Why Is Among Us SO AWESOME?!

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The Act Man

23 күн мурун

Among Us has taken the gaming world by storm. But what is it about this murder-mystery, social detective game that makes it SO addicting and fun? Only one way to find out...
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The Act Man
The Act Man 22 күн мурун
Hmm... Body's still warm. Looks like there's a killer about.
Random Dude
Random Dude 2 күн мурун
It’s really stupid how these dumb games somehow become the big thing
$Sly Cooper$
$Sly Cooper$ 4 күн мурун
@Eli The Florida Man are you sus?
Landen White
Landen White 5 күн мурун
how do i vent like red did
FranklinThe1 5 күн мурун
where is your cold war vid
Uncanny Goat
Uncanny Goat 6 күн мурун
Ayo Act Man, if your channel lives for that long no offense but would you make another “best games of the decade” video? If you read this please respond
sijs 2 саат мурун
I just won as imposter and they fucking banned me lmao
DuffyLONER64 9 саат мурун
Hollow Knight, Among Us... Why are the best games always made by less than five people? 🤣
Arctrooper 5555
Arctrooper 5555 9 саат мурун
Loved to see Zanny in this video
Kaiden Brewer
Kaiden Brewer 10 саат мурун
I didnt play in 2018 but I did in the summer of 2019
ujjwal sharan
ujjwal sharan 18 саат мурун
9:58 it actually depends on the settings of the game, the number is not fixed
Rudy Vasquez
Rudy Vasquez Күн мурун
I love how you’re playing the LA Noir soundtrack
Soldier 739
Soldier 739 Күн мурун
If you ask me the card is one of the easiest mini games. Like do some people not know that the card minigame is the exact same every time? If it says bad read that means you didn't swipe it all the way. I get it first try 80% of the time
Bambamgamer 24
Bambamgamer 24 Күн мурун
It’s funny how a game made by 3 people is 100 times better than most games made by triple a studios
Michael Swärdh
Michael Swärdh Күн мурун
I'm watching Alanah Pearce playing this game every time. It's a fun game.
Trumpos Күн мурун
13:45 50/50
Ananthi Bala
Ananthi Bala Күн мурун
Among us is not awesome it sucks
jeff 15 саат мурун
Can you give us an explanation
jeff 15 саат мурун
Chris Wendy
Chris Wendy Күн мурун
Ahsan Zafar
Ahsan Zafar 2 күн мурун
Vote act man
Some Guy
Some Guy 2 күн мурун
Not trying to flex but I kinda played before it was popular
Enjoy Anonymous
Enjoy Anonymous 2 күн мурун
Would love to play this with video chat amongst friends, playing on my phone kind of sucks
Alex_Hayashi 2 күн мурун
I reckon they need a game mechanic/mode just like the blood test in The Thing to determine who it is and all hell breaks loose.
Dylan Boyd
Dylan Boyd 2 күн мурун
They canceled Among Us 2. They are gonna work on this game instead so they don’t split the fanbase
Tornado Animation
Tornado Animation 2 күн мурун
Part of innersloth (puffballsUnited) was already mainstream a few years ago with the Henry Stikmin games
Thomas Bisciglia
Thomas Bisciglia 2 күн мурун
Anyone else notice that luigis mansion music? Hell ye
Robert Arnold
Robert Arnold 2 күн мурун
10:35 Act Man destroys accuser with FACTS and LOGIC!!
zibo Mibribo
zibo Mibribo 2 күн мурун
Can you make a video about why God of war is so awesome.
*not a real spy*
*not a real spy* 2 күн мурун
Dunno man "The Act Man" sounds like a pretty sus name right out of the Daniel day Lewis school of method acting
Miguel P
Miguel P 3 күн мурун
Hey try doing a review on L.A Noire
R G 3 күн мурун
The Thing...I love you. My favorite film and so well executed for its time
BiteableOwl __
BiteableOwl __ 3 күн мурун
It’s so cool how he played with Zanny
Baba Peer
Baba Peer 3 күн мурун
It's cyan not teel
Demgphi x
Demgphi x 3 күн мурун
For anyone's game of the year awards, i know this game is a couple years old, but it really needs to be considered for 2020.
