Why Is Banjo-Kazooie SO AWESOME?!

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The Act Man

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Banjo-Kazooie is one of the most beloved video games of all time. And Rare is one of the most celebrated developers. But how has this game maintained a place in people's hearts all these years later? Only one way to find out...
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0:00 - Sponsorship
1:20 - Introduction
3:02 - A Rare Setup
5:13 - Style & Characters
8:45 - Gameplay
12:42 - Level & World Design
16:05 - Music & Sound Design
18:00 - Final Battle
19:49 - Conclusion
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The Act Man
The Act Man Жыл мурун
Been a long time coming on this video! Like the video and reply if you did ;)
John Culp
John Culp 3 ай мурун
Please do a part 2. Banjo tooie is my favorite game
Zanix81 5 ай мурун
You are awsome
Betorockmetal 11 ай мурун
You are so cool dude, upload more videos please
Aiden 11 ай мурун
They added banjo-kazooie but still not waluigi😭😭
Spitta504TV Жыл мурун
ACT Man. Please tell me what you used to capture this footage. Was this on an emulator or a modded N64 to support higher graphics? Thanks Bro
M Gad
M Gad 4 күн мурун
This video gets better the longer you watch.
terio bost
terio bost 6 күн мурун
When he said this video is sponsored by raid shadow legends I thought he was joking but.....he wasn't
Tank Dempsey
Tank Dempsey Ай мурун
Yo video may be old but I suggest doing one on Banjo-Tooie! My favorite out of the two chapters! It’s fun! It’s amazing! Multiplayer was really good! You can do some boss fights in the game which is fun too! You should REALLY make a “Why is Banjo-Tooie so AWESOME!” It definitely deserves one of those videos!
Diango Ай мурун
You should've mentioned stop n swap! Rare was really creative with that one
Modern Scientific Biologist
Modern Scientific Biologist Ай мурун
PERSONALLY, Banjo Tooie is the Best.
I'm 32 and when this came out I was like ohh gawwd Nintendo. Even as a kid this game looked like it was for kids younger than me. Why would I play a babies game when we already got Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Conquers Bad Fuckin Fur Day Baby, Golden Eye, WWF No Mercy etc. Watching this video to see why this game was so loved and forgotten. So far the only reason I hear that people like this is because they played it as a kid.
sgillman16 Ай мурун
When you can remember every corner of a level and every character's little quirks 20 years later, you know you made a good game. That's lacking today. No real work or dedication. And that's why Ocarina of Time still holds the top spot on metacritic. Nobody cares enough to make a game that can even compete with it. That's sad
Philip Reid
Philip Reid Ай мурун
Did anyone else think the tattoo would be on his butt?
rafael502 Ай мурун
Plan on doing a video on Banjo-Tooie, and maybe Donkey Kong 64? One of my most favorite games ever!
Ian Bravo Gaming
Ian Bravo Gaming Ай мурун
You flawlessly capture all the reasons Banjo Kazooie means a lot to me. Without it in my childhood, I probably would be some loser that plays fortnite
Nick Ай мурун
Probably the best soundtrack of any game ever imo
WaluigiForSmash Ай мурун
This game helped make me love single player video games again
daniel lawler
daniel lawler 2 ай мурун
dont hate me for this but it sort of reminds me of crash bandicoot
RoomTemperature cv
RoomTemperature cv 2 ай мурун
“Micro transactions need to die!” this video is sponsored by raid shadow legends.
yair katz
yair katz 2 ай мурун
dkringler897 2 ай мурун
Plz do a video on dk64! Even if it’s a “why dk 64 is so good and so bad” video cuz either way I’d love to hear what you have to say ab it
B R Ford
B R Ford 2 ай мурун
A dickhead walrus lol
Dragon ClawZ
Dragon ClawZ 2 ай мурун
6:31 Under tale:Am I a joke to you
Bailey Palmer
Bailey Palmer 3 ай мурун
The Xbox360 release fixed the music note problem. They don't reset anymore.
