got bought by a Chinese super holdings company and turned into a money farm for our new overlords.
Sober Ranting
Sober Ranting 19 күн мурун
Honestly man I agree with almost everything you said. League just became too focused on Esports and making money from skins and new champions that it just became disgusting. The constant changes and patch notes the butchering of entire champions and play styles where it’s viable one week and the next BAM gone. I used to like League for it’s mastery curve like you find a couple of champions and play styles you liked and MASTERED THAT SHIT. Thats all gone now because of the constant changes and patches. I honestly think that the only way League would become good again is if they make it subscription based like WOW and make money off that rather than skins because then they wont have to focus on making new champs for skins or reworking good shit so people would play them so that Riot can make skins. And I really miss Twisted Tree Line and DOMINION. Sorry for the long post guys I just sunk a lot of time into the game, played almost at release and I really miss the golden age. I quit the game a couple of years back and probably will never come back unless something drastic changes(pun intended ).
Cheeseburguh Gaming
Cheeseburguh Gaming 20 күн мурун
I miss old fiddlesticks
Amcern Gaming
Amcern Gaming 20 күн мурун
10:30 Riot is going to rework Mundo unfortunately
moneyball _1
moneyball _1 19 күн мурун
yeah but they are keeping the voice
Mariana Martins
Mariana Martins 21 күн мурун
It's crazy that now this whole game is just stressful, no one thinks league is FUN, players like it, but it's not FUN, its just a normal stress that u learn to deal with, and that's sad. When they took out twisted treeline, I was ANGRY, cause I couldn't just pick a crazy champion to do crazy shit and role with it. Now all we got is summoner's rift and its awful that get real angry if u pick anything thing that's even slightly out of place, it's just boring
Pokemon115 21 күн мурун
Maybe these characters who were "forgotten" wouldn't have been if the comapny didn't forget about them themselves. If a character "fails" in a game like this, doesn't that put the company who created and maintain the rights at fault?
Pokemon115 21 күн мурун
league seems to be the only game that removes features with updates rather then add them.
reapordeath 21 күн мурун
If you think this is confusing and convulited... try playing magic the gathering. Every set has new mechanics
Calvin Greenway
Calvin Greenway 23 күн мурун
As someone with 2k hours in league, HotS, and Dota 2 each, I gotta disagree with almost every reason you had. Too subjective, not objective enough.
Dimitar Kimovski
Dimitar Kimovski 24 күн мурун
Everyone says the most fun part is "learning the game,the begining" i never got that "fun" because i played dota 2 for 2 years and when i got in league i just needed to learn some champs and the jungle. If they fix just 3 little things it would make the game better. 1. Make champions more simple. There are many champs that have way too much free stuff in their kit. Like if your champ has a stun ability, If it is a stun it will stun but they add stuff like it heals you if the champion you stunned is below 50% hp. Stuff like that. 2. The toxicity. Many player i mean almost EVERYONE is toxic and riot just dont care. The players are not scared if they get reported cause a bot is looking at the report and is just looking at swear words and most of the time it doesnt work. The player base is braindead, They feed,troll,int,grief and so you teport them them BUT if they REPORTED YOU YOU WILL GET PUNISHED FOR IT. 3. The Meta and the champions. The meta is always changing because of new champions and new items. I dont know the metas back in the day cause i never played then. Its also unfair when then YOU needed to experiment with items that YOU needed to learn what each rune did that YOU had to test them on champions. But now they are handed to you like candy. Go on op.gg on any site and boom auto runes the best itemization the best everything. Thats unfair, after that u just need to one trick a champ get good at said champ and win. Thats not fun. No one is using off meta picks and off meta runes and builds and not taking other champions in lanes cause they want every champion to sit in what role they are assigned to. Today they are trying to make the game more " flexible" to take other champs in other lanes and when they buff a champion and use him mid or top. They insta nerf him cause hes overpowered all of a sudden. Riot are scared to try this cause it will brake the game. If they adress this it will make league a fun game again. Thats why i quit league. I stopped playing it yesterday ive almost played one year of league and i already quit. Wow and im silver 4 so you get the idea. If riot adresses this it would make league fun again. Thanks for reading this and have a good life and get everything u desire.
torch1028 24 күн мурун
16:48 "I am mundo and i will have my revenge " is happening now :(
J 28 күн мурун
Remember when Zoe was a big problem? Oh yes, now Yone is out Fucking Yone. Riot didnt understand a thing, and toxcity is a bigger Problem.