Ori G
Ori G 3 күн мурун
Wait... did... Act Man just plant an Among Us game with Zanny?
some ferret on the Internet
some ferret on the Internet 3 күн мурун
I swear me and my friends play this at school whenever we get the chance and we try not to say anything when we are either the Imposter or dead, unlesswe are playing in a public lobby then we just say who it is.
Mike Bren
Mike Bren 3 күн мурун
A console version with in game voice chat would be cool
ExternalBoss 666
ExternalBoss 666 4 күн мурун
12:54 whats the music and 14:03
Splunge Cakes
Splunge Cakes 4 күн мурун
Act Man playing Among Us is so wholesome
lol gotem
lol gotem 4 күн мурун
what gives people feelings of power money reputation getting impostor 3 times in a row
LOL lol
LOL lol 4 күн мурун
situational irony - when the reader or audience knows something that the character or a figure in the work of literature does not that's pretty much how it feels like to be a ghost
Lucifer 4 күн мурун
Roblox murder mystery did it first
Hutchi’s Opinion
Hutchi’s Opinion 4 күн мурун
My most satisfying victory as a crew mate for me Was when a body was reported and we were discussing as you do This guy said “I think it’s light blue” the conversation continued and then light blue defended himself and then the guy said “I saw you do it” in the same meeting By then it was to late to vote though I caught on to that and then I called an emergency meeting then told them how he said he thought it was light blue then said he saw him kill in the same meeting. We all voted him out and BOOM he turned out to be the imposter
Hutchi’s Opinion
Hutchi’s Opinion 4 күн мурун
Nears theme from death note goes perfectly with this game
Ghostnigh 008
Ghostnigh 008 4 күн мурун
This reminds me of Trouble in Terrorist Town where there’s a detective, innocents, and murderers where it has a few of the suggestions u gave and a similar tension to this game
nock radqkdak
nock radqkdak 4 күн мурун
wish i had friends to play voice chat
Joseph Carter
Joseph Carter 4 күн мурун
I hate when some kid say “ yOuR sUs “ and then they go the you all off with no evidence
Chris Grab
Chris Grab 5 күн мурун
It’s basically like Mafia the card game
Georgy Alaverdyan
Georgy Alaverdyan 5 күн мурун
Wish Trouble in Terrorist Town to get the same recognition
drewski 5 күн мурун
Always love actions content and reviews
•BGOD Productions•
•BGOD Productions• 5 күн мурун
I don't know if it's just me, but I always catch those little soundtracks in the background. I heard the Metroid Fusion music and now I'm about to play it all over again.
Kopperhed 5 күн мурун
Wasn't there a game called The Ship? Had this premise.
BadBoyJohnny 5 күн мурун
Among Us reminds me of trouble in terrorist town
Kgamester 5 күн мурун
2:28 “How many times you played something like that?” Me: uhh.. Roblox?
Dennis Childers
Dennis Childers 5 күн мурун
Love the game. But nothing beats TTT from gmod
Ace Plays
Ace Plays 5 күн мурун
Where is it Act Man I saw at least 10 minutes of that call of duty video you made private
Mrcrowly Gaming
Mrcrowly Gaming 5 күн мурун
So uhh are we gonna talk about the video that got privated today
Dominic Carrera
Dominic Carrera 5 күн мурун
Hey act man, for a video id love for u to go back and look over your bo3 video because i strongly disagree with your zombies opinion in that video. just a thought
Lee Everett
Lee Everett 5 күн мурун
People that are commenting about his newer video being private, chill. He probably has to edit something out due to copyright reasons.
Jonathan Araujo
Jonathan Araujo 5 күн мурун
I think he knows when something is copyright.
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez 5 күн мурун
It was up then privated
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez 5 күн мурун
Here to commet what happened to the Black ops Cold War beta review 🤔 😕???
