Why Super Smash Bros. Is Nintendo's Greatest Franchise

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The Act Man

Жыл мурун

Nintendo has made so many games, products and franchises over the years. It's hard to point to any one of them and say "this is their greatest work."
But I believe I've found it, and more importantly why Smash Bros. is Nintendo's greatest franchise.
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Introduction - 0:00
Speculation & Hype - 2:23
Unity Through Nostalgia - 7:39
Original Creations - 13:11
Power of Collaboration - 18:30
Recognition & Self-Promotion - 21:33
Conclusion - 23:30

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The Act Man
The Act Man Жыл мурун
Mute City is the best city. FALCON... PAAAWWWWNCH
Alexander Castro
Alexander Castro 3 ай мурун
I came here after the Banjo reveal
Nostalgia King!!!! 2011
Nostalgia King!!!! 2011 5 ай мурун
Star Wolf
Star Wolf Жыл мурун
The Act Man Banjo is in Buddy... so what do you think of him?
Senator Armstrong
Senator Armstrong Жыл мурун
Banjo foreshadowing
Connor Boyce
Connor Boyce Жыл мурун
The Act Man they actually added banjo kazooie to smash😼👍
Joe M
Joe M 4 күн мурун
I still kinda liked sticker star...not to shitty of a game imo...:(
Matt McElwain
Matt McElwain 5 күн мурун
I didn’t even play much super smash but the music gives me fuckin chills man
participation trophy
participation trophy 17 күн мурун
Well I do agree that smash is huge the one nitpick with your review I had is the fact that I do not believe it is bigger than mortal Kombat. if you walk up to a random person and say you know that one fighting game most of the time they will instantly think of mortal Kombat. and that just goes to show how truly big mortal Kombat is you could probably walk up to someone and ask them something like you know that one fighting game and they would think of it
Jayson Vu
Jayson Vu 18 күн мурун
I came here to say that steve is now in ultimate 👀👀
Shail Darji
Shail Darji 18 күн мурун
I am here after Minecraft reveal for Smash Ultimate excited as fuckk
#08Felix,Ivan Ezekiel Vilavicencio
#08Felix,Ivan Ezekiel Vilavicencio 22 күн мурун
I think doomguy can be put in supers smash bros. nintendo will do is put m rating in super smash bros. and put the whole mortal kombat crew in smash bros. and the final smashes will be more bloody than usual
Kendrick N.
Kendrick N. Ай мурун
If we can't get Waluigi in Smash, then maybe we can get him in COD.
NPC #45095367
NPC #45095367 Ай мурун
Favorite character in SSBU? Cloud.
PrettyTony Ай мурун
I love subspace emissary. It’s a shame it’s not as popular. Smash is how I learned about most Nintendo games. It’s a genius IP to serve as a gateway to other ones
Stavros Kosmas
Stavros Kosmas Ай мурун
Splatoon 2 is better in my opinion
Alexander Miller
Alexander Miller 2 ай мурун
Start liking melle y dare u.
James Holder
James Holder 2 ай мурун
As a Brit I can say that was a great accent at 15:35
Jonathon Shirley
Jonathon Shirley 2 ай мурун
I love how this video is so much better considering they but banjo in smash
Toasted Crayon
Toasted Crayon 3 ай мурун
“Don’t get your hopes up for doom guy because that would be an m rating” that has not aged well
Cee Freedomlover
Cee Freedomlover 3 ай мурун
Literally genius! Nobody can deny it, the best franchise to date! Microsoft and Sony still need proper collab games themselves and MS is going to need about 10 new IPs and Sony will have to do something other than PS Allstars (even though it was actually fun, sadly it's legacy died shortly after coception)
TheDerpHead 2
TheDerpHead 2 3 ай мурун
This, uh... oh man, this did not age well.
one tome plz
one tome plz 3 ай мурун
Brawl is my favorite cus it just the song it like oh yea my penis is massive right know
headhanco 223
headhanco 223 3 ай мурун
The act man: what do you feel when you hear and watch this Me:it's time to chew gum and kick ass
Project Ivy
Project Ivy 4 ай мурун
Schnabs921 4 ай мурун
Smash bros is one of those games where I will give you a quizzical look if you tell me you don't like it.
Miller 4 ай мурун
Yeah yeah... Nothing compared to Waluigi's adventure.
Lapeez 22
Lapeez 22 4 ай мурун
dr mario should be able to heal his own percent
Metalgear Dirk
Metalgear Dirk 5 ай мурун
The smash melee trophies inspired me to start game collecting. I just had to play the games they were referencing
Braden Huckabee
Braden Huckabee 5 ай мурун
Imagine if you could fight doom guy vs. Baby Luigi
Athesies 5 ай мурун
Smash bros is a cool series. I think its fine that melee's your least favourite in the series, ultimate is a disappointing game to me compared to the rest of the series, we cant all agree on everything when its something as subjective as video games
ALMrobloxvideomaker 19 күн мурун
ultimate isnt disappointing imo.. in fact your the only person who even says its disappointing. nobody ever says that lolll
Gamewalker 11
Gamewalker 11 5 ай мурун
1:47 How do I find that clip?