Christian Mortensen
Christian Mortensen 3 ай мурун
I agree 100% that Treasure Trove Cove is the best world
Spencer Wyant
Spencer Wyant 3 ай мурун
I just got a 64 and banjo kazooie and the memory card for dk 64
REVO 3 ай мурун
Play SuperMario SunShine you'll like it.
Valentino Guerrero
Valentino Guerrero 3 ай мурун
We have officially lost The Act man into pay to win mobile game 😔👌🏻
You are Heavy Weapons Guy, and I am your weapon.
You are Heavy Weapons Guy, and I am your weapon. 3 ай мурун
    3 ай мурун
Super Mario World is another game where the music changes. In caves you get an echo effect and when Mario rides Yoshi the music changes too!
    3 ай мурун
Why does every KGpost video these days have to start with Raid Shadow Legends and same exact cut-and-paste script 💩
Adam Bejar
Adam Bejar 3 ай мурун
John Barwick
John Barwick 4 ай мурун
You can get banjo kazooie on the Xbox one now, just showing how great it is.
moist Bean
moist Bean 4 ай мурун
Act man: complains about loot boxes Also act man: THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
Baby Strawberries
Baby Strawberries 4 ай мурун
At first I thought that sponser ship wasn’t real
Toasty 4 ай мурун
This glorious game brought to us by the heavenly forces of God really does need a remaster so we can experience this perfect piece of work one more time.
Yoda The great
Yoda The great 4 ай мурун
Benjamín Bustos Letechipía
Benjamín Bustos Letechipía 4 ай мурун
I remember playing a Banjo-kazooie game for Xbox when I was a kid. I'm from a younger generation, so I never got to play with those that are considered the most iconic consoles, neither those games that are now considered classics, like Mario 64, Silent Hill etc. The only games I used to play when I was 4 were Halo 2 and Blinx, and God how I love those games. Years later, in the age of Xbox 360, my that came with Banjo-kazooie and gave it to me so I could play it. The game cought my attention. I don't really remember many things, but I had a big trouble: the game was in fucking English... And I didn't speak English, I'm Mexican and didn't understand a shit about what the game wanted me to do, it was about building vehicles or something like that, but it was all explained in text dialogue, I didn't understand the crafting system, what I was suppose to do or where the fuck I was supposed to go. I played the game making my own fun, but got bored real fast. With Blinx I had a similar problem, but it wasn't that fucking hard to understand, it used text to explain mechanics, but I figured how the game work, what I had to do and how. The game was simple to understand but hard to complete, but I feel like that Banjo-kazooie game was the opposite Now, after so many years, and after watching this video I'm really considering to play that game. Looks good and I think now I could understand it and actually enjoy it.
Hunter02 TV
Hunter02 TV 4 ай мурун
“pirates! a camel! a dickhead Walrus!
Thomas Houck
Thomas Houck 5 ай мурун
I love it how you hate micro transactions in video games and yet your supporting raid shadow legends. I know it’s give you a huge amount of cash but all I could think while watching the video is how much of a hypocrite you are. 😤
Lapeez 22
Lapeez 22 5 ай мурун
do a review on raid shadow legends
Gooey 5 ай мурун
I love this channel but why Raid, WHY!?!?!?!
Zanix81 5 ай мурун
The old games were great because they were complete and never NEEDED updates.
Todoroki 01
Todoroki 01 5 ай мурун
I always wanted the secret ending for that puss puss and THICCCC ASS.
