Why Is Dragon Ball BETTER Than Dragon Ball Z?

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The Act Man

9 ай мурун

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KEEP IN MIND, THIS IS JUST MY OPINION!!! Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are two of the greatest anime shows of all time. Their influence on Western and Japanese culture cannot be understated. Yet, I feel that DBZ overshadows much of the original's success. And in many ways, I feel that Dragon Ball is superior to Z. But why? Well, only one way to find out...
0:00 - Introduction
5:24 - Style & Dragonballs
7:56 - Martial Arts & Training
12:00 - Narrative Escalation & Plot
17:30 - Power Levels & Fight Scenes
24:19 Characters & Relevancy
28:00 - Conclusion
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The Act Man
The Act Man 8 ай мурун
KEEP IN MIND THIS IS JUST MY OPINION OK! Please don't send me to the Shadow Realm. In any case, reply to this comment with any anime recommendations you have! What are the best shows to watch? And don't forget to support the channel and Sign up at crunchyroll.com/theactman to get CrunchyRoll ad free for 14-days!
Friction 23 күн мурун
H x H
Black Saint
Black Saint Ай мурун
I always thought DBZ was better than DB but as I got older and re-watch the entire series from Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball super and even 'ugh' Dragon Ball GT, I notice that after the Frieza Saga the entire series just turn into one big giant saiyan circle jerk.
Storm Yeti
Storm Yeti Ай мурун
Yeah i take it you're in your early 20s?
Homie Chosen
Homie Chosen Ай мурун
Cowboy Bebop
kevin hutchison
kevin hutchison Ай мурун
I just subbed to you a couple months ago and just saw this. Why do I always agree with you?
WillyM415 20 саат мурун
Make the Z Fighters great again! Make Piccolo a badass again!
MMO JRPG player
MMO JRPG player 5 күн мурун
I agree so much, same feeling of concept is Gintama, comedic but when it gets serious ah boy runnn
大銀河帝国の皇帝 5 күн мурун
Toriyama actually wanted to finish the series much earlier after the Freezer saga (Freezer is strongest in the universe, Goku becomes Super Sayajin, that would have been the end). However, he was pushed to continue drawing. I'm not sure but this might be also the reason why he killed off Goku in the Cell saga and handed the torch to Gohan, to finally end it. But as we know it didn't work and he had to draw the whole Boo saga. Fun fact: Cell is Toriyama's least favorite character. The reason being his dots. Everytime he finished drawing a page, he noticed he had forgotten to draw the dots.
PixelAnt 5 күн мурун
Also the dub is a lot better in the OG DB
dokanyon 8 күн мурун
Man you changed my point on view on DBZ... I kinda believed that DB was superior , but I wasn't sure because I could hardly remember it. But now im convinced 100%. I'm more of a quality person, rather than quantity. And here this phrase goes so well "Quality over quantity" . Where DB is quality, and DBZ is quantity, with countless nonsense fights .
dokanyon 8 күн мурун
I will comment before watching the video. I agree that Dragonball was like an adventure, with plot and stuff. DBZ it's basically cool fights and should have stopped on Cell. Dragonball super is irrelevant
Dangerosu 10 күн мурун
To be honest, all the points you make are valid, from the perspective of a mature person and anime connoisseur, but when we were teens we sure as hell wanted to see more ass kicking and not so much story and adventures. I think that one can grow to appreciate DB more later on in life because it has much better writing, character development and pacing. When i was a teen i watched DBZ as someone would watch MMA. I just wanted to see the fights. However, watching it as an adult i could not even make it past the Cell saga because of how dull and repetitive it was. Nowadays we are spoiled with hundreds of good anime so i probably would not go back to either of them, but they will always hit me in the feels because of nostalgia. Heck, i still have a DBZ poster on my wall from 15 years ago. I think each anime has a place and an age that it is best viewed at.
Cozmix Infinity
Cozmix Infinity 13 күн мурун
I'd still say Dragon Ball Z was better as it had the best villain at his best moments, much better fights, and more things DBZ did better than DB.
E Love
E Love 13 күн мурун
The orginal dragon ball is boring
E Love
E Love 11 күн мурун
Chris Highlights yea I’m talking about the red ribbon arc in the anime it’s just so boring except for tao fight and korrin
Chris Highlights
Chris Highlights 12 күн мурун
It’s not boring when you get to the tournament arcs
No Name No Surname
No Name No Surname 14 күн мурун
I am 17 and i started the series with Dragon Ball, then i started to watch the Z, but I didn't like Z a lot like other people. It seemed boring to me and i never undestand why people liked Z so much and ignored the original. Also people loved that Super Saiyan thing, but it seems more like a cliche to me now.
