Why Are Gamers Upset With Battlefield 5?

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The Act Man

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The trailers for Battlefield 5 has been pretty polarizing. One trailer was subject to massive dislikes not unlike Infinitie Warfare, and the other showed us what we wanted to see and know. So why are gamers upset with Battlefield 5? I'll try and figure that out....
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The Act Man
The Act Man 2 жыл мурун
Yes, people! I will be doing a video on Halo Infinite and perhaps talk about some of the other games I'm most excited about from E3. It'll be two separate videos so hold onto your butts!
Jackson Prince
Jackson Prince 4 күн мурун
Please review infinite warfare. You’ve bashed it many times subtly and explicitly, but you’ve not even reviewed it. If you’ve given such a dog shit game as ghosts a review then surely infinite warfare should be more entertaining (albeit in your mind not that much). Also, it’s campaign is more inspired than BO3 at least. It’s innocent until proven guilty @The Act Man.
Rajni Alex
Rajni Alex 3 ай мурун
Its been two years, ya still doing that vid?
Serafin Cordova
Serafin Cordova 4 ай мурун
Dude I love your videos!!!
The Unfadeable
The Unfadeable 4 ай мурун
Hello! Them custom tits i ordered for my APC ain't gonna install themselves.
Cinco Chishom
Cinco Chishom 4 ай мурун
Act man do you mean hold on to your SJW butts yes my jokes are not funny
Boop Skadoot
Boop Skadoot Күн мурун
Everyone who bought this game should get a refund
Angry noodle
Angry noodle Күн мурун
Lol this game Dead
Mikeykillsit_07 1
Mikeykillsit_07 1 3 күн мурун
The only thing I like on battlefield V was the "The Last Tiger" mini campaign. Thats the only thing I enjoyed and like battlefield V
Finbar Henneberry
Finbar Henneberry 3 күн мурун
Ak 3 күн мурун
Actully, about 500 000 women fougth for the soviet side.
Ak Күн мурун
Me neither actully
Joe malam
Joe malam Күн мурун
Yea Soviet side but I dint remember seeing A black women with a robot hand In The German side
shadow gaming and unboxings
shadow gaming and unboxings 4 күн мурун
What drdisrespect said is right The woman has a robot arm And last time i checked THIS WAS SET IN WW2 Like are you going to say this is set in ww2 and give a women a robot arm
Jackson Prince
Jackson Prince 4 күн мурун
Definitely forced down our throats alright. It’d make far more sense for such a woman to be in the french resistance or Soviet Union, not the Royal Army. Also, more infinite warfare bashing? Still waiting on that review video. You can’t really bash it until you’ve reviewed it.
Sean Reincastle
Sean Reincastle 5 күн мурун
So no more content will be coming to Bf5 and they havent included anything from the Eastern Front which is weird because its probably the only setting in the war where having women on the Front Lines actually made sense as Soviet Women actually did actively partake in the conflict from snipers to pilots. Kinda funny that despite EA's push to have female playable characters in a setting that they shouldn't be in, that they forget to add a major setting where their role actually did make sense. I would even argue that not including the Eastern Front would be a dishonour to the women that fought and died there which would go against the whole "female empowerment" message EA is trying to push.
Bronzer Apollo
Bronzer Apollo 5 күн мурун
3:56 Is that a reference to World War II
mr floboflo
mr floboflo 5 күн мурун
I would not have a problen with women in a fps-game, if they were used correctly. There were some women fighting in ww2, like russian snipers or members of the Volkssturm in Germany, but a woman with a claw-hand fighting for the british is just very over the top.
DixieBoy 4630
DixieBoy 4630 6 күн мурун
It would be better if they added the Eastern Front and a lot of more team countries.
Retro 6 күн мурун
The newest trailer is better.
Karol Vidal 3-B
Karol Vidal 3-B 7 күн мурун
Ah yes, korean captions but dont in spanish >:(
Yoshi Gaming 93
Yoshi Gaming 93 7 күн мурун
For me I can just personally pick up the game and enjoy myself
TheWild Toledo
TheWild Toledo 8 күн мурун
I would have been fine with woman in battlefield v if they implemented them right. As in making them only playable with Germany (Late in the war), the French Resistance and the Soviets. But they gave up on Battlefield V... LIKE HOW THE FUCK YOUR GOING TO MAKE A WW2 GAME AND NOT ADD ONE OF THE IMPORTANT NATION OF THE WAR.