Gabriel Wong
Gabriel Wong 28 күн мурун
You guys should try vainglory or mlbb
Colten Leippi
Colten Leippi Ай мурун
if i get a lol ad i will jump in a wood chipper no jk
Rene Pineda
Rene Pineda Ай мурун
While I do think this is a good video it also seems to me like it is just someone being bitter about having what they like changed. Sure you may have liked the way it was before, but why not see the good in the new things? I watched the video and it seemed like all he did was complain about how everything was better before and never even mentioning how anything that changed was for the better aside from "X was so broken there was no counter play and then they made it less broken". And while losing what you liked can be sad, that is no reason in my mind to just say everything is worse because of change.
Chilo Gutierrez
Chilo Gutierrez Ай мурун
Sorry pal this is a free to play game.... And your complaining? They give great legacy support via ww urgot aatrox reworks.ppl would quit if meta didnt change so often
Liam Berthou-Lochet
Liam Berthou-Lochet Ай мурун
When soraka lost her ability to give mana with her E, i started playing 50% less. Nidalee adc was the shit back then.
James Biggs
James Biggs Ай мурун
Came here because I missed the game I loved had people tell me I was the only one who felt that way and that it was just nostalgia but I knew it wasn't the case. In reality the constant release of new champions and the changing of the map/jungle were what killed the game. The jungle change was just terrible in every single way and was obvious but the thing that was subtle the thing that turned league of legends into an entirely different game were the champion releases. Champions kits became better and better, more mobile, more burst, more cc, more healing or a combination of all these things. Riot realized this but there's no unreleasing a champion so now they rework all the old champions to be just as inherently overpowered. Like back in the day when draven was 1shotting you or darius yeah it was OP but it wasn't because the kit itself was inherently broken it was because they were overtuned. Now you have champions that litterally cannot be nerfed enough to remain viable without being overpowered. It's no longer a matter of nerfing or tweaking numbers it's fundamentally better kits with release champions than existed in the game prior. The time to kill has gone way the fuck down to where it's a game about 2shotting other players after walking through the wall at 450ms. At the end of the day it is no longer the game that made it a success and a social phenomenom but just like wow it's hard to quit when you're so invested in a game with very little competition or league would be dead. Did old league have some champs like thsi? Yeah lee sin, and kassadin to name 2 but at the time you could still count them on one hand and there was still hope it'd be addressed or that it could be.
big boy spaghetti man
big boy spaghetti man Ай мурун
ive played league for 10 years and you have expressed every issue ive had with this game, i wish i could force every employee to watch this video
Philophobia Ай мурун
If "change" is not in Riot's vocabulary... The game most likely has been long dead.
Philophobia Ай мурун
@Ragunito yeah they're dead... 🥴🥴🥴
Ragunito Ай мурун
Tell that to Doom and super Mario
A smooth Criminal
A smooth Criminal Ай мурун
why am i here i have a test tomorrow and i dont even play lol
Gravity Priest
Gravity Priest Ай мурун
I'm just glad I have never even tried titles like this one. Out of all the games you cover I think League of Legends is the least interesting. It just blows my mind that people enjoy MOBA games at all. Games like League of Legends are part of the reason games have turned into a spectator sport. I never thought I would see the day where people judge games based on how fun they are to observe and not based on how fun they are to actually play. It is clear that you actually played the game so this comment is more aimed at people that just love to watch it. Games are being made for that demographic now and it started with MOBA games.