Munoz 25
Munoz 25 5 ай мурун
smash bros Brawl was the best of the franchise
Gregs 2k07
Gregs 2k07 5 ай мурун
i imagine that if doom guy cane to smash the world will go insane
Beau Rafferty
Beau Rafferty 6 ай мурун
Doc is in smash, which means it doesn’t matter who gets in
Vince redeor
Vince redeor 6 ай мурун
All I want in smash is a cowboy (John Marstin or McCree), Doomslayer, and Either Steve or HeroBrine
TheInfernoFrenzy 6 ай мурун
What is the opening music
not stupid but that's a lie
not stupid but that's a lie 6 ай мурун
Not gonna lie though kinda got bored of smash Bros ultimate even when I had all characters with the dlc and Nitendo Switch online now just waiting for volume 2.... Dislike if you want.
Miscellaniious Guitarist
Miscellaniious Guitarist 6 ай мурун
How many anime sword characters are there? Sakurai: yes
Arock 6 ай мурун
The Act Man loves Smash Bros. My life is complete.
billy ren
billy ren 7 ай мурун
I truly agree my friend
Evil 7 ай мурун
Shadow Skorpion
Shadow Skorpion 7 ай мурун
3:10 oh the old times That epic music what a great time
N1njaHawks Second channel
N1njaHawks Second channel 8 ай мурун
Melee great but my favorite Smash 4 3DS and Wiiu
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor 8 ай мурун
But doom is on switch?!?!?!?!?!
Moises Chirinos
Moises Chirinos 8 ай мурун
Banjo is out!!!
MORNAN 9 ай мурун
I love brawls music and it was my first smash
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 9 ай мурун
21:46 me same with Lucas when we were playing brawl and saw Lucas I said that's my name I was young ok
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 9 ай мурун
19:04 yeah it's you've made it join the greats
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 9 ай мурун
18:42 wrong not slaves they were treated ok they got there own dedicated Graves
ElectrikStatik 900
ElectrikStatik 900 9 ай мурун
Rudra Mazumder
Rudra Mazumder 9 ай мурун
I can say I'm happy...Pacman is in Ultimate
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 9 ай мурун
Thanks !!
spyro soilder
spyro soilder 9 ай мурун
Lets see we have smash 64 pikachews, time traveling fox mains from 20xx, anmoying as fuck meta knight mains, that one witch with the zero to death, and discount pika chew. Theae characters will be remebered s the best smash characters of all time
ConquestZero 10 ай мурун
Act Man: Super Smash Bros best franchise Me: Sad Fire Emblem noises
Deathknight 0118
Deathknight 0118 10 ай мурун
Lol 4.1 mill word fanfiction
Hobbs Scott
Hobbs Scott 10 ай мурун
16:32 Little did he know
Povter 10 ай мурун
Banjo is now in smash so ...
Descartes Deya
Descartes Deya 10 ай мурун
My favorite Smash Bros. character is MARIO!
DIVAD291 11 ай мурун
"personally melee is my least favorite" Well I guess free speech has failed us.
Charles Nguyen
Charles Nguyen 11 ай мурун
Banjo is already in Smash Ultimate as DLC.
william nogle
william nogle 11 ай мурун
Funny story. 1st time I ever played this game was on n64 when i was a kid. I went to a party at my pastor’s house. She had 2 sons around my age. They had friends over that evening. And those boys kicked my ass In this game all night long. I went home with my parents that night in shame. Great party though!
Chris Vector K10
Chris Vector K10 11 ай мурун
Villager is OP and i would like to see Raiden from the metal gear games in there.
FrostySauce68 11 ай мурун
I think Halo is 100 percent the best franchise ever and in my opinion is even more recognizable than Super Smash Bros. Maybe I'm biased because I started a life of gaming with Halo and COD but the storytelling and simple gameplay compared to smash (I'm assuming I have actually never played it) is superior. You constantly make connections to old Halo games in your reviews, but I have never once seen you talk about Smash Bros. Anyway prove me horribly wrong if you want or whatever but thanks for reading this!
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer 11 ай мурун
5:24 yeah but they let bayonetta in the game
Flappytucker Youtube
Flappytucker Youtube 11 ай мурун
My cocONut GUn caN fIRE iN sPURTs
Maskierter Popo
Maskierter Popo 11 ай мурун
If Dante from DMC comes in the game, I cum in my pants
Colbert Awesome
Colbert Awesome 11 ай мурун
After 20 years Super Smash Bros will be the greatest Nintendo Franchises in existence.
General Shepherd
General Shepherd 11 ай мурун
the nostalgia you hit me with when you played the brawl opening was astronomical
I’m using tilt controls!
I’m using tilt controls! Жыл мурун
I love smash bros because... it introduced me to the MOTHER series and these games are amazing! I’m glad Ness was in Smash 64.