PeacefulBoy17 15 күн мурун
I like both series right. My friend refuses to believe that DB is better than DBZ in so many ways, even when I say "In MY Opinion," he keeps saying "That's a Capp!" I told him to watch this video but he refuses, then I say "You sound like a meathead when defending DBZ in some parts," then he gets all offended. What does that say about him? Lol
FSL Animations
FSL Animations 16 күн мурун
Personally, I respectfully disagree. iILOVE dragonball, its funnier and has an adventure theme. However, I love the fight scenes, powerups, unrealistic strength, and my characters growing up. I love dragonball, it was my first anime, and I can respect your opinion, but I prefer Z.
Alex Joyce
Alex Joyce 16 күн мурун
Goku vs Jacky Chun is one of the best fights out of DB and Z.
Mine Shawn
Mine Shawn 16 күн мурун
What’s the music in this video :(
Zombies Fan 2020
Zombies Fan 2020 17 күн мурун
cause it takes a 3.5 episodes instead of 4 to finish screaming
Chris Highlights
Chris Highlights 17 күн мурун
In dragon ball they don’t really have power up scenes like Z
Rogers B
Rogers B 17 күн мурун
I agree with everything you said👍
theworstplayerever 19 күн мурун
I spent seven god damn months watching these two shows and I will say I like dB over dbz
Buildin a sentry
Buildin a sentry 22 күн мурун
Yeah DB just gives the great feeling of childlike adventure, z feels like it doesn't care anymore, especially in the latter half
Zachary Fanelli
Zachary Fanelli 22 күн мурун
I hope we can get more of these types of vids
Houston Raver
Houston Raver 22 күн мурун
No no dbz is much better
Kinetic 23 күн мурун
6:35 "Oh ho ho, now this is an unfortunate turn of events."
Badr Benatti
Badr Benatti 23 күн мурун
why is this in my recommended, anyway i just came to tell you to stfu your opinion doesn't matter DBZ > DB also i did not even watch the video because i already know it's gonna be trash.
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 22 күн мурун
You’re really dumb
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 22 күн мурун
Lee Minchung
Lee Minchung 24 күн мурун
I hope The Act Man will talk about other martial arts Anime like Baki or Hajime no Ippo or Ashita no Joe
TheDude 24 күн мурун
King piccolo the best character much love Dragonball > Dragonball z, z Is still amazing
Jake A
Jake A 24 күн мурун
LOL finally, super is exactly like the DB martial arts aspect. So how you like super? I think you just kinda watched this as an adult and appreciated it more, easy mistake. Nice video even if its just more your age relation the actual accurate references to the show. Like DBZ is full of lesson which you probably didnt get or missed as a youth.
Chris Highlights
Chris Highlights 16 күн мурун
Jake A A asspull is when a character gets a power up that doesn’t make sense such as Krillin going against ssj blue goku even if he was holding back, trunks all of a sudden being able to fight ssj rose, and Frieza jumping from Namek saga level to being stronger than ssj blue which is the biggest asspull in dragon ball history
Jake A
Jake A 17 күн мурун
@Chris Highlights Whats an asspull? Well all their main techniques were at least more martial arts based in super vs Z. I mean, this is 2020 so its about as appropriately real life vs fantasy they are going to go in a extremely fantasy show. Jirens narrative was hes the only immortal stronger then his own universes god of destruction, how is that not necessary to over power him? The only unnecessary part was he didn't even win which was complete fuck up of writing. I also hated super, it was garbage but I at least understood the narrative.
Chris Highlights
Chris Highlights 20 күн мурун
Super didn’t bring back martial arts completely because every character gets a asspull and jiren was so overpowered for no reason in the TOP
Jake A
Jake A 24 күн мурун
Also id MUCH rather studio ghibli for an "adventure" story. Dragon ball is a pretty average adventure story. But DBZ? It does what it does the best hands down.
Jake A
Jake A 24 күн мурун
Not a chance lol. Though both are great. Super is...well the tournament parts i guess but forget the rest.
Noobmaster 69
Noobmaster 69 24 күн мурун
Dbz is better
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 22 күн мурун
Nezahualcoyotl 24 күн мурун
PSA: Don't watch while eating or drinking. Shit is hilarious!
Oussama Okbi
Oussama Okbi 24 күн мурун
it's the same series thou...