Fernando Ferreira
Fernando Ferreira Ай мурун
here we are...they took away my DFG....they took away my sword of the occult....they took away my heart of gold....they took away dominion....not even Twisted treeline escaped the "cycle of change" and got removed....what are we left with you ask? Normal Flex...and a mind numbing glorified chess game.... They took everything from us...
Kai 11151
Kai 11151 Ай мурун
I played dominion, my favorite
Machuda Imarunrak
Machuda Imarunrak Ай мурун
My single only problem with league with endless games I played is 'Rune Reforge'. I HATE that we can't fine tune champion stats anymore and I hope the freedom of customisation will come back. I would love to play Shyvana with +20-30% Attack Speed at start of the game again. So I can cheese dragon with starting item and clear camps in flash. Caitlyn with +15 AD at start of game +10 with item to 25 ans poke shit of other ADC. I love it. It's fun.
Loser Madlad
Loser Madlad Ай мурун
disabling the download and u can't watch it after work ... then u lose interest and subscribers
Milad Jabri
Milad Jabri Ай мурун
Revisit the game man
Milad Jabri
Milad Jabri Ай мурун
Revisit the game
tarrker Ай мурун
Hit that nail straight on the head man. I don't know if it was alpha, beta or, what but, I know I was playing League way before 2009 and I watched this game evolve just how you described. Later in it's lifespan I became a Soraka main. I friggin loved my horny healer. I've never been real good at skill shots but with her, it didn't matter. My main ability was weak as hell but didn't require skill to hit and even if I was dealing shit damage I was still keeping my team in lane. What did they do? Turned her main skill into a skill shot and nerfed everything else straight into the ground. What the actual fuck, guys? T_T
Jk Leopoldo
Jk Leopoldo Ай мурун
DooM_S53 Ай мурун
Anmar A.m.a.k
Anmar A.m.a.k Ай мурун
i feel you, i used to LOVE playing Aatrox, until they completely changed him into something i can't really play, i remember how sad i felt.
Jerome Karam
Jerome Karam Ай мурун
You said absolutely what is in my mind: the balance sucks so much people don't notice because they with the broken characters with the same meta that you can't counter. Its so stupid. Dota 2 was way much more better and will always be.
TarMyne Ай мурун
For this entire video I got LOL ads
김창준 Ай мурун
After playing the game since season 1, finally quitting after seeing that they release copy paste champs such as Yone and upcoming Samira. No imagination, just same skills with unnecessary stats which make them OP just waiting to be nerfed to the ground after cashgrab from selling skins
Lëë Sin Only
Lëë Sin Only Ай мурун
they changed volibear to point of disgust
Nathan Gehman
Nathan Gehman Ай мурун
This isn't even taking account the fact that Riot at times just straight up doesn't fix bugs. There was a really bad Kalista bug that as of February 2020, existed for *over 1900 days* . I don't know if it is fixed now, but thats a long time for a bug that actually affects the viability of a champion. And thats not to mention the bug that made Nunu completely fucking broken by making him invisible for 6 months, and I don't even know if that is fixed.
Opsidiann Ай мурун
This video and Dunkeys are still relevent to League of Legends omg
Iva N
Iva N Ай мурун
I feel old when you say you started in 2012 by that time Lulu was just one more new champ for me , i was already used to see them coming every now and them
Superepicsimon Ай мурун
Volibear is now stupid I liked the old passive
Big Moe
Big Moe Ай мурун
Mundo is being reworked
Scott Ай мурун
Dominion removal removed me from the game.
Ragunito Ай мурун
Someday people will find a way to play it again
Underfell Sans
Underfell Sans Ай мурун
Hey can you make a video about “Modern Combat 5” please?
那个 Ай мурун
I stopped playing because of the players... and they took out 3v3.
