Why Was Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 SO AWESOME?!

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The Act Man

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There has always been a debate about when the Call of Duty series started to lose it's magic. Many believe it was after Black Ops 1, some think it was after Modern Warfare 3 or after Ghosts. One thing remains certain though, Black Ops 2 was the first game to introduce a more futuristic setting. So was this the last GOOD Call of Duty game? Let's find out....
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0:00 - The End of an Era
2:53 - Future Perfect
6:09 - Campaign - Story, Characters, etc
20:20 - Campaign - Gameplay
27:27 - Multiplayer
30:42 - Zombies
35:34 - Conclusion

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The Act Man
The Act Man 2 жыл мурун
Viktor Reznov vs. Raul Menendez Who wins?
Linty Castle
Linty Castle 6 күн мурун
Reznov would kick his ass
Mashpotatoman 3 ай мурун
sparta XL
sparta XL 4 ай мурун
Komrade Kalashnikov
Komrade Kalashnikov 4 ай мурун
step one pick Reznov
Rifty boi yeet
Rifty boi yeet 4 ай мурун
Reznov my comrade glory to the ussr
TheGamerCuber 6 саат мурун
remember those times when BO2 had no infection modders?
Hunter Niemi
Hunter Niemi 7 саат мурун
Great vid! The only thing I would change is how your critique on Raul Menéndez and his backstory. In the menu, if you don’t click on anything, you will see that he lost both of his parents in a Central American bombing from US, and he had to rescue her from a burning down shed, and is the only family he had left. He was driven mad by her loss, becuase they had been through hell together, and the only person left who could feel the same pain as him, and when she died, he became truly alone in this world.
Tommybasedgod3 10 саат мурун
They do explain why Menéndez does what he does. His father was the leader in the Menéndez Cartel in South America. The US sent in a unit to assassinate Rauls father. Then his sister was burned and deformed in a fire that was lit by an American. He threatened to kill himself then but his sister begged him not too. So going through all of this, he builds a hatred towards the US because of all they have done to him in the past so he vows revenge against the US along with China with their involvement in Angola.
Treyvon Mason
Treyvon Mason 12 саат мурун
This game made me respect having the last name mason
Ben Quackenbush
Ben Quackenbush 15 саат мурун
tranzit is bad and die rise is terrible, but origins and mob of the dead are the best zombies experiences every made by treyarch so b02 is kinda zombies king
Mr. Hunter
Mr. Hunter 15 саат мурун
Black Ops 2 was the end of the Golden Age of Call of Duty games, which started with COD 4 Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare shaped what we call Modern COD and laid down the foundation for what a good COD game is. World at War followed up with their Treyarch spin on it, and it was just as successful. Then came Modern Warfare 2, which completely changed it, but in a good way. It created the modern Multiplayer, which Black Ops 1, MW3, and BO2 built off of. Ghosts ended that era
Logan Talbert
Logan Talbert 18 саат мурун
Black ops 2 really is the best cod come to think of it
Cole Mitchell
Cole Mitchell Күн мурун
hey actman what about orange what do you think of origins?
i dont have a name
i dont have a name Күн мурун
playing bo2 plutonium while listening to this
William Petersen
William Petersen Күн мурун
Why don't you play fucking iw if you like cod campaign features
TableFruitSpecified Күн мурун
You might not like doing stuff for PaP But Don't do Die Rise HOPE YOU LIKE WAITING 20 MINUTES GETTING THE CASH AND FINDING THE MACHINE! THEN You gonna lose ur gun as it changes spots!
TableFruitSpecified Күн мурун
Raul beats Reznov. He can live, or die You get to play as him He makes fun of you. "JOSEFINA!" Locket
Docter Ark
Docter Ark Күн мурун
The golden memories
JOKER 2 күн мурун
I know this is two years ago but with the zombies part I don’t agree and if you don’t like tranzit and don’t like getting all plane parts for pack a punch on mob of the dead then get buried a simple and easy map that you can get to higher rounds
Esteban Fernando
Esteban Fernando 2 күн мурун
I don’t agree with what he said about zombies but he said that he understood how it appealed to fans so I understand his opinion
Beau Perkins
Beau Perkins 2 күн мурун
Cod infinite warfare plz
triple 0567
triple 0567 Күн мурун
He would've talking shit about infinite warfare lol edit: but i agree
That Weird kid
That Weird kid 2 күн мурун
Irony befalls you because, they are horses, not camels
chairson 2 күн мурун
you should have bought die rise it was the best zombies map ever
triple 0567
triple 0567 Күн мурун
Nah MOTD is the best map ever
Benhard Tobing
Benhard Tobing 2 күн мурун
Oliv3r 2 күн мурун
The end of cod was ww2
triple 0567
triple 0567 Күн мурун
WW2 is a shitshow
C.A 2 күн мурун
Rest In Peace Black Ops II We All Miss You By Day By Day...