NOX1CK 8 күн мурун
I hate when companies force female characters with no reason or anything or it just seems forced and that is why hate when they do that
me hey
me hey 8 күн мурун
I love this game becuse theres crabs
The Black Mesa Research Facility
The Black Mesa Research Facility 9 күн мурун
I’m gonna say they could have implemented the female characters better in 5’s trailer if it was a resistance like the French but it don’t matter
Sublime Subaru
Sublime Subaru 10 күн мурун
I still hear their screams to this day, the screams of females getting shot on the battlefield, blown up in tanks, planes etc. I don't know why their death screeches were so loud in BF5 but it ruined the feel of the game.
Joe malam
Joe malam Күн мурун
Bro I knoww I hate hearing their fucking screams It just kills it for me
Brady Johnson
Brady Johnson 10 күн мурун
Yeah. Think they added girls to the game was so girls could have a character like them, but I don’t think they should have forced it
Mr McAllister
Mr McAllister 10 күн мурун
It’s stuff like this that makes you appreciate Sony’s Horizon Zero Dawn.
ThrundaWolf 10 күн мурун
Personally, I like a little bit of battlefield v, but in all honesty, the game just hardly did anything right. They seemed to have wanted to pull in more audiences than to please the current community of fans. They gained a lot with BF1. Lost a lot in BFV. I still play the older games but until they get there overall shit right, I’m probably going to keep playing the older games.
extrafreshhh 11 күн мурун
Nobody cares about historical accuracy. I could name 15 more unrealistic things in this game than a frontline woman in ww2
Joe malam
Joe malam Күн мурун
Actually Alot of people care for accuracy thats why the game failed
MATT CYPRESS 13 күн мурун
Battlefield 1 goes to world war 1 and then the next one goes to world war 2 but it is called battlefield 5 what happened to battlefield 2 threw 4.
JJ Clark
JJ Clark 13 күн мурун
I think we should give DICE a break. They’re under EA and they put a lot of love into their games. It’s a horrible game (i think) but a lot of details go into their games. This happens with basically all video game company’s, they make a horrible game and they hopefully learn from it.
Young Victor
Young Victor 11 күн мурун
DICE confessed that they wanted this game like this and actively pushed for it,they are to blame for it.
Manuel Gomes
Manuel Gomes 13 күн мурун
If battle field 6 dosent do good battle field will be dead
Aaron P
Aaron P 15 күн мурун
BF1 blows away 5. I still play BF1 10x more. Hell i play BF4 10x more.
some random person with internet access
some random person with internet access 16 күн мурун
BFV: *censors the word "Nazis", promotes feminism, politically driven than actual gaming* BF1942: *has no censoring, better gameplay, infinite mods and servers still running*
Joe malam
Joe malam Күн мурун
Fucking crazy
Anastasios Pashos
Anastasios Pashos 16 күн мурун
Bf5 was just boring, stupid, lacked historical value at the times it needed it, it was filled with politics, and was possibly one of the worst battlefields next to hardline.
Machine Yadav
Machine Yadav 16 күн мурун
CoD WaW is best WWII game
Matthew Rivera
Matthew Rivera 17 күн мурун
10:00 what's wrong with his statement he's allowed to make whatever he game he wants just don't buy it
Lemonspider 18 күн мурун
if they added french resistance and british spies in the war stories and gave you the option to play as a female in multiplayer this game would be fine
The Wanderer
The Wanderer 18 күн мурун
Battlefield V feels more like a cod game than a battlefield game that's why some of us hate it
Hamster Tme
Hamster Tme 19 күн мурун
The problem is it’s not battlefield 1 Jk
Matteo Clementi
Matteo Clementi 19 күн мурун
kgpost.info/will/video/w6C422esu6mMcs0 This is what a trailer used to be on the past. Good old days.
Slave Seller 7
Slave Seller 7 21 күн мурун
Boiszeez 21 күн мурун
If they hadn’t put women feminists would be crazy it’s like fucking end game when all the women are standing together that’s so fucking feminist
Victor 21 күн мурун
Seeing that woman with a robotic hand and so happy in the chaos zone was actually some weird shit.