Cloaker 5 күн мурун
Your in electrical: Panik There are three other people in electrical: Kalm Its three imposters: Panik
Josh Jxson
Josh Jxson 5 күн мурун
We need Cold War beta vid
Jonminken Jr
Jonminken Jr 5 күн мурун
Why you private and delete new video? 😔
Jackaboy 5 күн мурун
On Twitter, he said that it wasn't supposed to be released yet and it was supposed to be released the next day. I still don't know why it's not released though
Lee Everett
Lee Everett 5 күн мурун
Likely copyright, probably something in the video that he has to edit out
Slayed 5 күн мурун
Why tf is the cold war vid private
Samurai Alan
Samurai Alan 5 күн мурун
Fahmi134 5 күн мурун
Why his new vid private?
Scored Raccoon
Scored Raccoon 5 күн мурун
mr acting man why is your new video private
Augitsi 5 күн мурун
Nooo his new video is private
Infinity Blade Studios
Infinity Blade Studios 5 күн мурун
Yo Act Man what happened to the Cold War video? I swear I just got a notification....
Gary the weirdo Gary the stupid squash
Gary the weirdo Gary the stupid squash 5 күн мурун
What happend to the cold War beta review you made?????
Mike Toyo
Mike Toyo 5 күн мурун
New Popularwii
New Popularwii 5 күн мурун
Tbh, I liked that Mad-Eye clip. Because that describes every meeting in a nutshell
FranklinThe1 5 күн мурун
What happened to cold war vid pls un private
Obama Prism
Obama Prism 5 күн мурун
@Lee Everett you right
FranklinThe1 5 күн мурун
@Lee Everett hmm that would make sense or he said something negative about the game and activision put it down 🤣
Lee Everett
Lee Everett 5 күн мурун
Probably something in the video that was copyrighted and has to be edited out
discontinued channel
discontinued channel 5 күн мурун
wondered what's the deal with that
Obama Prism
Obama Prism 5 күн мурун
Yeah that's weird
Silsilahwati Ong
Silsilahwati Ong 5 күн мурун
Act man why was there a vid about cod cold war but then it said "private video" or is it just me
matt young
matt young 5 күн мурун
Maybe he wants to change it?
Jijel Jijel
Jijel Jijel 5 күн мурун
Hey act man I think you put ur latest vid as a private by mistake
Panos p
Panos p 5 күн мурун
What happened with the cold war vid ?
Dart 2435
Dart 2435 5 күн мурун
Awe. He privated the cold war vid. I wanted to see why he thought the game was good. I mean.. the game looks p cool it just needs some server tweaks
CaptnBaggin 6 күн мурун
Why is ur new video set to private?😕
___Saul ___
___Saul ___ 6 күн мурун
Bro I was just about to watch that cold war video 😔
wa luigi
wa luigi 6 күн мурун
Why did he private the cold war beta vid
SRB 5 күн мурун
yea i thought i was trippin
João Santos
João Santos 6 күн мурун
Act man why did you private the black ops cold war beta vídeo?
ToxicAndrewCZ 6 күн мурун
Who else is here after act man privated the cold war beta video
metal_ak4 5 күн мурун
@Falconhawk3784 was about 3pm for me
Falconhawk3784 5 күн мурун
@jonathan pereira prob cause he uploaded late at night OR did something wrong in the video and he has to fix it
jonathan pereira
jonathan pereira 5 күн мурун
Y did he do that
Magix Johnson
Magix Johnson 5 күн мурун
Falconhawk3784 5 күн мурун
badboyhalo fanboy
badboyhalo fanboy 6 күн мурун
why in the fuck did i get a notification from the act man channel and the video is private
Adam Davenport
Adam Davenport 6 күн мурун
Went to watch your recent upload about cold war and it was private 😩
Adam Davenport
Adam Davenport 6 күн мурун
@Blue Kangaroo haha
Blue Kangaroo
Blue Kangaroo 6 күн мурун
Haha same
leo Cano
leo Cano 6 күн мурун
I saw that cold war beta vid noti lol
Blue Kangaroo
Blue Kangaroo 6 күн мурун
Sadly it got private
Blue Kangaroo
Blue Kangaroo 6 күн мурун
I got the notification as well
leo Cano
leo Cano 6 күн мурун
@Ursucuak ye he privated it so enjoy it
Malcolm 6 күн мурун
Ursucuak 6 күн мурун
im watching that rn lol
zNathz Squad
zNathz Squad 6 күн мурун
Damn I was trying to watch that video of yours
Hoot 6 күн мурун
Act man just privated his Cold War video =/
Lawlzilla 6 күн мурун
bro wtf, i was in the middle of watching the new vid and bam its gone
Uncle Sam I Am
Uncle Sam I Am 6 күн мурун
what happened to that new video
Jozio #
Jozio # 6 күн мурун
Act man should make “why divinity original sin 2 is AWESOME!?”