Chris Highlights
Chris Highlights 20 күн мурун
It’s the same in terms of the manga but he’s saying that he’s like the DB anime more including the filler
Michael Reighard
Michael Reighard 25 күн мурун
Honestly “ Z” is trash in comparison to the original. Loses its magic for me.
Nana Kwadwo Ntumy
Nana Kwadwo Ntumy 25 күн мурун
Has he only watched dragon ball? If so unfortunate.
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 22 күн мурун
Db>>>>>>>>>>>dbz all the way
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 22 күн мурун
iVictor Dinero
iVictor Dinero 25 күн мурун
Don’t matter which ones better, it’s what ever you niggas like lol
MrWinterss 25 күн мурун
OMG I totally forgot about DB E24 ahahahah when they have to reenact their fight but in slow motion, so everyone can see what happened ahahahah that show was so self-aware I love it!
duke doo
duke doo 25 күн мурун
I'm re-watching Dragon Ball and I have to agree with you that Dragon Ball is better than Dragon Ball Z reason The Demon King Piccolo the first real bad guy in Dragon Ball
Dizzy Rocket
Dizzy Rocket 25 күн мурун
Dragon ball> Dragon ball Z (after Frieza saga) Frieza brought the whole Saga 360 degrees I have spoken 😎
QxO Tuffy
QxO Tuffy 25 күн мурун
Kid buu was made with the universe and was the original god of destruction Until DBgt/DBs comes out and just completely ruin the lore and arc
Pu5sy Devourer
Pu5sy Devourer 25 күн мурун
Dragon Ball super is garbage.
Jacob Grimes
Jacob Grimes 26 күн мурун
No the answer is no I’ve watched both first DBZ then DB then DBZ. Rose Tint? Maybe but DBZ had a better tension factor I was on edge with who dies or what’s next. DB was aimless to me ENJOYABLE but aimless ok I got the dragon balls what’s next? Oh go get them again? Well shit alright let’s train again and get them bitches a couple years from now. The tournaments and characters was where the show got a bit better because I loved DB characters better because how they were in DBZ but how the tension was is what makes me like it
Thomas Burnett
Thomas Burnett 26 күн мурун
DB and Dbz are fundamentally different. Db is a adventure story while dbz is a more action based story. Preferences are not hatred
Asa Robbins
Asa Robbins 26 күн мурун
I want a dragonball remake so bad, it would be great to see all those arcs in an updated coat of paint
Craig Martin
Craig Martin 26 күн мурун
This is like saying your mom's better than your sister
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 22 күн мурун
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 22 күн мурун
Dude Snyder
Dude Snyder 26 күн мурун
the DragonBall Super manga is weird. It seems to me like it's trying to move character development back from DBZ's subtext to DB's foreground but it fails at times because, well, like in DBZ, EVERYTHING is at stake and they use DBZ-narratives to produce end-of-the-world-drama. But I like that the fights ARE toned down and it's again about states of mind and technique. Plus: Whis and Beerus are great metaphors for the observer of the story. And Beerus' own philosophy is interesting. It's detached and often based on mood, but when Beerus is calm and focused, he is very rational, self-reflective and the exact opposite of hypocritical. And it all hints at a character that was once much like Frieza or Vegeta but completed an insane amount of character development. DBS suggests that their gods are less defined by power alone, rather than by mindset. But. They show so little of it.
cumclock 27 күн мурун
the power levels were made to show how dumb the enemies were for trusting the scouters and power levels
waynicliz 26 күн мурун
not really stop giving it an excuse
Stray 27 күн мурун
The namek Saga-Ginyu saga wasn't about saving the world, it was about reviving their fallen comrades with the dragon balls. Even when Freeza becomes the main target, it seems to be more about staying alive, because if they were to die, which was likely considering, all hope would be lost.
Reggie Robinson
Reggie Robinson 27 күн мурун
You're wrong about everything.
Kervens Alexis
Kervens Alexis 28 күн мурун
This man has to be smoking some good shit
Astor Mendez
Astor Mendez 29 күн мурун
I just realized that Yamcha's gi looks like goku's only that the undershirt is orange instead of blue 25:26
LUCKY Games 29 күн мурун
DBZ was too drawn out, the fights made up for it, but Dragon Ball just had this chill vibe and aesthetic from its nature scenes to its music
Sean Sheckles
Sean Sheckles 29 күн мурун
Vegeta is the best character in the whole series that’s probably why people see it that way and buu saga actually the only time goku kills anyone in dbz
Srabon Ferdous
Srabon Ferdous 29 күн мурун
There are lot of thing's i disagree with this vidoe. I do not hate this channel (I'm a subscriber to this challenge) but i think the act man is only taking about db advantage and making dbz bad with only talking about it's disadvantage.