Gordy Muffin
Gordy Muffin 21 күн мурун
I don’t care about women being in the game I just don’t like it because it’s like cod it’s fast pace
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 22 күн мурун
I just wanted eastern front
Trumpius Presidentius
Trumpius Presidentius 22 күн мурун
People were more confused then critical about BF5 and when they asked questions, they were yelled down as sexists, racists, etc. When we were told if we dont like it, dont buy it, guess what happened. An arrogant, elitist man tried to guilt us into admitting he was right, and instead he accidentally killed his companies game which got him canned.
Toto Karl Petalco
Toto Karl Petalco 22 күн мурун
i agree its a upseting game for gamers
xbarey 23 күн мурун
I like the game
deadtreebark 23 күн мурун
People need to keep their agenda out of our games.
Jay S
Jay S 23 күн мурун
Going to a TED Talk and being lectured by a guy in clown suit on how to prevent suicide😂
Xeno Reaper
Xeno Reaper 24 күн мурун
I'm not upset about it
eMir 24 күн мурун
Man what about gameplay?
Momentum 24 күн мурун
This matters so little. To think this game died because “women REE”. Get a grip Christ
The Ill Mannered Gentlemen
The Ill Mannered Gentlemen 25 күн мурун
The one mission that hurt me in this game was the first one set Norway to do with the heavy water. That mission doesn’t pay any contribution to the actual British Commandos who found out about the plant and what it contained. They only mentioned how they destroyed it afterwards but said it was the women that found out about the plants. This is entirely incorrect and it hurts to see people will have the wrong idea of history.
Drew Lehman
Drew Lehman 25 күн мурун
I love playing bf3 and 4, but battlefield 1 I sadly didn't enjoy :/ mostly because of the guns and gameplay although sniping was slightly fun, but it didn't feel the same as sniping in bf3 and 4 (but ofc it's using not modern guns) and I didn't like that they got rid of spawn beacons which made the gameplay kinda boring since you couldn't set up a flank or anything else besides spawning on a teammate. But with the guns I basically just don't like the ww1 guns and limitations on sights and attachments (since those weren't really a thing).
The Zealots Way
The Zealots Way 25 күн мурун
The ussr drafted hundreds of thousands of woman during the Second World War but ea like rushing their games
DSW22 Strj
DSW22 Strj 25 күн мурун
I believe personally its like balance, after the massive success of BF1, they screw up BF5. Its to compensate for the success. COD sorta gained some success with COD WW2, BUT it was MW that brought it finally out of the water, and Cold War is going to bring it higher.
AkiraPlayz 25 күн мурун
Even most of the SJW's are mad at this because it's trying to win us over with bullshit
Nico Rozner
Nico Rozner 25 күн мурун
This reminds me a lot of your "war on video games" series. Part 2 specifically. These little idiots think forcing diversity and inclusivity is both okay and right.
eat your cereal
eat your cereal 25 күн мурун
I woulda been fine with women in combat if it was Soviet union like the night witches or the Russian female snipers which were some of the best in WW2 or french resistance members
Dawg the dog
Dawg the dog 26 күн мурун
Most resistance member were women so they shouldve done that instead
Patoof 11 күн мурун
@Young Victor maybe...? idk
Young Victor
Young Victor 11 күн мурун
@Patoof Wasn't that the one that lasted less than year because the women were really bad at it?
Patoof 12 күн мурун
and i think the Russians had a woman battalion, so they coulda done that.
The Anxious Insomniacs
The Anxious Insomniacs 26 күн мурун
3:56 Hitler when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor
Chidoman 1
Chidoman 1 26 күн мурун
I wouldn't have cared if the woman from the trailer didn't have a robotic arm
Origami Master Yoda
Origami Master Yoda 26 күн мурун
Why couldn't they have had her be a spy😔
Harry Atalla
Harry Atalla 26 күн мурун
there were women in ww2, just not in combat, they were always backline nurses.
Patoof 12 күн мурун
I think the Russians had some woman in combat, maybe not. But they defiantly not robot brits.
Ramenoodleman 27 күн мурун
That Dice dev is straight up stupid
Colby Tirrell
Colby Tirrell 27 күн мурун
when I first saw this I thought it was a steampunk fictional war and I was super excited for it but then I lost all hope when I found out it was supposed to be world war ii.
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 29 күн мурун
God I wish there were more female gamers instead of 300 pound SJWs shaming gamers around the world
IceC 29 күн мурун
Russian snipers and fighter pilots were women
Checkmate 29 күн мурун
Why can't they just have a game set in world war 2?