DeadSpace7372 3 күн мурун
I always thought call of duty black ops 2 was the best
Cyd beltran
Cyd beltran 3 күн мурун
Me after a long day of school *xbox 360 intro plays*
Chaz Werner
Chaz Werner 3 күн мурун
Best CoD ever.
J Coonman314
J Coonman314 4 күн мурун
Cod: BO2 is the best I grew up with cod: waw and fuk every other cod games (except the obvious) especially advanced + infinite warfare cod: waw,Bo1,BO2,MW (newest) are some of the best.
RiCtY0708 4 күн мурун
F for FPS Russia
Nathan Pearse
Nathan Pearse 4 күн мурун
you cant review bo2 zombies without looking at origins, fuck every other map origins is the peak of zombies
Winston Ralphs
Winston Ralphs 4 күн мурун
It's only the best game in the entire franchise by a wide margin imo.
Sonja Kaitaranta-Lehtinen
Sonja Kaitaranta-Lehtinen 4 күн мурун
2:10 - 2:25 triggered me
Jason Chaos
Jason Chaos 5 күн мурун
I think that his relationship with his sister (menendez) I hope I spelled that right. Is incest I mean come on they are that close come on now 🙂 But that's just a theory A game theory Haha I'm funny I'm really not lol 🙂
Tim k gomilla
Tim k gomilla 5 күн мурун
Simple bc we all simp for david mason
Imposter_ 1994
Imposter_ 1994 6 күн мурун
This man trash talking zombies when 2 of the maps (origins and mob) make into NEARLY EVERYONE’s top 3 list
Black Rosè
Black Rosè 6 күн мурун
Fast forward to now, modern warfare 2019, cold War coming out. Call of duty is made great again
axel balderrama
axel balderrama 6 күн мурун
if you do the moon easter egg then you'll know why there is lava and undersatnd why you ride a bus
Thick Mostaccioli
Thick Mostaccioli 6 күн мурун
In the end we have to sympathize for the devil.
Misogynistic and Rude
Misogynistic and Rude 6 күн мурун
Act man: I hate when they change voice actors Me in 2020: hehe, hehe, woods *cough* *cough*
Jube Cube
Jube Cube 6 күн мурун
Harold Got
Harold Got 7 күн мурун
Good god I really hope 2025 isn't that bad.
shibe 7 күн мурун
ok but buy the dlc, and actually experience zombies pls tranzit is NOT what bo2 zombies is
the Questioner
the Questioner 7 күн мурун
Please play modern warfare 3 campaign believe me you'll love it
sasuke aro
sasuke aro 8 күн мурун
This man should not be reviewing zombies
Seba 8 күн мурун
I can tell he's a multiplayer guy
Sweaty Fanny Pack
Sweaty Fanny Pack 8 күн мурун
I forgot FPS Russia was in the ad.
Horatio 8 күн мурун
mw3 was the shit tho
ajay che
ajay che 8 күн мурун
And ghost is shittier!
Eren Eliş
Eren Eliş 8 күн мурун
Origins, Mob of the Dead wtf dude BO2 has the best and the second best zombies maps ever created.
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 8 күн мурун
You guys realize the game didn’t ship with origins right he’s review black ops 2 not it’s dlc the cod community can be a bunch of cocksuckas sometimes
Seb Cleary
Seb Cleary 8 күн мурун
this makes me cry i miss this
steve wenger
steve wenger 8 күн мурун
does bo 2 have same grapics engine than bo 1 or is it upgraded
Sublime Subaru
Sublime Subaru 9 күн мурун
Who is playing the Black Ops Cold War beta right now on PS4? Its awesome so far and way more fast paced compared to MW. Cant wait to play it on Xbox next week.
ajay che
ajay che 8 күн мурун
It is out? Wait it's free on ps4 right?