Wade 5 ай мурун
"Mumbos Mountain" sounds like a porn star name, lol.. "Whatcha gonna call yourself, bro?" *"ahh, I'm thinkin' bout going with Mumbos Mountain, dude."*
ghetto_gamer92 5 ай мурун
Seeing your body made me gay
CastledCard 5 ай мурун
Man, Rare sure was T H I R S T Y
RiskyReece 5 ай мурун
I’m 14 but I played banjo a couple of months ago and I’ve gotta say I appreciate games before my time and n64 games are still perfect to play on my standards, sure I like to play a bit of cs or cod with the boys but often enjoy a single player experience I recently finished donkey kong 64. To all folks out there don’t stereotype children as distasteful and disrespectful people who only enjoy playing online games
I like Pancakes
I like Pancakes 5 ай мурун
Please make a video called why is raid shadow legends so bad or make like a 6 part series on why it’s so bad like you did with halo 5
Betorockmetal 5 ай мурун
I just don't understand why this has so little views... Playstation too much?
Just Another Gamer
Just Another Gamer 5 ай мурун
Dude I used talon trot to get everywhere. Favorite move.
Christian Khoury
Christian Khoury 5 ай мурун
Yo guys I downloaded the game for my 6 year old brother, then I played it for my six year old brother, then I finished it for my 6 year old brother.
master phil
master phil 6 ай мурун
Do you like the arkham games act man ???
Kono Dio Da
Kono Dio Da 6 ай мурун
4:16 thanks to you act man i now know what hibernation is very educative if i must say so
Charlies Garage
Charlies Garage 6 ай мурун
Please do nuts and bolts I was a huge fan of banjo kazooie and I actually remember buying nuts and bolts on release playing it for around 3 hours then taking it out and throwing it in the garabage
Click 6 ай мурун
You should have said “ what you cooking there banjo. Meth?”
chuck e cheese mafia
chuck e cheese mafia 6 ай мурун
No you a raid tuber now
jfnoxus 6 ай мурун
Only started playing banjo recently, it's fricken awesome
AppleJuiceDeuce 6 ай мурун
Not going to lie, this video wasn’t really needed
Austin Payne
Austin Payne 6 ай мурун
speaking of grunty industries being a pain to get around I got a story to share about that. My dad was beating the game while I watched I was only six at the time. He unlocked that level but was at work I went on his save file and just wanted to explore, I hit the train button opening the station. When he came back he had no idea how to get into the factory so he googled how found out about the train button saw that I pressed it and accused me of breaking the game. Later that Christmas he got me a strategy guide which he ultimately used to figure out he had to go back fight the second world boss to then use the train to access the level. In the end I think it's funny that my dad bought me a gift for himself to beat a video game.
RoomTemperature cv
RoomTemperature cv 6 ай мурун
Raid shadow legends, was the money too good to pass?
kof ola
kof ola 6 ай мурун
I am not sure about this. I want to know what the hell is going on every time ACt Man says "Banjo-Kazooie", but on the other hand, I do not want to spoil the mystery.
Majichan 7 ай мурун
I like this except that whole charge dark fables this
Jacob T
Jacob T 7 ай мурун
Another 1 to add to the list of raid sponsorship #sellout
Thick_propheT 7 ай мурун
you should talk about the other bk games. i only recently beat grunt's revenge and don't see many people talking about it. what'd you think? were you able to get the 5 jiggy rating before the credits?
Corey Wetzler
Corey Wetzler 7 ай мурун
Dane Pitchford
Dane Pitchford 7 ай мурун
So glad some reviewer has recognized my secret love for banjo
/SYNTAX_ERROR 7 ай мурун
i grew up playing banjo kazooie and banjo tooie on the nintendo 64. one of the most memorable game franchises of my childhood.