No Lolis for u sir
No Lolis for u sir 29 күн мурун
It's kinda disgusting to think that men had to fight in ww2 and now girls wanna be represented in ww2 movies/games
Nechastivi Ай мурун
If that girl had normal hand, no problem, way to edgy but acceptable, steampunk where it do not belong, this trailer is the reason why I didn't bought game.
jeff 25 күн мурун
But women in ww2 were only either, snipers, fighter pilots, and medics.
Steven Aries
Steven Aries Ай мурун
I have the answer here... Patrick Sutherland is an SJW know nothing that gave historical accuracy the finger simply so his Fortnite crazed daughter could play as a Woman... To the point of erasing a Norwegian Commando group that helped liberate Norway so it could be put in the hands of a Teenage girl. I'm ultimately glad I missed out on it even when they introduced the Iwo Jima USMC campaign.
Alexander Lindblom
Alexander Lindblom Ай мурун
As someone with ADHD and Aspergers (people who were euthanized by the Nazis), I actually feel insulted with how EA presented their version of ’world war 2’. This entire game is completely inaccurate. First off, women in world war 2? Seriously? I wouldn’t have given a shit if you could play as a female soldier whilst playing as the Soviet Union, because that’s historically accurate. But playing as a female soldier in the United States military during World War 2? Really? Not only that, but playing as a black woman in the United States during World War 2? Literal decades before people of color and women were given the right to vote? And a woman with a prosthetic arm in frontline combat, DURING WORLD WAR 2??? Are actually seriously right now. Look, if you lost a limb during the war, it didn’t matter what ethnicity or religion you have. You’d have been out of the fight INSTANTLY. This entire game is an insult to the people who actually fought in World War 2. I don’t have anything against inclusion in games, but when you’re making a game about a war that killed AT THE VERY LEAST 70 MILLION PEOPLE, including a Holocaust that specifically targeted and murdered tens of thousands of people like me, as well as millions of innocent people who’s only ’crime’ was being born, you need to base the game off of the actual war instead of making stuff up just to try to appeal to the SJW crowd. This game is not a World War 2 game, it’s a disgrace and an insult to the millions that died.
sonic mask bro com
sonic mask bro com Ай мурун
Cod did it a look what happened
sonic mask bro com
sonic mask bro com 9 күн мурун
@Jacob Levesque no advance Warfare
Jacob Levesque
Jacob Levesque 21 күн мурун
Yeah but one of the women in cod World War II at least I think that’s the game you’re talking about, one of the women in the game was a French resistance fighter so she made sense.
absolute dent head connor summers
absolute dent head connor summers Ай мурун
Really the only women that fought in ww2 were those in factories, making stuff for the American soldiers, and the ones in Russia, defending stalingrad, fighting, if they were to show a woman, it would be in Russia, the tanks would be T42s, there would be more men and less women, it would be snowy, and the womans accent would be barely distinguishable from real words, or a woman helping defend a factory or some crap.
Cringe Commenter
Cringe Commenter Ай мурун
So sad that EA fucked it up and only have us 4 factions it would be cool if they added the Eastern Front.
WDJ401 Ай мурун
BF bad company 2, bad or awesome?
asdwzhn123 Ай мурун
When BF1 came out i loved it i was good too in it. But when BF5 came out after first mach deleted it.
Skrill Ай мурун
I’m never play that shit game ever I’ll just stay Battlefield 1 and fight ww1
ArabianW0lf_ Ай мурун
Women weren’t soldiers in ww1 and ww2 we were mechanics,truck drivers,medics, we worked in factories that made ammunition. If your gonna put a woman in a World war game then put her maybe as a medic. I heard that there was a Romanian women that carried and injured man in a plane, why couldn’t you make a mission about that in the story mode. Historical accuracy is much more important than sjw bullshit.
the danish devil
the danish devil Ай мурун
3:55 ninety nine. Nine nine nein Nein NEIN NEIN NEIN
Black wolf
Black wolf Ай мурун
I agree with you about that Battlefield 1 is an amazing game
Alex Wallex
Alex Wallex Ай мурун
It’s was so stupid with the trailer but the game is so shit and annoying aswell
Jacob Levesque
Jacob Levesque Ай мурун
“Don’t like it don’t buy it” My response to SJW’s and feminists who don’t like that my game doesn’t have any diversity or women in it.