Chris Chen
Chris Chen Ай мурун
Oh my, if only he saw Alphelios passives
Cyax Ай мурун
Laughs in santiers spear nerf
steffenbk1 Ай мурун
Someone is working on bringing the old league back here chronoshift.dev/
Ragunito Ай мурун
Good, now SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT wait until it's done or it will be shut down before ANYONE gets to play
Entfernter Verwandter
Entfernter Verwandter Ай мурун
Everyting in this video is 100% true ..the 13% downvotes are the reason lol is the way it is. Fandom is a great thing but Fanboys and Fangirls are what ruins games because if you are blindly following then you are not helping to improve a game. Or in this case prevent the devs from ruining it. Its the same with Blizzard or Apple Products. Tell the company whats wrong. Dont accept everything blindly, its not helping. For me i loved playing leage but its just 100% crap now and it frustrating because it used to be such a good game..
Opsidiann Ай мурун
Yeah, honestly I was more interested in the lore of the summenors and how that world worked. It seemed super interesting that a game had a canon reason for the player to exist in its universe. But now the writing for it, while its streamlined. Everything is so grim dark now. All the reworked champions really lack a sense of humor besides being incredibly sassy and snarky. There are some rare outliers but they're making the wrong decisions with both the story, characters, and balancing. Its so sad to see, and how much riot doesnt really listen to the community as much as they used to.
zitens66 Ай мурун
Riot is changing the game to make it playable for stupid millennials.
Cristiano Reis
Cristiano Reis Ай мурун
Here in Brazil there"s still a lot of people that play this game, most toxic players
AppellantHarp Ай мурун
1:12 excuse me what
AzureRoxe Ай мурун
2 years later IT IS EVEN WORSE NOW.
Sam Ай мурун
I like the random Ventrilo Harassment soundbytes on this channel.
nikolygtx Ай мурун
I dont get how game that its so incompatibile with solo queue can be so popular, i had to quit dota 2 for same reason also i don't play moba anymore i played them like 4,5 hours every day in old times like 2016.. and every game i get 4 players that have very different goal in this game,mine its to win game get on top in ranking, but 80% of them, dota 2 worse in this.. its to collect LH, Dragons, even if they lose game,kill most jungle minions itc...we don't have technology to properly implement ranking in this type of games
Jason Sprague
Jason Sprague Ай мурун
And then wild rift became a thing....
Hello Friends
Hello Friends Ай мурун
I'll just say one thing here. Defense of the Ancients.
huster104 gaming
huster104 gaming Ай мурун
i just play WW and teemo all i put on the game is like $30 but tbh it's funner with friends than solo but all i do is carry messing around i left my PC on and my jungle WW K/D was a 10 and woke up to a 2 K/D someone was on my pc now i am sad man's went 4/50 for one game
Solidarity93 Ай мурун
Old GP>New GP Any day. Avast, me hearties!
Grubfriend YT
Grubfriend YT Ай мурун
A lot of these complaints kinda sound like a boomer who doesn't want to adapt to a changing game. Still enjoy these vids tho
William Utleg
William Utleg Ай мурун
Mine was Evelynn. She was an assassin, completely different to my normal play style: tanks in the top lane. Getting into the jungle to play AD Evelynn was everything to me and now it’s gone :’)
Grey Shroud
Grey Shroud Ай мурун
I havent check in the last few years but I’m pretty sure the game hasn’t seen a single decline in both player base or viewship.
Asking Why is Free
Asking Why is Free 2 ай мурун
jman 2 ай мурун
Literally just downloaded this game yesterday and played my first two games. Nothing makes sense, all my teammates have hated me so far. The characters look cool tho
김창준 Ай мурун
Two games or playing since season 1, eventually your teammates will hate you for everything.
The Blondeh
The Blondeh 2 ай мурун
My friend's brother is one of Riots CEO's and he is a awesome dude, now now he is the founder of VENN tv
DaocInf 2 ай мурун
still actual
Big Blue
Big Blue 2 ай мурун
This video is too complicated... League has ONE major flaw that totally overshadows all the others... and it's the damn players.
Zackary Hill
Zackary Hill 2 ай мурун
22:30 I would take that over a meta that last a entire year and you can’t do anything about it.
Mr Knight
Mr Knight 2 ай мурун
League of Legends: LOL, bye.