Nick Breaux
Nick Breaux 6 күн мурун
Anybody know where that “you’re a liar, you’re a liar” bit is from at 10:45 ?
ExternalBoss 666
ExternalBoss 666 4 күн мурун
Does any one know the music at 14:03
Nick Breaux
Nick Breaux 5 күн мурун
@Devistator66 thank you so much!!
Devistator66 6 күн мурун
Devistator66 6 күн мурун
Its from that one eppisode of South Park where Butters parents admit that they tried to kill Butters. I'll send a link to the vid in a minute
Meredith White
Meredith White 6 күн мурун
Ways they can improve: 1. Penalize players that ditch after the game starts and before it ends without dying and finishing their tasks. Make it so they can't join another game for 10 minutes, that way people can't just ditch whenever they are not the imposter and hop from game to game. It is understandable if people have to leave the game because they have to do something other than gaming, but it should take longer to hop to another game after ditching than to just finish the game as crew. 2. Allow players to search by settings other than map/imposter number. E.g. I like longer kill cooldown periods because I like the murder mystery aspect, with a 10 s cooldown it just ends up being a game of racing to finish tasks. This would also make it easier to start a new lobby since it takes awhile to get enough players. 3. Larger lobbies than 10 (would require more colors for characters)
Meredith White
Meredith White 6 күн мурун
1. Innersloth is such an awesome brand name 2. Nice to see another fan of the banana peel hat. 3. Imagine all those major brands investing billions of dollars into a game right now when we all are playing as a bunch of blobs in a game developed by 3 people.
Gamr King
Gamr King 6 күн мурун
If you’ve played the game “why is caste crashers so awesome/bad,” (depending on your opinion)
Flabldorf v2
Flabldorf v2 6 күн мурун
Acting Male Man, I appreciate the LA Noire music in the beginning ^^; you should make a video on LA Noire. "Why is LA Noire so Awesome"
Nwas 6 күн мурун
Talk about the black ops cold war beta
Marty McFly
Marty McFly 6 күн мурун
So Act Man.. Gonna Review Gta 5/Online?
The Black Mesa Research Facility
The Black Mesa Research Facility 6 күн мурун
OJ Simpson was not the imposter
Nony -_-
Nony -_- 6 күн мурун
Petition to for Act man to make why terraria is so awesome
Atrio Berlyn
Atrio Berlyn 7 күн мурун
Hi act man 🇧🇷
The Home Cinema Engineer
The Home Cinema Engineer 7 күн мурун
how have you not done a video or videos about the Metal Gear solid Series?! Loved your videos on Bioshock! and Dead space
A Rational Bold Rich Dude
A Rational Bold Rich Dude 7 күн мурун
Act man is sus for waiting so long to report this game. Anyone else vouch for him?
The FieryCharmeleon
The FieryCharmeleon 7 күн мурун
Where's Why Is Starcraft so awesome?
outside-working- Ps4
outside-working- Ps4 7 күн мурун
Bro ActMan do a warzone review
Anthony Cyrene
Anthony Cyrene 7 күн мурун
I feel the game its self is already dominating for the pas 2 years and you now what I will rate this game 10/10
JJ souls
JJ souls 7 күн мурун
U wanna make it more exciteing? Turn off the discussions
Jonnp99 Tv
Jonnp99 Tv 7 күн мурун
Among us is on phone
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