WhyDoUWannaKnow Ай мурун
it ain't
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 29 күн мурун
It is tho
Jay Silva
Jay Silva Ай мурун
The closest we got to thinking about technical fighting over power alone was in the universal tournament in Super but then at the end with Jiren it went back to power but I love ultra instinct something Mr. Popo first showed Goku in Dragonball!
Chris Highlights
Chris Highlights 28 күн мурун
I liked it in super until it got really crazy with Jiren being so strong for literally no reason
Metal Ай мурун
When Yamcha was a badass, I miss that
Dragon Ball World
Dragon Ball World Ай мурун
Because it actually uses dragon balls instead of just Mm *wow new power hahah time to have a multiversal tournament*
Life Kicks
Life Kicks Ай мурун
Its not better.i like both but z is just way better
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 29 күн мурун
Mind explaining how
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 29 күн мурун
Dutch Desire
Dutch Desire Ай мурун
To me the best part of Dragonball and z is from king piccolo to the ginyu force saga. Hard to say wich one is better for me.
Majin D
Majin D Ай мурун
Imagine thinking dragon ball is better than dragon ball z LMFAOO
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 22 күн мурун
Db>>>>>>>dbz all the way
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 29 күн мурун
Chris Highlights
Chris Highlights Ай мурун
Z is where characters like Tien, yamcha, Krillin, Roshi, and just most of the characters because useless
GhostPoison Ай мурун
I disagree but respek your opinion
David Ellis
David Ellis Ай мурун
When I first watched this video, I disagreed cause I thought DB was a dumb comedy show but after I actually watched it, I felt so dumb, most people didn’t even watch this show
Briyanaism Ай мурун
Power levels were at their best when Goku flexed on Ginyu with that Kaio Ken. 👌🏾
zGamerGodz Ай мурун
If you watched the english dub of DBZ then you would have a lot of details wrong as it changed like 40% of everything even up to gokus personality being completely changed
Base Bass Forte
Base Bass Forte Ай мурун
11:28 @The Act Man. dude go watch Naruto instead then if DBZ / "People with super powers" is not your thing. - DBZ was a hit and still is popular for a reason. only the biust complain.
one piece is the worst anime I've ever come across
one piece is the worst anime I've ever come across Ай мурун
Wtf happened to the db franchise, it's ruined now I mean just look at it now we have fucking God's and all colors from the rainbow hair and just how how many fucking forms will they bring into this shit. I miss the good old days when the z fighters would learn a new technique or ability and use it in battle to overwhelm their opponent, I really hate super and that's why I stopped watching this shit now and God knows how boring it is. We have now finally unlocked ULTRA INSTINCTS I mean wtf cmon they can do way better than that shit and im just not happy about this man, i miss dbz so much but the whole franchise should have ended since dbz so why can't they just let this bullshit die. I can go on forever about how many different types of transformations they have and it's so infuriating because it should have ended with a blond super saiyan hair but no they just want this bullshit to keep going. One question also, why is goku so fucking weak Thanks for reading
Jay-ha-mes Ай мурун
DB: When the martial arts mattered.
I don’t understand the joke
I don’t understand the joke Ай мурун
Also being honest... as soon as the 22nd tournament happened OG dragon ball fights were just on par or so much better then Z. Just goku vs krillin and goku vs piccolo guys. And then and piccolo first fight...
Arne Ri
Arne Ri Ай мурун
I just finished reading the full 42 volumes of the manga again for the first time in 15 years, and I totally agree with you. Even tho the Z-part (Volume 15-42?!) was enjoyable to read, it is, in my humble opinion, NOTHING compared to the imaginative, adventurous story of Dragonball. Gokus childhood-story was one of the most fun reading experiences I had in a long time (gotta admit I couldn't remember to much of it, since I was ten the first and last time I read it; but I'm glad, because this way I could enjoy it with a fresh mind :D)
travistrue2008 Ай мурун
Although I agree, DBZ > DB
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 29 күн мурун
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 29 күн мурун
Tri Le
Tri Le Ай мурун
Bragon ball was based on journey to the west... dbz is written by a diff person.