Datboi 66
Datboi 66 Ай мурун
Who would win: - Battlefield V - Forgotten hope 2 ( the bf2 mod that became a standalone )
OozyOps Ай мурун
Me watching this after buying battlefield v 2 days ago :/ Well f&?@
mike santini
mike santini Ай мурун
Unless the game is about sjw stuff that's cool but it should be about it no questions asked but if it's not and a game or movie has a female they shouldn't even notice like it's just normal
Beluga Gamin
Beluga Gamin Ай мурун
When I first saw the game trailer for this game I thought this was about an alternate dimension where girls and boys fought in a futuristic Cold War... Holy crap I was wrong
אני תומך בישראל Ani’ mi Elohim, ve
אני תומך בישראל Ani’ mi Elohim, ve Ай мурун
Because it is pepegay
Edward Laurén
Edward Laurén Ай мурун
If you want to get into Battlefield try Battlefield 3 or 4
Daddy Dongle
Daddy Dongle Ай мурун
Bf1 is still alive but BFV lasted a year and a half
The Xero Link
The Xero Link Ай мурун
Now that I've played it for a minute...it was on sale through Humble Bundle this week for an absurdly low price. I'm watching this. Battlefield 1 was amazing, and my friends all played it. When Battlefield V came out, none of my friends grabbed it, so I didn't because most of my interactions with BF1 after the War Stories was the multiplayer. I've played the first hour of it, and it is great, well the War Stories part is, but I've not touched the multiplayer. This reveal failed, because there was no context. The first trailer was a joke, focused on the crazy stuff that happens in the multiplayer, some of your gameplay showed those same kinds of moments happen in BF1. We were expecting the choke up, heart breaking, somber moments from the War Stories...not forced diversity. Sad this game could have been epic.
air combat fan 171
air combat fan 171 Ай мурун
Can you do a battelfild 3 video and a battelfild 4 please please please please please please please please please please please
eid allumlum
eid allumlum Ай мурун
ThunderKatz Ай мурун
I gotta be honest the gameplay is actually good in my opinion
casual magpie
casual magpie Ай мурун
Just talk to any veterans and they would say this is nothing like ww2
casual magpie
casual magpie Ай мурун
They should of just made a band of brothers game and have everything realistic. No stupid shit like punk soldiers
the ghoul
the ghoul Ай мурун
I just want to understand why the fuck is the battlefield community so mad about battlefield v having woman at it please explain
Jacob Levesque
Jacob Levesque Ай мурун
They said that they wanted to make the game historically accurate. If they wanted to make the game historically accurate and add women they should’ve added the Soviet army, and the French resistance. One of the problems people have to with this is that they forced women into the game.
cherry bomb
cherry bomb Ай мурун
It's because women weren't a huge part of ww2 and bf 5 is trying to make the a very huge part of the war
Travis Lindsey
Travis Lindsey Ай мурун
There's a Million games where you can either choose your gender or just are a wamen . Perfect Dark for example
James C
James C Ай мурун
Why bother ruining mens’ games with an out of proportion focus on women who won’t bother buying the game anyway? Seems like a good way to lower your sales
Isaiah Wilson
Isaiah Wilson Ай мурун
Yk I enjoy the game and I have been
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka Ай мурун
Game Is GAME!
Mr_Unpredictable Ай мурун
why do people hate the fact of women in GAMES like whats wrong with it ? actually tho i really dont get it
Mr_Unpredictable 22 күн мурун
@Frank Woods they didn't advertise it as historically accurate tho and besides as I said previous its a fucking game
Frank Woods
Frank Woods 22 күн мурун
Its suppose to be a accurate game when it comes to history. Atleast they advertised it as. And if they wanted to make it accurate they could have gone for a more badass game including literally mostly women with mid to late battle of stalingrad. Where thousands of women fought to keep the nazis out.
Mr_Unpredictable Ай мурун
@When She Shows You Her Moves that's besides the point and btw wdym did you not watch I did ye donut
When She Shows You Her Moves
When She Shows You Her Moves Ай мурун
Mr_Unpredictable you clearly didn’t watch the whole video the
Mr_Unpredictable Ай мурун
@When She Shows You Her Moves did you not read the rest of my comments?
B-Money 666
B-Money 666 Ай мурун
Disrespect: "is this like a futristic civil war.. in the united states." Chick in the trailer: "ELLO OLD FRIEND"
kenneth Wiryateja
kenneth Wiryateja 20 күн мурун
Looking at the bridge, it probably was "operation market garden"
Stoned Jesus
Stoned Jesus 22 күн мурун
The trailer was just that confusing lol
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