/SYNTAX_ERROR 7 ай мурун
Raid shadow legends is just another one of those shitty mobile-like pay-to-win cash cow game
RealSpartan 5206
RealSpartan 5206 7 ай мурун
Banjo Kazooie Banjo Tooie Banjo Thrie
Scark 7 ай мурун
We all know that Raid shadow cash grab is a bad bad game. But nevertheess you deserve that money! :D
Gregs 2k07
Gregs 2k07 7 ай мурун
banjo and kazooie are the best duo in history guh huh bree
Daniel Marin
Daniel Marin 7 ай мурун
My fav game of all time
NekoPhant0m 8 ай мурун
If I still had my N64, playing Banjo-Kazooie today would make things better for me :(
engliCH9ball 8 ай мурун
Nooooo Act Man has been assimilated by Raid
June may
June may 8 ай мурун
i grow up in that time but never i got to play Banjo-Kazooie i wish i did
eric Sandersfield
eric Sandersfield 9 ай мурун
Do banjo-tooie
Capatron1 9 ай мурун
waiting anxiously for banjo tooie!
millermonsterair 9 ай мурун
damn it.... why is everyone taking the raid cancer sponsor money?????
Vincent Fransen
Vincent Fransen 9 ай мурун
I have never played it. But i will take your word for it. Its on xbox game pass!
Helielton Marcos
Helielton Marcos 9 ай мурун
KGpostr: Is sponsored by raid shadow legends. Me: How much did they pay for your soul? Was did it cost?
dillon564 9 ай мурун
oh god he did it boys he actually pricked his finger and signed the blood contract with the shadow legend overlords
Quincy Croft
Quincy Croft 9 ай мурун
13:22, FUCK YOU!
H8ME 9 ай мурун
hacher 9 ай мурун
If i will get kids in around 5 - 6 years, they WILL play banjo for sure.
JJ souls
JJ souls 9 ай мурун
Who wouldent fuck the hot version of the witch?
OriginalDarkMew 10 ай мурун
Surprised he actually accpted the sponsorship for that shit. meh, gotta make your money somehow
German Wojtek
German Wojtek 10 ай мурун
I sail in sea of thieves with a banjo kazooie flag
Dandy Sun
Dandy Sun 10 ай мурун
Gamefreak 10 ай мурун
i forgot the buttons to press but you can eject banjo out of the bed into the window the cook save file wall gets swapped and you end up inside the wall i dont remember the gameboy color one tho but yea really funny little things like that just add to the games appeal oh and getting turn into a laundry machine with some minor foreshadowing probably one of the better games i do not regret not getting rid of and still play it on my n64 every so often
Nub4 and Doomguy05
Nub4 and Doomguy05 10 ай мурун
6:38 when I stub my toe
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson 10 ай мурун
Pls do the last of us 2
DaggersLegend 54
DaggersLegend 54 10 ай мурун
actually, i get lost in banjo kazooie, lol
Kevin Gonzo4-13
Kevin Gonzo4-13 10 ай мурун
Since you reviewed this game, you should definitely review Conker’s Bad Fur Day or even Live & Reloaded. Those games were hilarious. I gotta get an N64 in the future and play this game, cuz I only played the game that was made for the Gameboy Advanced
SexyWarCriminal 10 ай мурун
I 100% this game three times twice on the Xbox and once on the 64
Joe H.
Joe H. 10 ай мурун
review donkey kong 64 next
jorge ?
jorge ? 11 ай мурун
Act man your my favorite youtuber
Teddy bear Killer
Teddy bear Killer 11 ай мурун
My fav rare game is Perfect Dark
kiri 11 ай мурун
I thought I was the only person that played Tales of Vesperia. And I noticed you play the soundtrack a couple of times in your videos. I’d love to see you cover that game.
Godless Disco
Godless Disco 11 ай мурун
Snakker the shark legit scared me when I was four and tried this for the first time
Archer 11 ай мурун
Man every time you bring up timesplitters it makes me so sad.
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith 11 ай мурун
Sad to say I’ve never played it smh
carmen lizee
carmen lizee 11 ай мурун
KGpost is doom because of FTC
Lev 11 ай мурун
Hey man! Thanks for this vid, banjo & kazooie was also one of my absolute favs as a kid. On par with DK64. I remember investing hundreds of hours into these games... Good ol times
Roger Recinos
Roger Recinos 11 ай мурун
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