Jordon Ruffell
Jordon Ruffell 2 ай мурун
Fuck Yeah Dota allstar warcraft 3, Dota 2 , LOL all very good. havent beeen able to play in 5 years casue of liveing in the boonies
Fuwwyfuwwy uwuwu
Fuwwyfuwwy uwuwu 2 ай мурун
i just realized that i stopped playing league when they changed Maokai and Galio, bc they were like champions that i felt being good at, and then they were just boring ass to play
Rowan Chalklin
Rowan Chalklin 2 ай мурун
the reason for roit changing armor penetration to lethality is because the people who own them didn't like the word penetration and asked them to change it
Snarky 2 ай мурун
ehhh reworks are good bad opinion on reworks part
Hype Lock
Hype Lock 2 ай мурун
When I first played it was Vel'koz and Yasuo, my how the times have changed.
Pavel H
Pavel H 2 ай мурун
League at the beginning: Yea, those champs are weird, but some people are having fun with them... League today: Those champs are weird and don't fit the meta we are trying to push, let's rework them RIP Taric, Gangplank, Urgot (didn't end up that bad), Yorick... And bunch of others RIP Old map, overall the little bit cartoonish artstyle in S3/4 was gold imo RIP Old runes and masteries that were easy to read and navigate through (I played years back in old system and came back when they implemented the new one, it's disgusting imo) RIP Having important patches like once a month max
Toro Totoro
Toro Totoro 2 ай мурун
i rmb playin hide and seek in dominion with my friends and its the most fun ive ever had rip
André Montoro
André Montoro 2 ай мурун
As a dota player who started on League and eventually comes back to it for a couple of days, I feel like the aim for most champions is not to have them be balanced, but to make the players feel "powerfull" and "unstopabble" and "cool" when playing them. It happens in all MOBAs that one player can stomp the "mini-match" that is his 1v1 laning phase and use his gold and xp leverage to be a huge problem for all the five players of the opposing team, but where in Dota for example there are always quite definitive tools in terms of items and CC abilities to at the very least give a real fighting or escaping chance for heroes who end up crossing paths with these "fed" enemies, like windows of immunity to ability or physical damage, items that grant invisibility and increased mobility (some of these cheap enough for a support, who by the way doesn't even need a mechanic to give him gold for doing nothing to be able to afford them and be useful), in League there are these Yasuos and Akalis who stomp their lane and go around dancing on other champions, completely unstoppable... The "resources" for dealing with them are support champions's CC abilities that at best stuns for like 1 second and items that give like a shield that absorves, I don't know, 30% of damage for 0.5 seconds or something as underwhelming as that.
Ragunito Ай мурун
League used to have a simple design philosophy years ago but that's only accessible nowadays via private servers. Leagues current philosophy is "every champ must be AM/PA/TA with skillshots" and "There should be no skeleton king or lifestealers in league" and then they do wraith king level updates. It's sad as it used to be fun. They fail to understand that for Every AM, there must also be a WK
TheArchangel 2 ай мурун
the speaker blow out suck
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What Happened To The All Female League of Legends Team?
The Decline of Blizzard
The Act Man
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The Tragedy of PUBG
The Act Man
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Millionaire Douche Thinks You're a Loser If You Play Video Games
How to be Annoying in League of Legends
SmashBits Animations
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Why Was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 SO AWESOME?!
The Act Man
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My Friends Forced Me To Play League Of Legends
Young Yong Tales
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Feminists & SJW's VS. Video Games
The Act Man
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The REAL Reasons For The Fall of League of Legends
The Decline of Gaming
The Act Man
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Miley Cyrus - Live from Whisky a Go Go (#SOSFEST)
Miley Cyrus
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Julie and the Phantoms BTS | "Perfect Harmony 1st Rehearsal w #Juke
The Paul Becker Channel
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The Pixel Kingdom
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Ferran is the IMPOSTER! Playing AMONG US!! | Royalty Gaming
Royalty Gaming
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fortnite without breaking any laws
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Cyberbullying a hostage with Technoblade
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I Built a Raft That Defies Reality and Ignores Physics - Raft
Let's Game It Out
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