My sister Deleted my YT account
My sister Deleted my YT account 9 күн мурун
Hey the story is like 2020
LynksWRLD 9 күн мурун
*M Y N A M E I S V I C T O R R E Z N O V*
ziyad azaini
ziyad azaini 9 күн мурун
customize my ar like its black ops twoo
Jonathan Morales
Jonathan Morales 9 күн мурун
BO2 was the last good COD. Zombies was good, mainly for DLC. Transit was a mess and they even said it was an issue when making it. I give BO2 a 9/10.
ajay che
ajay che 8 күн мурун
Modern warfare: hold my Bear
S A R 10 күн мурун
Bro I remember getting this game at GameStop and I was so hype and played it the whole day.
Jack Royal
Jack Royal 10 күн мурун
Honestly I hated transit but I gave zombies another chance with “buried” and wow it’s probably my favorite map.. gotta try it out.. it’s a lot simpler than “five” even
Germany 10 күн мурун
Bo2 staying up pass bed time with friends on zombie mode.
PapaGibby13 10 күн мурун
35:05 innovative
alt _x3
alt _x3 10 күн мурун
DONT YOU DARE SAY ABOUT MOB OF THE DEAD LIKE THAT (jk) but its awsome if you dont know thats whats makes it so good the plane and you should try orgins
Alijah Zaiah Kelly
Alijah Zaiah Kelly 11 күн мурун
do you really think transit is the only map?
chicken nuggets
chicken nuggets 11 күн мурун
The music the depressing theme the badass moments just go together do well im do happy this was my first cod
Stanky's Brickfilms
Stanky's Brickfilms 11 күн мурун
My dad loves mw3, and so did I, but we used to not play campaign. My dad likes the multi-player, but maybe not everyone does.
coopdeedoop 11 күн мурун
"the only safe way to get from area to area is, you have to wait for the bus" -me with stamin-up, cant see shit in the fog, and i ended up lost in the cornfield tryna find Nacht "no it isn't."
Joe Bolt 420
Joe Bolt 420 12 күн мурун
Cosmo 12 күн мурун
Watched this video before but now I'm hyped for Black Ops Cold War.
Jack_Da_Goat_13 YT
Jack_Da_Goat_13 YT 12 күн мурун
The last good campaign was ww2 the only thing I liked about that game was campaign
PACMAN9000rc 12 күн мурун
As a cod zombies veteran i give the zombies 8/10 Change my mind
Glizzy Gobbler
Glizzy Gobbler 12 күн мурун
I agree with a lot except the part where u said it was the best campaign
Justin Colin Manansala
Justin Colin Manansala 13 күн мурун
anyone hoping cold war would be like this
Justin Colin Manansala
Justin Colin Manansala 13 күн мурун
wait i was playing black ops2 ?
Tyke 13 күн мурун
It’s kinda sad. BLOPS 2 truly was the end of the an era. The life of the Xbox 360 and PS3, the systems that sprung forth the CoD craze was coming to an end. After the new systems we just got mediocre, forgettable games til the most recent COD (MW). I understand MW3 was mediocre but it was the end of the MW trilogy and came out when this game series was becoming stale, but it’s it’s still better than recent games. BLOPS 2 pulled out all stops and added every bit of content it could for us, adding some new life towards the end for us CoD players. I’ll never forget these days, CoD 4 MW-CoD BLOPS 2
Jude Wells
Jude Wells 13 күн мурун
Bruh I love his reviews but the instant he gets to zombies I stop listening. its honestly funny how much I disagree with him.
Jude Wells
Jude Wells 13 күн мурун
Except transit. He hit the transit nail right on the head
ً 13 күн мурун
Bo3 isnt bad i love zombies idk about multiplayer i played it and I didn’t like it
Lilseansolo 13 күн мурун
I bet act didn’t even save mason
muhammad aayan
muhammad aayan 13 күн мурун
thes call of dutys are best and aowsome modren warfare 321 and 4 midren warfare and black ops 1234 call od duty advancd warfare and call of duty mobile wich gas evry call of dity modes maps characters and guns camos evrything also ghosts averycall of duty you wont need a XBOX and download call of dutys!!!!!!!!!!!
Max Allen
Max Allen 14 күн мурун
So the fact that its possible that the US might enter a sort of "Cold war" with china depending on how things go, kinda creepy that its possible this might predict the future
vSolace 14 күн мурун
You are just so American
Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack 14 күн мурун
Anyone else here live in New York City?