N. Quick
N. Quick Ай мурун
My Hero Academia is better than all other Shonen Sir. But Ummmm... ACT MAN, WHEN YOU GOING TO DO A "Decline of BioWare"? I'm at a loss for why you haven't covered this, Act Man Sir. Because I am here! Coming through the door like a Hero!
Clark Figueroa
Clark Figueroa Ай мурун
But only for that other stuff..
Gerard Ай мурун
Great delivery on that Crunchyroll Ad sir.
Jesse D
Jesse D Ай мурун
Na na z is better
WhisperByte Ай мурун
The only good thing that came out of DBGT is Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku
Jeff Govak
Jeff Govak Ай мурун
ahh use the offer to watch animie to take eyes of evil wicked world........... AAAAHHHHH wtf correspondences. those bad guys in the animie remind me too much of the elite bad guys irl. they litterly want to destoy just to destoy.
Spiralz Ай мурун
Do I have to watch dragon ball to understand dragon ball z
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 22 күн мурун
Not really because dbz just make OG db characters irrelevant and it’s nothing to do with martial arts,although db is better
Sai ,
Sai , Ай мурун
CameronisReal Ай мурун
I respect you using Budokai Tenkaichi 2 music. The best OST in DragonBall games
Chilean Guy Fleegman
Chilean Guy Fleegman Ай мурун
the failure of DBZ is all because of Toriyama's superiors who wanted one thing while Toriyama wanted other stuff.
Chris Highlights
Chris Highlights Ай мурун
I think if Toriyama had more freedom to do what he wants DBZ would have been much better
Edward Woodward
Edward Woodward Ай мурун
To answer the question in the title... It's not
MrRpspartan Ай мурун
Rhetorical question; it isn’t.
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 22 күн мурун
It is
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit
Just Some Guy with a Devil Fruit 22 күн мурун
Ha lol
MrRpspartan Ай мурун
Rhetorical question. It isn’t.
Du Art
Du Art Ай мурун
I think DB has a better focus on storytelling and you don't need a Saiyan's eye to watch the fight.
Jaxonn Ай мурун
is the sub good
Jaxonn Ай мурун
this is why jojo is so good it's like a mix of dbz and dragon balls battles and created perfect fights
Isaac Begay
Isaac Begay Ай мурун
Dbza. Do I need to say more
LoreNMore Reviews
LoreNMore Reviews Ай мурун
Fun fact in Japan The beginning of dargonball Z the entire Saiyan saga was actually meant to be a part of dragonball.
Leo Ай мурун
Unpopular opinion: I like DBGT better than Super '-'
Chris Highlights
Chris Highlights Ай мурун
Jovica Materic
Jovica Materic Ай мурун
The act man should watch the the anime where he is the main character, TRIGUN.
Akemi Homura
Akemi Homura Ай мурун
what a idiot. everyone already knows this..its been over 20 years dammit!
Bad Dragonite
Bad Dragonite Ай мурун
The first part of Z always felt like it was meant to be a bookend to Dragonball to explain where Goku came from and end the series, but it was just so successful that it kept going.
Motor Mouth
Motor Mouth Ай мурун
Raising the stakes lol. Notice you didn't use any DBZ clips of Goku biting someone.
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson Ай мурун
I actually got really bored of Dragon Ball Z, but Dragon Ball is like HxH to me. So close to perfection might as well call it perfect.
Saiyan Swordsman
Saiyan Swordsman Ай мурун
I can't help but imagine what Nappa's reaction would be to multiform or something. "Hehe...Well, it's about time these earthlings had something unique up their sleeves. You wanna get in on this Vegeta?" "No, it'd hardly be worth the effort anyhow. Finish him off." "Gladly..."
Alien Alibi
Alien Alibi Ай мурун
Longbeachgriffy needs to watch this lol
Yian Garuga
Yian Garuga Ай мурун
Ah man the music from Budokai Tenkaichi 2 brings me so many memories... Glad you're someone who played the best Dragonball game :P
Rolant Ай мурун
Saint Seya suffers from the same problem. Instead of creating new arcs to develop his characters, the author simply ignited an arms race that leads the show into a repetitive, boring loop, where the ennemies are always stronger, faster, bigger, the heroes find new armors and new powers to fight a new evil god who try to kill Athena... Yawn... boring...
PrettyTony Ай мурун
Ah shit now I gotta watch Dragon Ball again.
Jack Ай мурун
At the end of the day we can all agree DB Super sucks.
Leo Ай мурун
Cheers on that bro
Jan Lacina
Jan Lacina Ай мурун
What about DBZA? What do you think about it? I think it would be worth for a video.
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