I’m using tilt controls!
I’m using tilt controls! Жыл мурун
Also you can’t hate Warioware. The only fun stage with hazards on.
FreshMorphleMemes Official
FreshMorphleMemes Official Жыл мурун
Do you not fucking understand that mario is star of the most successful game franchise in history? It's better than smash!
Quinn Steddom
Quinn Steddom Жыл мурун
Anyone watching this after banjo and kazoie came out
DeLaGarza Brothers
DeLaGarza Brothers Жыл мурун
Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for Break the Targets Edit: what if Microsoft tried to have a 3D arena brawler that has their franchises collaborate in the same sense of Smash Brothers? Imagine having Master Chief and Marcus (from Gears of War) showing down in a colosseum and you can chose whether you’d like to play them in the way they’re meant to be, or more like Call of Duty (for certain characters). Or how about Steve from Minecraft, being able to destroy the arena and build himself a wall or something (maybe even have anyone he defeats die and have their weapons be usable by Steve), or a Sea of Thieves character with Dizzy’s hat and shouting “Yeehaw” every time got a kill.
Dan Morgan
Dan Morgan Жыл мурун
If you think brawl is better than melee I’m unsubbing
RRoJ Жыл мурун
homie wolfy gameing53
homie wolfy gameing53 Жыл мурун
Fox to me is the best one in super smash bros
Mindless_420 Жыл мурун
3:09 : *begins singing in terrible opera voice*
Krispy cloud
Krispy cloud Жыл мурун
130 year anniversary
Play grounds Videos
Play grounds Videos Жыл мурун
ACT MAN I’ve come from the future tell you that your wish our wish has been granted by Nintendo that banjo and kazooie or in the game!!!!!!!!!!
Brokenplay er
Brokenplay er Жыл мурун
I’m so glad my dad got a Wii with smash a bundle, instead of Mario bros Wii
Lucas Rivera
Lucas Rivera Жыл мурун
Stopped watching at melee is not your favorite - didn't know you were such a causal lol
Samuel James
Samuel James Жыл мурун
Nah, zelda
jeff jiraff
jeff jiraff Жыл мурун
Master Chief Joins the Fight kgpost.info/will/video/zJe6pZaStGOlop4
Bryan Hanson
Bryan Hanson Жыл мурун
Ash is the series that can grab another series, bend them over their knee, spank them, break their back, fuck it’s wife, and leave it in the dust, and the smaller series will say ‘thank you’
Raul Almeida
Raul Almeida Жыл мурун
C's show
C's show Жыл мурун
I Need Crash Bandicooooooooooooot!
The Next Level
The Next Level Жыл мурун
Waiting for that Crash Bandicoot dlc tho
miguel Garces
miguel Garces Жыл мурун
It isn't. Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon are Nintendo's best franchises.
DaggersLegend 54
DaggersLegend 54 Жыл мурун
Smash Bros has one of best soundtracks of all time
DaggersLegend 54
DaggersLegend 54 Жыл мурун
I take it you are a smash fan
Schlumpfi Жыл мурун
Dedede mains rise up!
MLGTronic Жыл мурун
20:17 wait Krystal is not in smash. or is she? or just a assist Trophie?
MLGTronic Жыл мурун
we need goku next!
Joker Жыл мурун
I could only imagine Act Mans reaction when Banjo got announced
Spinmann -
Spinmann - Жыл мурун
jek 21
jek 21 Жыл мурун
funny but before last smash brothers game i had never heard abaut smash brothers series :/ probobly because in my country nintendo isint really popular like in rest countreys
Visual Shock Gaming
Visual Shock Gaming Жыл мурун
You said something delicious
Blu3b3rry Жыл мурун
I’m back because I have strong faith doom guy can make it in and I want to call it rn 😩
SeFu2006 Жыл мурун
brawl theme is soooo good
Isaac Morrison
Isaac Morrison Жыл мурун
Honest question. Do you find smash bros to be more of a game or an event?
Fe7 General
Fe7 General Жыл мурун
Oho man if you like awakening act man, then you really aught to emulate the 3 gba fire emblems
LightningBolt Жыл мурун
I hope Max payne comes to smash even though i have doubts
Mic mup
Mic mup Жыл мурун
Only one problem... fire emblem
Commissar Dale
Commissar Dale Жыл мурун
Your opinion may be smash brothers, but I prefer Nintendo's classic platformers. Mario, Donkey Kong, etc etc. "Oh you only can name two? You're not a TRUE Nintendo fan!!!1!" Yeah, no, I'm not. But I like platformer games. Reminds me of a simpler time, playing alllll those flash games online. I just like platformers, it pleases my monkey brain that I can play something so simple and be rewarded. I'm bad at smash so yeah it's not the highest on my list. I just really like the coin noises and all that stuff. It's the same science as a loot box but it comes with the game. I am a simple man with simple likes.
plplpl plplpl
plplpl plplpl Жыл мурун
What about ratchet and clank characters
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