Tony Mclayne
Tony Mclayne 14 күн мурун
Im kinda puzzled rn, cuz i want other call of duties to do what blops2 did, but if they did, ppl would start comparing to blops2 in every aspect, meaning more hate would result from the comparison. Just a thought.
smileyShiiZniTZ 14 күн мурун
Transit was good
Devon Singh
Devon Singh 15 күн мурун
I agree with him on everything except for zombies, if you play the DLC maps then you know that zombies on black ops two was probably the best considering it had mob of the dead, buried, and origins. I do know that transit wasn’t liked by some and liked by some, and die rise wasn’t a memorable map by much. The zombies was really fun and had the perfect mix of secrets, Easter eggs, and great weapons/design. I loved this and black ops 1 zombies. If they were to remaster this game, they have to take out the fog and it would vastly improve transit now that the consoles can handle it. Lava should be reduced by a lot. But overall this game was ahead of its time and definitely one of the best cods. I think I speak for everyone when I say we need this game remastered with all the dlc on disc for next gen
Supergamer Uchiha
Supergamer Uchiha 15 күн мурун
BO2 is my Favorite it was the end of Golden age of cod
Immy 15 күн мурун
I just realized the fariha market place sign during 5:30 is the same one in mw2 invasion map. #CROSSOVER CONFIRMED
Andreja Jovičić
Andreja Jovičić 15 күн мурун
Once you find out all the mechanics of transit its easily the best cod zombies mode. There are a lot of hidden things spread out around different parts of the map that you have to interact with to enable upgrades and there are also areas hidden between the standard levels. The game will also require you to also split and coordinate to get everything.
crocodile with socks
crocodile with socks 15 күн мурун
This game gave me a Yacht The only yacht I will ever be on
Xdlife 1200
Xdlife 1200 15 күн мурун
Play origins
Jake Horsburgh
Jake Horsburgh 15 күн мурун
Shame you missed out on League Play, best competitive scene in a cod game ever
venomous_05 15 күн мурун
38:05 name of this song?
Ximvaks 10 күн мурун
Nvm Niño Precioso Orchestral BO2
Ximvaks 10 күн мурун
Gonna leave this reply to see if they reply you
MonkishRaptor 40
MonkishRaptor 40 16 күн мурун
Unpopular opinion but advanced warfare kinda fire tho
Valephar 16 күн мурун
15:05 Idk if you have a sister, but I do and I totally relate to this guy.
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda 16 күн мурун
CKEL 16 күн мурун
31:57 you can teleport by walking only a tiny bit into the fog to get where you need at lightening speed
Class8ck 16 күн мурун
I swear the tranzit map could be made for battle royale
Not you
Not you 8 күн мурун
Dear god no
Jonathan Van doorn
Jonathan Van doorn 16 күн мурун
Bo2 zombies is fucking amazing
Brandon1164 17 күн мурун
Bo3 is 999999x better
BOYERI 7 күн мурун
@Brandon1164 Yee but if all the content is shit it doesn't matter, Worst campaign in the franchise, and a mediocre multiplayer full with microtransactions
Brandon1164 7 күн мурун
BOYERI I literally could type so much how bo3 is better. In short bo1 and bo2 does not have enough content to beat bo3. Bo3 is perfect in every way possible. The only thing that is bad about it is the shotguns
BOYERI 7 күн мурун
@Brandon1164 Don't understand how Bo3 could be better when it only had one good mode, Bo2 had a masterpiece of a campaign and multiplayer, zombies may have been decent but i still take it over 3, Bo2 was the last good cod , facts
Brandon1164 7 күн мурун
BOYERI bruh don’t even speak
BOYERI 7 күн мурун
Nah Bo3 was trash, only zombies was good but Bo1 had better zombies
Janxl _23
Janxl _23 17 күн мурун
The good old days 😔 we don’t know when we’re happy until its to late
Diversity Hour
Diversity Hour 17 күн мурун
The theme isn't neceseraly suffering its family. Menendez made david and woods suffer trough losing and being directly responsible for the death of davids father and woods best friend because they took his only loved one but then going crazy he wants to take revenge on the whole world and especialy capitalism because his sister got literaly scared for life because some people set fire to a warehouse for the insurance money. So I gues he really loved his sister.
Raccoon Gaming
Raccoon Gaming 17 күн мурун
I would buy the game but why the hell is this game $60
Arif Ramen noodles
Arif Ramen noodles 17 күн мурун
The bo2 zombies was one of the best. Most people can agree
triple 0567
triple 0567 15 күн мурун
Jim Pfister
Jim Pfister 17 күн мурун
I think the zombies in this game was the best in the series personly.
Not you
Not you 17 күн мурун
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